A-Z: Queen (part 6)

My sofa just arrived! V exciting. I’d literally just gotten dressed and was in the process of making a coffee when the doorbell went. This was just after 8:00 – I hadn’t been sure how early it was likely to come, so I’m pleased I’d set my alarm for quarter to 8. Cool that it’s here and that I don’t have to spend all morning waiting for it to arrive, although carrying the 3 packages up the stairs on my own when I’d literally just gotten out of bed and hadn’t had anything to eat or drink yet, nearly killed me! Ok that might be a slight exagerration, but my breathing did go into overdrive, I felt somewhat sick and I had cold sweats going on! Nice. Granted I’ve felt a bit ill this week anyway and stayed off work yesterday, so it might be because of that, but it might also be that I’m just incredibly unfit!! Anyway, the next step’s putting the sofa together, which could be a laugh. I’m eating an apple and having my cup of coffee first though – I need the strength.

*quite a while later*

I have a sofa!! 😀 It’s fab, I’m well chuffed. It took a while to put together and there were a few slightly awkward bits, but it wasn’t too bad at all. Hopefully it’ll inspire me to make more progress with the unpacking and stuff now so that I can get the living room looking great at least. I might even set up the TV! *shock horror* It’s only been a month!! ;-P More coffee, food and a bit of Queen first though…

Queen – The Works (album)
It seems quite odd just seeing 9 tracks on an album – it’s rare you see that these days. It runs to 37 mins though, so isn’t toooo short, though still flies by. This was one of the earlier albums I got – you could probably guess that from how scuffed the case is (if you could see the case of course – I’m hoping you can’t – I don’t want to have to check the flat for bugs – electronic bugs I mean – not that the other kind would be good either – anyway…). Although this album tends not to be one of the contenders for my absolute favourite Queen album, it is brilliant.
‘Radio Ga Ga’ – Another of those songs I loved but overplayed so rarely listen to now. I was pleased Queen + Paul Rodgers did it at Hyde Park though as it was ace to be part of a huge crowd of people all doing the famous hand actions! 😀
Looking at the tracklist, I think I found all of the tracks on here pretty instant – I listened to it a lot when I got it.
‘It’s A Hard Life’ – I tend to forget how much I like this song. I rarely listen to it, but when I do I always think I should listen to it more! It was definitely a favourite on this album when I got it. I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for love songs.
‘Machines (or ‘Back To Humans’)’ – Another I very rarely listen to these days, but oh my god I loved this song!! I just thought it was brilliant – the whole humans vs machines thing. Plus there were some lyrics that I just thought were ace. Things like “What’s that machine noise? It’s bytes and megachips for tea. It’s that machine, boys. With Random Access Memory” and “Its midwife’s a disk drive, its sex life is quantised”. My absolute favourite though? “It’s self-perpetuating a parahumanoidarianised”. He he he. Actually, I think I might hold this song responsible for my deciding to do a degree in Computing! *lol*
‘I Want To Break Free’ – It’s impossible to listen to this song without picturing Freddie as a housewife, no?
‘Hammer To Fall’ – I first heard this on Greatest Hits II, which is a brilliant compilation that I’ll get to in a little while. Anyway, again it’s one I don’t listen to so much now, but it’s a brilliant song. I think I must have first heard it round about the time we were doing WWII and then the Cold War and stuff at school and I just loved the lyric “to he who grew up tall and proud, in the shadow of the mushroom cloud” – I suppose because I’d just become aware of what a mushroom cloud was.
‘Is This The World We Created?’ – Short and simple and beautiful and moving.

Queen – A Kind Of Magic (album)
In terms of my personal chronology of Queen albums, this is one I got in the middle somewhere. I tend to forget just how good this album is actually and how many great songs are on it. I think partly because I was already familiar with a few of the best from having Greatest Hits II.
‘One Vision’ – The fried chicken song! That lyric used to really bug me as it’s not in the lyrics booklet and I used to wonder if I was hearing things and it was actually something else, as seriously WTF? Gotta love a random off-the-wall lyric though.
‘A Kind Of Magic’ – Yet another song I overplayed. I can understand why my sister hated Queen at the time – I really must have played them relentlessly. I’d go into record shops and go straight to the ‘Q’ section – it was habit for years. When I found that I started going to ‘C’ instead, it was like the end of an era! Quite strange. I don’t tend to go to any section first now, which is quite sad in a way, but I guess I’m pretty unlikely to find anything by my favourite bands that I don’t already have! It’s different at record fairs or second-hand music shops or something, but I’m not likely to browse the racks in HMV and find something really rare. Quite sad really – I remember when I found one of the ‘You’ve Got A Lot To Answer For’ singles in HMV in Newcastle when I’d just started building up my Catatonia back-catalogue and I nearly peed myself in excitement! I tend not to have many near-urination moments in HMV these days.
‘Friends Will Be Friends’ – Yet another I don’t listen to so much now, but totally loved back in the day. I remember my friend Anna really took to it too when we were in our last year of Uni – she’d use my computer quite a bit and have my MP3s playing and really loved this song.
‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ – Just an amazing song. I can’t even try and do it justice in words.
‘Princes Of The Universe’ – You know I confessed that I’ve never seen Flash Gordon? Well I’ve never seen Highlander either. Bad bad Queen fan. I love this song though.
Ordinarily the album would end there, but this is yet another CD with bonus tracks! Or er ‘extra magical ingredients’ as they’re called. I haven’t listened to these in years, so let’s see what they’re like…
‘A Kind Of ‘A Kind Of Magic” – Yes at least these remixes have kinda cool names! This one’s not hugely different to the original, though it’s a minute shorter. There are some other differences too, but nothing astounding.
‘Friends Will be Friends Will Be Friends…’ – I think I quite liked this at the time. It’s nearly 2 minutes longer than the original, basically because it has a long mostly-instrumental intro that’s almost like a karaoke version! Once it gets into the actual song it’s not really any different though – which is probably why I liked it!
‘Forever’ – A slow instrumental version of ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ with a piano playing the melody. I rather like this actually.

Queen – Live Magic
Live versions of songs, unsurprisingly! I’m not gonna say any more about it as I should really do some tidying and stuff.

He he, I just put the huge amount of bubble wrap I’ve got from my sofa delivery onto my bed and jumped on it! I don’t care how old you are – that’s fun!

Anyway, that’ll do me for today.

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