A-Z: Queen (part 8)

I got up at about half 7 this morning! Saturdays aren’t supposed to have a 7am! Ha ha. It was kinda intentional though as I went to bed at about 9pm last night as was feeling rather tired (obviously), plus wanted to try and get up early-ish today, so I could get more done. So how it’s now become 11am and I’ve managed to do nothing, I don’t know! Well, ok, actually I do – I foolishly went on the UK Mix forum and found a thread asking people which gigs they’ve been to so far in their lifetimes. Now, I used to keep track of which artists/bands I’ve seen and how many times I’ve seen them, but I haven’t updated it for a couple of years, plus I didn’t keep track of exactly when I’d seen bands. Now, I’d been thinking for a while that I’d like to start keeping track of gigs, in my obsessive compulsive way, but the longer you leave it the harder it gets, so I was quite pleased for this bit of prompting and motivation this morning – even if it’s taken me quite a while to put together and I haven’t done any of the stuff I was originally planning to do!

Thankfully I’ve got most of my gig tickets in one place, so that was quite a help. Plus I’ve got some blog entries in my LJ ‘memories’, which makes dates easier to check too. There are still some dates I can’t find though, plus I’m sure I’ve forgotten some gigs altogether, but the majority of things should be there, plus now I can keep it updated. I find it quite interesting (and slightly scary in places) to see it all listed chronologically. The same band names tend to pop up quite a lot, but hey, that’s just me – I like to see my favourite bands whenever I can! It would be nice to go to more random, small, one-off type gigs within Cardiff, but money’s been a bit of an issue. Maybe in the future! Anyway, you know I’m gonna share it with you right? I’ll try and get the support bands added in at some point too, but I’ve spent enough time on it this morning already!!

8th May – Catatonia (London Astoria)
20th September – Younger Younger 28’s (Leeds Uni)
September/October – Dodgy (Leeds Uni Freshers Ball)

30th March – Ooberman (Leeds Cockpit)
23rd October – The Bluetones (Leeds Met)
10th December – Ooberman (Leeds Cockpit)

28th April – Catatonia (Manchester MEN Arena)
23rd August – Space (London, Camden Dingwalls)

26th January – Space (Liverpool Unity)
11th March – The Bluetones (Leeds Met)
18th April – 4Scott Tribute Gig (London Scala) (Pulp, McAlmont & Butler, Richard Ashcroft etc etc.)
8th May – Mansun (Leeds Cockpit)
26th June – Ooberman (Preston Warehouse)
10th July – Move Festival, Manchester (David Bowie, Suede, The Divine Comedy, Electric Soft Parade and The Real People)
July/August – Ooberman (London Metro)
18th August – V2002 (Staffordshire) (Alanis Morissette, Manic Street Preachers, The Bluetones, Mull Historical Society, Ed Harcourt, Elvis Costello, Supergrass etc.)
October – Suede (London Islington Marquee)(Obsessions video shoot)
4th November – Suede (Leeds Uni)
7th November – Suede (Birmingham Academy)

11th March – Ooberman (Cardiff Barfly)
8th April – Ooberman (Birmingham Old Railway)
26th April – Amy Wadge (Worcester Marr’s Bar)
19th May – Peter Gabriel (Birmingham NEC)
14th June – Cerys Matthews (Cardiff St David’s Hall)
18th June – Cerys Matthews (Milton Keynes, The Stables)
19th June – Cerys Matthews (London Union Chapel)
26th November – The Bluetones (Birmingham Academy 2)
11th December – Suede (Birmingham Academy)
13th December – Suede (London Astoria)

12th February – Sherbet Antlers (Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach)
5th March – Easyworld (Birmingham Academy 2)
1st June – Peter Gabriel (Birmingham NIA)
16th July – Cerys Matthews (Dolgellau, Sesiwn Fawr)
29th July – Sherbet Antlers (Cardiff Toucan Club)
4th August – Sherbet Antlers (Newport TJs)
17th October – Amy Wadge (Worcester Marr’s Bar)
10th December – Space (Liverpool Academy)
14th December – The Tears (Oxford Zodiac)
16th December – Space (Stourbridge Rock Cafe 2000)
18th December – The Bluetones (London Islington Academy)

Amy Wadge (Worcester Marr’s Bar) (I know I’ve seen her there 4 times in total but can’t figure out when on earth the missing date was)

