A-Z: Queen (part 4)

I’m going to ramble a bit before I get on with the music-listening – just to pre-warn you!

I’m currently waiting for my freezer to arrive. Not that I’m expecting it quite yet – it’s half 11 at the mo and my delivery slot isn’t until between 12:10 and 14:40 – but I’m expecting a parcel redelivery at some point too. The problem I’ve got is that my doorbell doesn’t work! As I live on the 2nd floor, this is somewhat problematic. I’ve reported it to the letting agents now, but that doesn’t really help me out with having things delivered today. I’m expecting to probably miss my parcel for the 2nd time, but at least the freezer will come in a van, so I should be able to spot it pulling up outside. Only downside being that I’m gonna have to stay in the living room and keep an eye out the window (I should probably stop drinking coffee). I’ll try and do some unpacking at the same time, but I’ll have to hold off on the music listening really as it’ll stop me being able to hear the traffic. I hope it comes nearer 12 than half 2!

I’d like to make a lot of progress on the unpacking this weekend though. It would be nice to get some photos of the flat uploaded. I’ve got the ‘before’ photos, but need to get it to the ‘after’ stage!! Once the delivery people have been I can crack on with it properly. Hopefully it’ll warm me up – I’ve got on a long-sleeve t-shirt *and* a sweatshirt today and I’m still a bit cold. I’m refusing to put the heating on at the beginning of September though!! Winter has to wait until after my birthday at least. Stupid British weather. It would be nice to just jet away to the sun for a while, but alas we didn’t win the 92 million on the Euromillions last night. Infact we didn’t win anything at all! Lame. Adam and Laura won’t be going boat shopping and I’ll have to hold back on the jukebox purchase and property browsing! I’ll have to hope I win the regular lottery tonight instead. ;-P

Half 12 now. Come on Iceland people! I’m getting bored of jumping up every time I hear a car.

1pm: They’re going to leave it until half 2 aren’t they? Just to be annoying!

Question for today: Why in the name of hell do I have so many floppy disks? When do I ever use them these days? Why can I seemingly not bring myself to chuck them out? Do I really need a utilities disk for MS DOS 3.3?! I think probably not. Or an exclusive preview of Microsoft Office 95 (ooh the excitement). Or even a free dinosaur screensaver that requires Windows 3.1. I hold on to way too much crap… time for a purge methinks.

13:45 – Some lunch would be good, but I don’t want to miss the freezer people. Where did I put those pringles?

Mmmm pringles and salsa.

2pm – Freezer has arrived! Woohoo! And I did indeed miss my mystery parcel again. Hey ho. Shall go attempt to unpack the freezer and get it up and running. Excitement…

14:16 – It’s unpacked and looking all shiny and new! Gotta leave it to settle for 12 hours now before plugging it in. That means I can get on with the unpacking and A-Zing. Hoorah…

…I might do some of the unpacking before the A-Zing though. I try to mult-task with the A-Zing, but tend not to be hugely successful.

16:01 – Some progress made. I want to unpack my CDs next! I tried to keep them in a vaguely alphabetical order, but it’ll still take me a fair while to get them all right again and on the shelving units. Doing some A-Zing at the same time seems rather appropriate!

Queen – The Game (album)
One of the middle kinda albums I got. There are quite a few tracks from the Greatest Hits on here, so it’s another album that I don’t have a good sense of as an album, as I’d often tend to skip the songs from the Greatest Hits as I’d overplayed them. There aren’t really any of my absolute favourite ‘oh-my-god-I-love-this-song’ songs on here, but it’s consistently good. ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ is a favourite and I took really quickly to ‘Sail Away Sweet Sister’.
‘Rock It (prime jive)’ – This is a favourite on the album too – though one that was a grower. Hmm, this album doesn’t seem to say who wrote which songs (though I’m guessing this one was Roger!). The sleevenotes do however tell me that this was the first Queen album to feature a synthesizer! Interesting random fact. 1980 it was. Aw, the year I was born!

It’s not surprising that album flew by as it’s just 10 songs (running to 35 minutes) long.

Queen – Greatest Hits
Ah the CD I stole from my Mum! Bwa ha ha. It’s well loved. I haven’t listened to this as a compilation in years and years. Like I said, I overplayed it really. They’re probably all the best-known Queen songs, which means they’re great an’ all, but you tend to come to love the more obscure songs more than the populist ones. Well I do anyway.
‘Bicycle Race’ – I tend to think of this song as quite a silly one and rarely listen to it, but the verses are brilliant. I’d forgotten how good it is.
‘Flash’ – Wow, haven’t heard this in a long time – I don’t think it’s on my playlist. I’ve never gotten round to buying the soundtrack CD either, maybe partly because I’ve never seen the film. Big big shame on me as a Queen fan I know. I bow my head in disgrace!

Anyway, v enjoyed that. I think I’ll put off the ‘Hot Space’ listening for a while though. Shall get back to unpacking my CDs…

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