A-Z: Pulp (part 2)

Pulp – Different Class (album)
I’m not sure where to start in talking about this album – tis one of my most favourite albums ever, definitely. Every single track’s just brilliant and they work perfectly together. Like a lot of Britpop-era bands, I got into Pulp quite late I suppose. It’s strange because I remember liking Common People and Disco 2000 at the time they were released – I think I even had Disco 2000 on a compilation CD/cassette or something – but for some reason I wasn’t curious enough to put Different Class on my birthday/christmas list or anything. I also really remember liking Help The Aged when I heard it on TV and I asked my friends at school if they’d heard it, as I thought it was great, but I still didn’t buy any Pulp CDs! I seriously don’t know why. I suppose I just wasn’t *quite* ready for them – I needed a few more years. So then I went to uni in 1999 and the girl in the room next to mine had Different Class and would play it quite often. I could hear it through the wall between us and it sounded great! I wondered why I’d never thought of buying it before. I can’t remember exactly when I did get it, but it could possibly have been that Christmas – I think that’s quite likely infact. It was definitely during that year as I started playing it quite a lot and I sadly never heard it coming from Tilly’s room again. I overdosed her with her own music! Whoops. Tis such a brilliant album though – a rallying cry to the misfits of life – dripping in sex and drugs and sleaze.
‘Mis-Shapes’ – I downloaded Franz Ferdinand’s live session version of this song a little while ago as that sounded genius – I love this song and I like Franz Ferdinand – however I just find it way too weird to listen to. It needs Jarvis, it just does. The radio version makes me laugh too – why did they need to censor ‘bleedin”? Seriously?
‘Pencil Skirt’ – This is the song that I most remember hearing through the wall in halls. I was like “is Jarvis Cocker having sex next door? I so need to get me that album”. Maybe it’s just as well I didn’t get it when I was still living at home! Although Queen have some pretty sexual songs – I must have had ‘Get Down Make Love’ blasting from my bedroom a fair few times! Ha ha.
‘Common People’ – One of the most perfect pop songs ever. Often touted as the quintessential Britpop anthem, whether you see that as a good thing or a bad thing. Personally I’d use it as a compliment. Plus you can do the dance!! I’m a sucker for a bit of choreography!
‘I Spy’ – I love the sleaziness of this song. It defines the Pulp sound/image in a lot of ways. I can’t easily think of another band that would have a song like this.
‘Disco 2000’ – Yep I think I might actually have to comment on every single song on this album! I remember doing a dance to this when I used to go to dance classes. I think we even used it for an exam. But no I don’t remember the dance now! This was what – 13 years ago?!? Eep. I listened to this song quite a lot at the time actually – I remember making my own words up to quite a bit of it as couldn’t figure out what the lyrics were. I used to think ‘wood chip’ was something else, though I can’t remember what. I liked it even more when I found out it was ‘wood chip’ though as I actually had wood chip on my walls in my bedroom when I was a teenager. So yeah I could pretend I was Deborah.
‘Live Bed Show’ – another song I associate quite strongly with my time in halls at uni. Not that my bed was as active as the one in the song! It was a single for a start…
‘Something Changed’ – I love this so much. The lyrics and the whole idea of the song’s just brilliant – the paradox of it. I’m not going to try and describe it as the song does it so perfectly anyway, but yeah I listen to this quite a lot.
‘Sorted For E’s & Wizz’ – It’s all there in the title surely! I love the way in which this song does actually make you feel like you’re standing out in a field. “Oh yeah the pirate radio told us what was going down. Got the tickets from some fucked up bloke in Camden Town”. I also love “And you want to call your mother and say ‘mother, I can never come home again as I seem to have left an important part of my brain somewhere, somewhere in a field in Hampshire, alright'”.
‘F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E’ – one of the most awkward song titles to type! Ha ha. I love that it’s a love song but that it’s a gritty, introspective, probably-more-realistic kind of love song. “But this isn’t chocolate boxes and roses, it’s dirtier than that”.
‘Underwear’ – Ah, another enjoyable bit of sleaze 😀 Should I be worried that I have such a liking for sleazy songs? I love the lyric “if fashion is your trade, then when you’re naked I guess you must be unemployed, yeah?” Genius.
‘Monday Morning’ – I’m not actually sure what to say about this song, but I want to comment on them all. If I ever blog on a monday morning then I’m always tempted to use ‘monday morning’ as the subject. Even if I don’t then I’m bound to have this song playing in my head.
‘Bar Italia’ – Love this song. It’s always been a favourite on the album. I love the feel of it and how it works really well as the last track. It’s like waking up after a night of excess and going to have a fried breakfast. It’s a musical hangover!! But in a good way. “What did you lose? Oh, it’s ok, it’s just your mind”.
Anyway, have loved listening to this album – it’s one that everyone should own. It’s cheered me up quite a bit too.