6th March – Melys (Liverpool Cavern Club)
18th March – Amy Wadge (Gloucester Guildhall)
5th April – Steve Hackett (Worcester Huntingdon Hall)
15th July – Queen + Paul Rodgers (London Hyde Park)
29th October – James Marsters (London Mermaid Theatre)
6th November – Amy Wadge (Worcester Marr’s Bar)
17th November – The Bluetones (Birmingham Academy 2)
18th December – Cerys Matthews (Bethesda Rugby Club)

4th March – Euros Childs (Birmingham Bar Academy)
13th April – Amy Wadge (Worcester, Huntingdon Hall)
22nd July – Cerys Matthews (Llangollen Fringe Festival)
24th July – Cerys Matthews (Cardiff, The Point)
26th July – Cerys Matthews (London Scala)
4th August – Cerys Matthews (Edinburgh Liquid Rooms)
6th August – Cerys Matthews (Cardiff, The Big Weekend)
23rd September – Cerys Matthews (Farndale, The Bandhouse)
25th September – Cerys Matthews (Leeds Cockpit)
28th September – Cerys Matthews (Liverpool Stanley Theatre)
9th October – Cerys Matthews (Birmingham Glee Club)
13th October – Y Ffyrc (Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach)
18th November – Cerys Matthews (Brecon, Theatr Brycheiniog)

17th February – Jarvis Cocker (London Astoria)
March – Brett Anderson (London Bush Hall)
19th July – Brett Anderson (London Union Chapel)
31st October – Cerys Matthews (Cardiff)
12th November – The Bluetones (Cardiff, The Point)

14th February – Cerys Matthews (Swansea Grand Theatre)
20th February – Cerys Matthews (Pontypridd, Muni Arts Centre)
22nd February – Cerys Matthews (Monmouth, Blake Theatre)
20th April – I Am Kloot (Cardiff Barfly)
19th June – The Voices / The Keys (Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach)
6th August – Cerys Matthews (Cardiff, The Great Hall)
6th October – Mark Morriss (Cardiff Barfly)

You can tell I’ve been watching my spending more this year – I haven’t moved outside of Wales for gigs! And the ones outside of Cardiff I was driven to by Tasha. It’s the first year I haven’t travelled outside of my home area for a gig since 2000 (when I was living in Leeds, incase that’s not obvious!)! I’m not sure if I’m sad or quite pleased with myself. I was very tempted to go to Brett’s gig at the Mermaid Theatre a few months back, but knew I couldn’t afford it. Plus I stopped myself buying Queen + Paul Rodgers tickets because of the price. Wow, I’ve clearly gotten sensible! Or just old. Or both! Oh my god I’m old and sensible!!! Kill me now!!!! ;-P I did impulsively buy tickets to see Eddie Izzard in London in November though, so at least I will do some non-Wales gigging this year – albeit non-musical. Anyway, talking of gigs, my next A-Z CD is…

Queen – Live At Wembley ’86
A double-CD collection, so it’ll keep me going for a while this morning. Well, afternoon almost! I probably won’t say too much about it as I should really do some bits about the flat (yeah as always). Originally I was planning on working on the Subaphotic website while I did some A-Zing, but my brain’s feeling slightly fried from working out gig dates, so I might leave that for tomorrow! I’d also been thinking of going into town today, but I might leave that for next weekend as I’ll get my wages through next week. I just want to buy some cheap work type clothes from Primark or something as I’m wearing stuff that’s really old and/or just really unflattering and not that nice. I’m rubbish at buying stuff to wear to work as it’s boring isn’t it? Plain t-shirts and such like. So a lot of the stuff I’ve got is stuff that was bought for me for Christmases etc, which doesn’t necessarily fit that well, or some of it’s stuff I’ve had since 6th form, so for about 10 years! Seeing as I spend quite a lot of time at work it would be nice to actually feel vaguely attractive and confident, rather than kinda manky. I’ve got some things I like and I should definitely wear my skirts more often as I always feel good in those, but annoyingly 3 of my favourite tops got somewhat ruined when I foolishly washed them with a brand new red top that made the white parts of them kinda pink, but not in a good way, obviously. So yeah, a bit of clothes shopping next weekend would be good. Even if Primark on a Saturday is somewhat reminiscent of hell – it’s cheap! I want to get my hair cut too as it’s starting to annoy me, plus I want to dye it again, but want to get it cut first. I meant to make an appointment for this weekend but just didn’t get round to it, so will try and make one for next weekend. It would be nice to do that first, then go into town with my fabulous new hair cut (optimism!) and buy some new clothes and hair dye. That’s the plan anyway. I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with my hair though, or infact what colour I want to dye it, but hey, will see where my fancy takes me!

