A-Z: Pulp (part 4)

Yes I’m back for more! Still feeling more like my old self too, so pleased about that. Shall see if I can keep it up.

Pulp – Something Changed (single)
It’s the ‘Girl’ CD cover, should you be interested! My collection of Pulp singles is pretty random it has to be said. For some reason, even though they’re one of my favourite bands, I’ve never tried to collect their entire back catalogue of singles. Instead I just buy ones if and when I happen to come across them somewhere cheaply. Too many of the ones I’ve got have remixes instead of proper b-sides for my liking, but I suppose it was quite a trend at that time.
‘Mile End’ – This be cool. Is it bad that I’ve never actually seen ‘Trainspotting’? It’s one of those films where I think ‘I should really watch that some time’ but just never have.

Pulp – Help The Aged (single)
‘Tomorrow Never Lies’ – I tend to forget how good this is.

Pulp – This Is Hardcore (single) CD1
‘The Professional’ – “Just another song about single mothers and sex”. Great song.

Pulp – This Is Hardcore (single) CD2
‘This Is Hardcore (Swedish Erotica Remix)’ – This is strangely quite cool. It’s got a Twin Peaks backwards talking thing going on.

Pulp – Party Hard (single)
More remixes.

Pulp – The Trees / Sunrise (single)
Must be the first Pulp single I actually bought on the week it was released!

Ooh, I thought it was going to be ‘Bad Cover Version’ next but it turns out I didn’t actually buy the CD of that, I just got the DVD! The video is fab though! 😀

Pulp – Masters Of The Universe
I bought this CD for £3 at a record fair at the NEC in Brum. However I clearly wasn’t paying much attention at the time, as although the back cover is for Masters Of The Universe, as is the actual CD, the front cover’s the one for ‘It’! So it’s a bit of a mismatched CD. Anyway, tis a selection of early songs on Fire Records.
‘Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)’ – This song’s great, even if just for the lyric “There’s a hole in your heart and one between your legs. You’ve never had to wonder which one he’s going to fill, in spite of what he says”

Hmm, I should really put some clothes in to wash. And washing some dishes wouldn’t be a bad idea either. My kitchen randomly smells of cake mix at the minute! It’s bizarre, though not bad – infact it’s quite nice, it’s just a shame there isn’t an actual cake too!

Apologies for not writing much about these songs, it’s just I’m doing other things at the same time. It just sunk in that it’s just under 3 weeks until I go to Italy, so I thought I should book my coach tickets to and from Gatwick. Done that now. Phew. Now need to go buy travel insurance!

Pulp – Primal… The Best Of The Fire Years 1983 – 1992
Quite a few of the same songs as the last CD!

Grrrr, when I checked the Post Office travel insurance a few months back it was £15 and now it’s £20! Lame. Think I’ll check out some others. Ah, Tescos is cheaper, that’ll do.

Ok, am feeling a bit more organised now. And poorer. Oh well, can’t have everything!

Hmm, I think I might stop the A-Zing for now. I’d forgotten how long some of these compilations are! I need a drink… I haven’t listened to the new Alanis Morissette album yet either, as that arrived yesterday. Might do that now 🙂

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