A-Z: Pulp (part 3)

What have I been up to? I was off work on leave all last week and didn’t do any A-Zing at all! Can you believe it? I was trying to be more productive, but I don’t think I especially managed to achieve that, so I’m not really sure what it is I did with my time :-/ Oh well. It’s been tough being back at work this week though – I’ve felt so tired for some reason. But hey, I’ve got a 4-day week next week, a 3-day week after that and then I’m off for 2 weeks. Woo! Not that I can do much chilling out – there’s so much to sort out…
– I still need to buy my travel insurance for Italy, plus book my coach tickets to get to and from Gatwick, plus buy various bits and pieces no doubt and check what I can and can’t put in hand luggage these days
– Before going to Italy I really need to have sorted a new flat to move into at the end of August. I posted a letter to my landlord yesterday anyway, giving him my months notice, so if I don’t find somewhere I’ll be kinda homeless!! I’m going to look round somewhere today, though am expecting it to be too small as it’s £125 a month *less* than I’m paying now. As much as I’d like to save that much money a month, it would be useful to be able to actually move around the flat! But hey, maybe it’ll be nicer than I’m expecting. I’ve arranged that for 3pm, so I might keep this blog post open and update on that when I get back. I’ve got over a month to find somewhere so I’m possibly looking a little early to be honest. I’ll try and arrange more viewings for next Friday when I’m off work. When I find somewhere I’ll then have the fun (yes, sarcasm) of packing everything (again!), transferring my bills, etc etc. It should be worth it though. I had a dream last night that there were mice all about the place (though weirdly the flat looked nothing like the flat I’m actually in). The best part was when I got one of my mouse traps, discovered it was the one that you can’t actually set properly, so instead I just chucked it in the general direction of a mouse and managed to impale it and kill it! I was like the Buffy of rodents! Not sure if that’s a good thing… Anyway, back to the things I need to do…
– After getting another bill this morning, I clearly need to write to the Inland Revenue *again*! Eurgh. Like I don’t already pay enough tax? *grumbles* That’s what I get for trying to be all legit. It’s seriously gotten my blood boiling this morning. They don’t make it easy for people who are just trying to declare some extra earnings they’ve made. It’s not like I’m some business mogul trying to screw them out of money – after bills etc I’m trying to live off £160 a month for fucks sake! I’m not paying *extra* National Insurance contributions on top of my FULL-TIME salary payments. You are having a laugh.

So yes, think they’re the main things I need to sort out within the next few weeks! Not at all stressful… *ahem* But hey, it keeps life interesting I guess. It’s not like I’ve got much else of interest going on at the mo :-/ I’ve been a bit insecure and withdrawn recently. When did that become me? I’ve always been shy, but not insecure. I need to get back to just being myself and not caring what people think. To being a bit silly and to wearing slightly bizarre things and to be able to pull it off through having the inner-confidence. When did I lose that? I miss it. I feel invisible on the streets sometimes – teenagers will literally walk into me and then look down on me. I know I should look down on them instead for being so goddamn rude, but it makes you feel a bit crap, especially when you’re single and live alone so don’t have anyone around to tell you that you’re great. So yes, I should look on the moving house as a new start and as a way of getting back to the real Chantal. I’m not a bad person to spend time with right? I can be a bit quiet at times and I’m crap at starting up conversations, but that’s not the end of the world. And I’ve really gotta be less insecure when it comes to guys – no wonder I scare them away if I don’t back away from them myself. I’d be a damn good girlfriend! And if they don’t realise that it’s their loss. Yes. No more of this anxiety crap – what’s the worst that could happen in any given situation? I totally embarrass myself? Yeah, maybe, but you’ve just gotta laugh off stuff like that. I can find humour in most situations. So yes, Super Chan I shall be. Things won’t intimidate me, I shall just sort them out. Positive thinking. Ah, yes, I feel much better after going through that in my head. Apologies for having to read it. Wait, no, no apologies – it’s my blog damn it! If I choose to use it as my own personal therapy, I shouldn’t have to apologise. I shouldn’t just assume that people won’t find it interesting – if you’ve all stuck along reading my blog for this long, I can’t be that much of a bore!