Pulp – This Is Hardcore (album)
Love this album too. It’s pretty dark, as Jarvis was basically out of his head at the time, but tragically that makes for a pretty good album!
‘The Fear’ – I love this song, even if I’ll forever associate it with my bout of panic attacks. Not that I’m entirely over my anxiety issues, but I’m much better than I was. I had to laugh though when this came on my MP3 player the day after I’d had a panic attack in the middle of the night (it contains the lyric “and here comes another panic attack”). Strangely I find it quite comforting to listen to now. “When you can’t even define what it is that you are frightened of, this song will be here”.
‘Dishes’ – “I am not Jesus, though I have the same initials”. Best. First. Line. Ever!
‘This Is Hardcore’ – Ah, love this song. Quite possibly my favourite Pulp song infact. It just has a brilliant atmosphere to it. The video’s fab too. Infact I might stick it on my MySpace profile for a while. “What exactly do you do for the encore?”
‘TV Movie’ – I haven’t listened to this song in ages actually. I’d forgotten how great it is 🙂
‘I’m A Man’ – Another song I associate quite strongly with living in halls at Uni. I think this must have been one of my instant favourites on this album as I distinctly remember listening to it a lot at that time.
Hmm, I’m not getting much Ebay listing done at the same time as this. I’m enjoying listening to the music too much – I don’t want to have to think about other things. Maybe tomorrow! 😛
Oh my god, Googlemail is recommending a recipe for ‘Creamy Spam Broccoli Casserole’ to me. Call me crazy but that so doesn’t sound appealing!!
‘Sylvia’ – I classed this as my favourite Pulp song for quite a while and tis still one of my faves. I can’t really explain why either, it’s just great. I think it’s the chorus that does it.
‘Glory Days’ – “I could do anything, if I could get round to it”. Sounds about right.
‘The Day After The Revolution’ – I haven’t listened to this in a long long time! I’m wondering if it’s on my playlist actually. I know it’s got a rather long outro, but that’s no reason to not bother ripping it. Although it is really nice to listen to things that you haven’t heard for ages – you appreciate them more. I’m loving this! Ok it’s on the 10 minute outro now. Usually I’d just stop the CD, but that goes against this whole A-Z thing so I’ll leave it playing. As my copy of This Is Hardcore comes with a bonus live CD called This Is Glastonbury, I’ll be listening to that next. It should take me nicely up to the time that this year’s Glasto footage will be on. No Pulp sadly, but hopefully there’ll be some good stuff. I enjoyed the bits of things I caught last night. Beth Ditto scaring security guards by proposing to them was hilarious. Don’t know how likely they are to show any Cerys footage but it would be nice. I’m curious to see who’s playing with her if nothing else. I really must go to Glastonbury one year. Who’s with me? I never seem to be able to afford it – I’m either doing other things that cost money or I’m just generally broke. I’ll manage it one year though, definitely. My tent hasn’t been used in a good long time, bless it.
Aha, outro finished, time for the live CD…
‘The Fear’ – this is sounding awesome already. Love the heavier guitar. I wish I’d gotten to go to a proper Pulp gig, though I am v pleased I at least got to see them do a few songs at the 4Scott Tribute gig I went to, especially as it was somewhere as intimate as The Scala and that I had such a great view, right at the front, but I’d love to have gotten to see a full set of theirs. Not that I’m ruling it out for the future – they didn’t technically ‘split’ right? I think they’re more likely to play together again than a lot of other bands are. But yeah, I’d love to have been at Finsbury Park or something – Bernard Butler, Catatonia and Pulp? Ah man.
I don’t think I’ve listened to this live CD much but it’s brilliant! 7 tracks, mostly from This Is Hardcore (Live Bed Show being the exception), which actually run to 40 minutes I just noticed! The playing’s really tight and just sounds amazing – possibly even better than the recorded versions! The guitar particularly just sounds fab. And Jarvis is always amusing inbetween songs of course. When’s he going to do some more solo gigs actually? Want to see him again. New songs would be good too.
Ha ha, this bit just cracked me up: “You know it occurred to me today, the age of aquarius is supposed to have begun. Everybody thinks it’s like a new age – I hope it is! It would be nice if there was a new age where people were more interesting, like spiritual things rather than… buying settees. But, maybe what it really means is… we’re all gonna live under water. Well, it looked like, at one moment it looked like that was gonna happen this weekend, yeah? It fucking did! I was trying to develop gills man.” Hee hee. Probably funnier if you actually hear Jarvis say it, but still.

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