A-Z: Queen (part 3)

Queen – News Of The World (album)
I must have gotten this album fairly early on as I had it on cassette rather than CD. It’s definitely a contender for favourite Queen album – love it! I didn’t have it on CD for years though – I just had it on cassette to start with, but then I randomly ended up buying it on vinyl when I found it cheap on Ebay! I finally got it on CD just a couple of years ago I think it was. So yes, it’s the Queen album I have in all 3 formats! I also used it to christen my new flat a couple of weeks ago. It was the day after I’d moved in and I wanted to have some music playing whilst I got on with moving things about and unpacking. My computer wasn’t set up yet and my hi-fi’s still not unpacked, but I did have a portable cassette player handy, plus found some of my cassettes – including News Of The World, which I then went on to play. It’s amazing how much quicker an album seems to fly by when it’s split into 2 sides and you physically have to turn the cassette (or vinyl) over. Anyway, I’m sure it’ll fly by pretty quickly now too…
‘We Will Rock You’ – This album often seems to be overlooked when people talk about their favourite Queen album, or when magazines etc do charts of what they think the best albums of all time are. ‘A Night At The Opera’ is the one that tends to get mentioned, probably largely because it’s got Bohemian Rhapsody on, but this one should really be a contender too – it kicks off with 2 of their best known songs (this one and ‘We Are The Champions’) and just gets even better after that!
‘Sheer Heart Attack’ – Ah a Roger song! Yep I really wasn’t keen on this song to start with. If it had been on CD at the time I’d probably have been skipping it. Infact it’s quite possible I’ll have fast-forwarded it now and then. But yes it did grow on me and I really love it now – I listen to it quite a bit. And for some reason I’ve always really liked that it’s called ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ and yet isn’t on the album ‘Sheer Heart Attack’.
‘All Dead, All Dead’ – My instant favourite on the album. There are other songs I prefer now, but it is beautiful. I think it was round about the time I got this album that I became aware of my tendency to be particularly drawn to Brian May songs.
‘Spread Your Wings’ – Another one I took to instantly.
‘Fight From The Inside’ – I don’t think I was hugely fussed about this song or ‘Get Down, Make Love’ when I first got this album. Again I really like them both now though. Especially ‘Get Down Make Love’! Anything a bit saucy or sleazy will generally grab my interest!
‘Sleeping On The Sidewalk’ – This is probably a bit of a silly song in lots of ways, but I’ve always loved it. It’s the last 3 songs that really help make the album one of my favourites though…
‘Who Needs You’ – I just love the style of this song – it’s got a chilled out vibe, with a kinda salsa feel to it. I just love it! Most of the vocal just comes out of the right speaker though, so when I played it on cassette once, due to some speaker glitch the vocal wasn’t actually playing and I wondered how on earth I suddenly had an instrumental version of this song! He he. When it does have the vocal playing though, I really love Freddie’s voice on this song.
‘It’s Late’ – Ah, the song I’ve considered my favourite Queen song for quite a while now. It’s got some tough competition, but it’s a brilliant song. I’m not sure I can explain why though – infact I’m pretty sure I can’t. I just love the lyrics and the way the music builds up into a crescendo and seems to simulate someone chasing after a train (at least that’s how I’ve always interpreted it). I’ve always had this image of a guy realising how much he loves this girl and trying to catch up with her train before it leaves so that he can tell her this.
Thinking about it, there probably is a bit of similarity in style between my favourite songs by all 4 of my favourite bands – they’re generally fairly long songs, with a sense of epicness and scope and often with varying styles within the songs. The songs I mean being this one, ‘That’s All Folks’ by Catatonia, ‘Moth To A Flame’ by Ooberman and ‘The Asphalt World’ by Suede. Hmm, interesting!
‘My Melancholy Blues’ – Love love love this too! Just a brilliant piano torch song. Makes you feel like you’re in some jazz club with a glass of whisky. I listen to this song quite a bit. Brilliant end to the album.

Queen – Jazz (album)
One of the later albums I got. I tend to think that I didn’t listen to this album much, but I must have listened to it quite a bit – just not as obsessively as I’d listened to earlier albums I owned I guess.
‘Mustapha’ – I’m pretty sure I didn’t listen to this much though. It is a pretty odd one! I guess it’s grown on me a bit, but I still rarely listen to it.
‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ – I definitely didn’t listen to this album much as an album – I think I just skipped to specific songs I wanted to listen to. I’d already listened to this song to death on the Greatest Hits so definitely used to skip it on here – I don’t even remember being aware of how much longer it is!
Looking at the tracklist, it’s quite a bizarre collection of songs and in quite a strange order! I definitely wouldn’t expect to find a beautiful song like ‘Jealousy’ sandwiched inbetween the silly and fun songs that are ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ and ‘Bicycle Race’! There are some brilliant songs on here though, definitely. ‘Jealousy’ being one of them.
‘Let Me Entertain You’ – I really thought this was the opening song on the album for some reason. Maybe it’s the point at which I used to start playing the album :-/ Anyway, tis one of my faves. I love the lyrics and the “we’ll sing to you in Japanese” bit always makes me smile as naturally makes me think of ‘Teo Torriatte’.
‘Dreamer’s Ball’ – Definitely the song I listened to the most when I got this album. I guess I’ve always related to the having-a-fantasy-life thing, in an Ally McBeal type of way. I used to imagine ballroom dancing to this song – sometimes using my hanging-up dressing gown as the other person. I can’t believe I just admitted to that. I am Ally McBeal! Y’know, without the whole lawyer thing and dancing babies.
‘Leaving Home Ain’t Easy’ – Really like this song too. I’m not hugely fussed about ‘Fun It’ that preceded it though. It’s definitely a bit of a mixed album.
‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ – Classic! I tend to forget it’s on this album. Brilliant song though! I had to laugh when we went to a karaoke bar in Italy and it was sung by 3 different people during the night. I love it an’ all, but it would have been nice to have heard a different Queen song, especially as there were loads in the book – including Teo Torriatte, which I was almost tempted to sing myself! Yes, ‘almost’ – it would have required a few more JDs. A couple of people did sing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ when we went back there another night though, which was good fun – and then yet another person did ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’! *lol*
‘More Of That Jazz’ – Another song I wasn’t that keen on for ages, but which has grown on me. Oh and look it’s a Roger song! I really love the bit where you get all the clips of other songs.

These albums definitely fly by! Shall leave it there for tonight though. Will no doubt do more at the weekend!

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