Ok, I should really do stuff. This CD’s great by the way!

‘(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care’ – I really need to rip the random live covers from here. The only one I’ve got ripped is ‘Big Spender’, just because it’s ‘Big Spender’!! Love that song. My sister and I sang it at a karaoke bar in Italy! He he.

Queen – Made In Heaven (album)
I got this not long after it was released, so in 1995 I guess. The fact that a new Queen album was being released just seemed amazing to me. It was my favourite album for quite a long time and although it’s probably not my fave Queen album now, it’s still pretty high up there. It’s a pretty emotional album really, what with the songs being recorded towards the end of Freddie’s life and not finished and released until well after his death. Song titles like ‘Made In Heaven’, ‘Let Me Live’, ‘My Life Has Been Saved’ and ‘Heaven For Everyone’ probably give you an idea as to the emotional input here. I love the cover art too – I definitely want to visit Montreux some time.
‘Mother Love ‘ – one of my favourites. I’ve always loved the whole atmosphere of it and found it really moving. Plus I love the section at the end which is like Freddie’s life going back in time until you hear a crying baby. Love it.
‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ – This was my favourite song for quite a long time. I still love it.
‘A Winter’s Tale’ – I don’t listen to this song very often these days – it’s one of those ones I overplayed. I remember the first time I listened to it I was amused by the last lyrics being ‘It’s bliss’, as that was the name of a teenage magazine about at that time, which I used to buy. Did I mention I was 15 when I got this? Anyway, I still find it impossible to listen to that lyric without thinking about the magazine! I remember thinking about writing in to the magazine to tell them, but I can’t remember if I did or not. I think I might have done actually as I’ve got a couple of ‘It’s Bliss’ postcard things somewhere, which you used to get sent if they got your letter. Not that they actually printed any of mine I don’t think. They changed their name to just ‘Bliss’ at some point too. Why am I giving the history of a teenage girly magazine? You can’t still buy it can you? Not that I’d want to, I’m just wondering!
‘It’s A Beautiful Day (Reprise)’ – I haven’t listened to this in years!! I should rip it. I’d forgotten it got a bit rocky! It’s cool. After this track you get a 4 second track of Freddie saying ‘yeah’ and then a 22 minute hidden track, which is pretty much just ambient sound and a continued reprise of ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’. Naturally I tended to stop the CD before it played through most of that, though sometimes I’d just let it run. As part of this A-Z I’m supposed to listen to the full CDs, so I’ll be letting it run. It’s pretty relaxing!

I was wondering if I might go through all of my remaining Queen CDs today and onto the next artist, but I’m thinking that’s not gonna happen! These last few have quite long running times. Plus I’ve now got Queen + Paul Rodgers to come as well! Ha ha. After that we’ll be onto ‘R’ though. Yes I can almost sense your anticipation!!

Ooh freaky – I’m sorting through my ridiculously huge amount of magazine clippings / postcards etc at the mo and just found one of David Duchovny from ‘Bliss’ magazine! I know it’s from Bliss because it says ‘Bliss Boy Cards’ on the back. It has scores in different categories on the front in a Top Trumps kinda way, so clearly it was part of a larger set, but I’ve just kept the David Duchovny one because, well, it’s David Duchovny! I think it was part of the X-Files collage I had going on on my bedroom wall in Norwich. You might be asking why I’ve still got it, but there isn’t really a good answer to that – aside from my general hording behaviour and inability to throw things out. Anyway, that 22 minute track has finally finished so I’ll move on to…

Queen – Queen Rocks
Hmm, I should really get some proper food. I’ve just had a few random nibbly bits as my cupboards are a bit empty. I must go to Tesco tomorrow. I’ll see what I can rustle up for now. Is there a word for a meal that’s somewhere between lunch and dinner? Linner? Dunch? Whatever. I’ll get me some of that whilst Queen Rocks is playing. I don’t feel the need to say much about it as I’ve listened to most of the tracks already. It’s a pretty random selection of tracks to be honest. Presumably they’re supposed to be the rockier tracks, which a lot of them are, though some of them aren’t especially. It’s a good selection of songs though. God my brain’s really struggling to function here. Must get food…

Ok, feeling slightly better now, though stuff’s going on that’s made me feel a bit down, so I’m gonna leave this for today, go get a drink and vegetate on the sofa.

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