Eep, it’s gone 12:00 already! I should really get dressed as I need to go out later and view the flat. I need to post an Ebay parcel too. And I haven’t actually started playing any Pulp yet! I’ll put some on while I get dressed, so apologies if I don’t say much about it.

Pulp – We Love Life (album)
I haven’t listened to this as an album in a long time. I’ve never listened to it as much as Different Class or This Is Hardcore – I suppose I prefer darker Pulp to happier Pulp! There are some great songs on here though and there are a few that I did listen to a lot when I first got the album – those ones being ‘The Night That Minnie Timperley Died’ and ‘Bad Cover Version’. Oh, just the 2 really! ‘The Trees’ and ‘Sunrise’ I listened to quite a bit too I guess as they were the double-A-side single, but I’ve never really fallen in love with this album the way I did with the previous 2. Shame really. None of the songs are bad, they just don’t really grab me.

Ok I’m gonna go get dressed now. I’m actually a bit cold this morning. July is it? Yeah right.

Aw, my landlord just phoned – he’s gotten my letter this morning. I feel bad for having slagged him off a bit in the past. Even though I phoned the letting agents on the day I found the mouse in my flat and they were no help at all, though did say they’d tell my landlord about it, and then I e-mailed them about a week later to let them know I’d found the hole in the wall and to ask my landlord to get it filled in – he has apparently been told nothing about it at all! He said that if he’d known he’d have come around and sorted it out for me. He asked if that was the only reason I was leaving and I said that it was also because money was a bit tight so I was really wanting to find somewhere a bit cheaper, so he said that if I was interested, the people in number 3 (technically below me) are moving out in August too and as theirs is a 1 bed it’s cheaper, so if I’d be interested in moving in there to just let him know. I realise that’s not exactly an altruistic suggestion, but I still thought it was quite sweet. In some ways it’s tempting as I wouldn’t exactly need to worry about packing or hiring a van or anything, plus it’s quite a bit cheaper in rent, but I’d still be paranoid about the mice to be honest – if they’re in the walls then it doesn’t exactly limit them to my flat! Plus I prefer not to live in ground floor flats, just because they’re easier to break into! And I also feel like I need the fresh start in terms of actually moving away from this place. But still, it was good to actually get to talk to him (now that I’m leaving!) and good to know that he seems like a decent chap and therefore shouldn’t be too much of a pain in terms of getting my deposit back and stuff. That overlap between paying a new deposit and getting your old one back’s a bitch! And the agency fees and removal costs on top of that don’t help either. But hey.

Pulp – Hits
Ah, such a great collection of songs! 😀 I couldn’t believe it when it didn’t sell better. Mind you, I couldn’t afford to buy it when it was first released either – it was just before Christmas no? You’d have thought lots of people would have been buying it as a Christmas present though.

Eep it’s nearly 2pm! I should probably package up that Ebay parcel and put my lenses in and such like making-myself-presentable things.

Ooh I just remembered something else I wanted to blog about. I had a note from a ‘local resident’ through my door when I got home yesterday. Not addressed to me personally or anything – they’d obviously been posting the notices through the doors of everyone in Cathays. Anyway, it was basically asking people to not put their bin bags out either really early or too late for collection as it leads to the seagulls ripping into them and scattering stuff about the place. Tis true and it needed saying, although if we had wheelie bins or something surely that would stop that happening, so maybe it’s the council that need hassling? But hey, I still applaud the efforts of whoever it is that’s fed up with the streets looking a mess. However, if you choose to take that kinda thing into your own hands and choose to post notes through the doors of everybody in a bid to take on some kind of control and make a stand, you’ll surely be wanting to sound as professional and authoritative as possible, no? In which case you might want to avoid using the phrase “making it look and smell like a shit tip”. Just saying!

Ooh another phonecall! I’m popular today! He. Just the letting agents phoning to confirm my viewing at 3pm. Speaking of which, I should really get ready!! *cranks up This Is Hardcore and heads off towards the bathroom*

Ok, ready to rock and roll. I’m actually feeling pretty good and positive since I had my little inner therapy session. And people pay money to go to see actual therapists?! Pff. Just pretend to be one and talk to yourself! Much cheaper! Though what an actual therapist would make of that I don’t know.

