A-Z: Queen (part 9)

Queen – Greatest Hits III
Technically it’s ‘Queen+’ as a few of the songs are from the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, so they’re other people singing with Queen. It’s a pretty random compilation of songs to be honest. I’ve never actually listened to it before, I just bought it when it was cheap in a sale – partly just to add it to the collection, though largely so that I could have ‘Thank God It’s Christmas’ on CD! I previously just had it on the cassette single of ‘A Winter’s Tale’. I probably won’t say any more about this CD as I’m gonna go look for work clothes on Ebay! I tried looking in actual shops yesterday but there wasn’t really anything I liked within my price range. It was quite disappointing really.

Queen – You Don’t Fool Me (single)
I’ve just got a few random Queen singles. Although I suppose they won’t have released many on CD anyway. This one’s just got a few remixes of ‘You Don’t Fool Me’ on it. Woah, the 3rd and 4th tracks are over 10 minutes long each.

I thought I might get past Queen today, but it’s not looking that likely. Partly because I took a break at one point to listen to Cerys on 6music! Not that I’m complaining. I’m not sure where today’s disappeared to though. *checks behind the sofa* Nope, not there. As usual I had good intentions of being all productive and they’ve come to not a lot. I’ve dyed my hair, but that’s been about the extent of my productiveness – if that even classifies as productive. I meant to wash clothes and write letters that I need to write and list things on Ebay and all sorts of highly useful things. *sighs* Who came up with the whole 5-day working week and 2-day weekend thing? Someone masochistic, surely. Would a 3-day weekend have killed them, dammit?? Meh.

Queen – No-one But You (Only The Good Die Young) (single)
Ah, the Freddie tribute song. I really like it. Plus it was just cool to get a new Queen track in 1997.
‘Gimme The Prize (Instrumental Remix for ‘The Eye’)’ – Does anyone reading this actually have ‘The Eye’? For those wondering what it even is, it was a computer game based on Queen’s music. It sounded fab and I put it on my birthday and christmas lists for quite a few consecutive years, but never actually got it. It then stopped being sold in shops so I stopped bothering to ask for it. I’d still like to get hold of it though – I should really check Ebay more often. I’ll have a look now actually… ok, yes it’s on there, there are 2 UK BuyItNow listings, one for £34.99 and one for £110.99!!! 😮 Yep, don’t think I’ll be buying it at that price in a hurry.

Ok, time for food. Think I’ll call it a day for A-Zing.

Ooh, before I go, I’ve recently constructed a chart of my top 100 bands/artists. It’s something I was going to wait and do after I finished this A-Z malarkey, but god knows when that will be, so I caved and did it now. I won’t be posting it on my blogs though, which some of you might be disappointed by, but lots of you might be quite pleased by!! Anyway, should you be one of the few to be disappointed by that thought – 1. thanks very much – 2. you can read it here should you feel so inclined. 🙂 I’m gonna try and post a new entry each day. Feel free to join the forum and post your own musical charts too – or just comment on mine with things like ‘wooyay, I love that artist’, or ‘seriously Chantal?!? You listen to that band more than you listen to that other clearly-superior band?! You’re damn weird’.

Right, ok, food needed badly now, yes…

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