A-Z: Pulp (part 5)

It’s Saturday right? Having friday off work confuses me. Not that I’m complaining! Only complaint about my day off was that I didn’t find a flat I want to live in, so in a way it felt like a wasted day. I’m arranging more viewings for monday though, so fingers crossed I find something then. I’ve arranged 2 already and someone’s phoning me back about a 3rd. Plus I’ve just e-mailed someone who posted on Gumtree, so that might be a 4th possibility. I’ll try and do a bit more packing today anyway. Oh and continue with my poster removal. Speaking of which, does anyone have any tips on how you can get rid of the oily stains that blue tac leaves on painted walls? I really don’t want to have to be painting over them, but want to get the entirety of my deposit back. The internet tells me to try citrus based stain removers, so I’ll look into that, but any other advice is welcome too. A few websites suggested nail polish remover, but I tried that on one spot and it doesn’t seem to have done anything.

Pulp – Intro
Compilation of ‘the three singles released by Pulp on Sheffield’s Gift Records during 1992/3’. Great collection of songs. I can’t remember where or when I bought this CD mind, which is quite unusual for me.

Hmm, just heard back from the guy on Gumtree. The landlord’s after someone to move in at the beginning of August, so that’s no good for me. Plus it looks like another flat where you’d be paying for how fancy it is and not getting much actual space. I don’t think I’d be able to relax somewhere like that – I’d be paranoid about messing it up. I’d rather somewhere a bit rough around the edges! The problem is that those places tend to get marketed at students and are therefore fully furnished. They seem to expect that anyone who’s working and wanting to rent will be wanting somewhere minimal and fancy. The stereotypical ‘young professional’ thing I suppose. Tis annoying. What about people like me? Maybe I’m an anomaly. Maybe I haven’t appreciated how lucky I was to find the place I’m in now. Mice aside. Hmm. Oh well, fingers crossed for monday. I hope the people phone me back about the 3rd place I want to view – it has solar power! Would love that.

‘Styloroc (Nites Of Suburbia)’ – whenever this song starts up I get all confused and think that my MP3 player’s playing music from The Sims, as the intro sounds really similar to the music that plays on there when you’re building houses and stuff. Seriously! Just the intro though thankfully, so once it’s properly into the song you forget about the Sims connection, although I suppose it’s kinda fitting in being about suburbia!

Pulp – Do You Remember The First Time?
Sampler CD for the Deluxe Edition versions of ‘His ‘N’ Hers’, ‘Different Class’ and ‘This Is Hardcore’. None of which I’ve actually got yet sadly. This CD’s cool though – it’s about half singles and half b-sides and unreleased stuff. I bought it some time within the last year – whenever it was I went to the record fair in Castle Arcade. Only £3 the sticker tells me. Bargain for 11 tracks including a few I didn’t have.
‘The Boss’ – I haven’t listened to this that much yet, but it’s great! Makes me want to dance about.
‘Common People (Live At Glastonbury 1995)’ – This is awesome – especially when it really kicks off at the chorus. Woah! Pulp so need to gig again some time in the future.
‘PTA’ – Love this song!!! I already had it on MP3 but it was good to get it on CD. Maybe I shouldn’t confess to liking it so much, considering the paedophilia type nature of it, but it’s just brilliant! About a teacher wanting to sleep with a student. It makes you smile and feel a bit uncomfortable at the same time. Brilliant.
‘It’s A Dirty World’ – This is fab too. I need to listen to it more often.
‘Cocaine Socialism’ – The same tune as Glory Days but with different lyrics. Really cool, though I just keep wanting to sing Glory Days!

And that’s the end of my Pulp CDs. Queen are next, which I’m v looking forward to, but I’m not feeling hugely articulate today so I’ll leave them for now. I might have one more scour for flats to view. I feel like it’s a time to change things, but I’m not entirely sure what the ‘things’ are or how to change them. Will see what happens.

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