A-Z: Queen (part 7)

Ah, pizza, wine and listening to Queen! Sounds like a good plan for a Tuesday evening to me. I’m actually quite keen to get up to Suede at the moment, as I’m in quite a Suedey mood, but there’s a couple of shelves to go yet! Anyway…

Queen – The Miracle (album)
Another CD I bought in America by the looks of it, so one of the last albums I got. It must have been in 1998, so when I was actually getting into some different bands and not listening to Queen quite as much as I used to. I hardly listened to this album at all I don’t think. Aside from the songs that are on Greatest Hits II, they’re mostly quite unfamiliar. Will see what I think on this listen…
‘Party’ – I do have these songs on my playlist, but I also have a tendency to skip songs I don’t know very well, so although the intro’s familiar, I’m generally not that familiar with this song. Listening to it now – hmm, it’s quite boring really.
‘Khashoggi’s Ship’ – This one’s better, but it’s still not grabbing me hugely. I wonder if I was really lucky in getting the weaker albums last, or whether I just see them as weaker albums because I got them last and didn’t really attempt to get into them. It’s hard to tell. I mean, I just called this a ‘weaker album’, but I love tracks 3-6, which are all ones I got into through Greatest Hits II. So is it that they’re actually better tracks, or did I just get into them at the right time?!
‘Rain Must Fall’ – I don’t recognise this at all!! That’s some pretty damn cheesy keyboard going on there. Hmm, I definitely reckon I was lucky in getting the weakest albums last. I refuse to believe that I’d ever have been able to love this album as much as ones like Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, News Of The World etc etc. No way! I know Hot Space gets stick as an album, but I’m really not that keen on this one either.
‘Scandal’ – This is totally unfamiliar too, though it’s much better than Rain Must Fall. Not amazing or anything though.
‘My Baby Does Me’ – This is a bit more familiar – I think it’s managed to pop up on my playlist once or twice without me skipping it. I’m generally finding this album quite boring and bland though. :-/ Maybe I should have drunk more wine first! At least it’s Innuendo next – that’s definitely not a bland album.
‘Was It All Worth It’ – Don’t recognise this one either… oh, wait, now it’s gotten into it it’s a bit more familiar… hmm, and now it’s not again – I think I just recognised that guitar riff! Maybe from Hyde Park or something. I like this song actually. It should be the closer, but again there are bonus tracks. We get ‘Hang On In There’, ‘Chinese Torture’ and the 12″ version of ‘The Invisible Man’.
‘Hang On In There’ – Another familiar intro that I usually skip before it even gets to the song. Like most of the songs on this album it’s ‘ok’.
‘Chinese Torture’ – This crops up quite often on my playlist for some reason. It’s less than 2 minutes long and is instrumental. Again it’s ‘ok’.
‘The Invisible Man (12″ Version)’ – About 5 1/2 minutes long. I’ve never ripped it actually, so have probably only ever listened to it once or something… ok, why does the intro sound like a load of Clangers?! He he he, this is bizarre! I kinda like it though!!

Meh, I’m down to my last Oreo! I’ve got nothing cake-like in the flat at the mo either. Lame. I need to go shopping tomorrow.

Hmm, I think I need to take my lenses out – I’m squinting and blinking like a cartoon mole.

Queen – Innuendo (album)
Ah, brilliant album. Unsurprisingly it was an early one I got.
‘Innuendo’ – Such a theatrical opening. I love this song, it’s got so much to it. And it never seems as long as it is. Actually, the album doesn’t seem as long as it is – I just realised it runs to over 53 minutes! I wouldn’t have guessed that at all.
‘I’m Going Slightly Mad’ – As someone who’s always considered themselves a bit nuts/crazy/mad and sees being ‘normal’ as an insult – I’ve always loved this song!!
‘Ride The Wild Wind’ – Apologies for not commenting on most of these songs, but I’m just really enjoying listening to them. 🙂
‘These Are The Days Of Our Lives’ – I always loved this song and found it moving anyway, but then when I saw whichever documentary it was that I’ve still got taped from TV somewhere (ooh, ‘The Queen Phenomenon’ I think) and they talk about how this was the last music video Freddie did and how ill he was at the time and the way in which he looks into the camera and says “I still love you”, like a farewell message to the fans… *blubs*
‘Delilah’ – I pretty much always skip this song now as just find it a bit cringey with the cat sounds and such like. I loved it when I first got this album though – it was one of my favourites! It’s a shame when you get old and can’t enjoy a song about a cat with the same level of pure enjoyment and lack of embarrassment!
‘Bijou’ – Such a beautiful song
‘The Show Must Go On’ – Brilliant brilliant song! As expected this album’s flown by.

Queen – Greatest Hits II
You might have gathered that I really like this compilation! It might be partly because I overplayed the Greatest Hits, but I much prefer GHII. It’s just got so many brilliant songs on it – ‘Innuendo’, ‘Breakthru’, ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’, ‘I’m Going Slightly Mad’, ‘Hammer To Fall’, ‘Friends Will Be Friends’, ‘The Show Must Go On’ etc etc.
I find it quite odd to listen to on CD though as I only had it on cassette for years, so I’m used to listening to it as 2 sides. I didn’t get it on CD that long ago actually – I think I found it in a sale or something.

Anyway, enough of the chatter for tonight. I want to have a shower before the season finale of Smallville’s on 🙂 Plus this chair’s starting to cripple my shoulders – I really need to get a new computer chair that’s actually suitable for sitting on for long periods of time. Plus this is the chair that hit me in the face!!! Yes, it personally hit me in the face! It had nothing at all to do with my own stupidity, oh no. *ahem*

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