*stops the CD after ‘Bad Cover Version’ and heads off to view the flat and visit the Post Office*

*returns about 45 mins later*

*re-reads last sentence and realises she hasn’t been to the Post Office as the letting agent guy took her back to the letting agents, which seemed handy at the time as it’s nearer her flat, but now she needs to go back out again! Doh*

I think I’ll have a cup of tea first! The Post Office won’t close for a while yet.

Anyway, the flat! It was part of a set of 5 flats, but I’m pretty sure he showed me around the wrong one as it wasn’t the flat number he’d given me on the phone and it was also a different price, plus fully-furnished (when I’m looking for unfurnished). *lol* However, he did say the landlady was negotiable on the furniture as she could put hers in storage if needed, so that didn’t rule it out. Plus the slightly higher price meant it was actually more what I was looking for size-wise. Infact the living room and bedroom were really good sizes, which was really reassuring as it’s £75 a month less than I’m paying now and I think my stuff would fit in no problem. The bathroom was a nice size too – much bigger than my current one. However the kitchen was a bit of a problem. Not that I’d expect to find a big kitchen for my budget – plus I’d rather have a small kitchen if it means that the other rooms are bigger – but if there isn’t anywhere to put my washing machine then it’s a bit of a problem. A couple of other things put me off too:
1. It’s on a main road where parking’s near impossible. Not that that’s a problem most of the time as I don’t drive, but I would like to have visitors now and again. Plus moving my stuff in would be hell. Which links into…
2. Getting to the flat involves going up about 3 sets of stairs and around quite a few corners. Not only would this make moving my stuff in and out hell, but it would no doubt get quite annoying if people ring the doorbell and I have to try and get down there in time before they assume I’m not home and disappear.
So yeah, I want to look round more places anyway, but I think I’m ruling that one out. Was still fun though and the room sizes for that price were really reassuring.

‘Last Day Of The Miner’s Strike’ – I really like this song. I haven’t heard it in ages though, so I’m wondering if it’s another one that I haven’t added to my playlist!

Ok, I better head off to the Post Office before it starts getting too late.

*more time passes*

I have returned for the 2nd time, in a zombie-movie kinda way.

Pulp – The Sisters EP
Ah The Sisters EP! The cover that spawned my most famous sleeveface!! He he. I don’t actually remember buying this CD actually. I remember buying the vinyl though – it was in some little record shop in Cheltenham, when my sister was at uni there. I remember being excited that the limited edition number was so low. *locates it* Ah yes, number 0003 it is! 😀 I got it pretty cheap too I seem to remember. And it’s the only Pulp vinyl I’ve got by the looks of things! Anyway, great collection of songs 😀

Phew, it’s actually quite warm now. I might have to change my top – I put a long-sleeve one on this morning as I was cold! Stupid British weather. I’m feeling in the need of food too so I’ll make this my last CD for today. Ooh with dinner I think I shall watch one of my Blockbuster DVDs 😀 Inspired by my poorness I’ve recently been using GMTV Cashback. Basically you can earn cashback by shopping through their referral links or by taking advantage of various special offers. I need to remember to access Ebay through them as that’s the website I’m most likely to spend money at! He he. Anyway, a month or so ago I used their cashback deal with LoveFilm, where you got £10 cashback for taking up a 1 month FREE trial with LoveFilm. So long as you remembered to cancel your account before the month ran out, you wouldn’t get charged, would get to watch some DVDs for free, plus got given £10 for doing it! Score. I got to watch ‘The Best Man’ and also ‘Russell Brand Live’ before I cancelled. And now they’re doing the same deal with Blockbuster, so I signed up for that. Yesterday I got sent ‘Jo Brand – Through The Cake Hole’ and ‘Alan Carr – Tooth Fairy’ so have those to watch 😀 I can hopefully get at least 2 more in before I need to cancel too. And I’ll get another £10! Can’t complain at that.

Anyway, foooood…

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