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4-day weekend! Great excuse to be really lazy today.

Pleasure – Pleasure (album)
I just read last.fm’s little blurb for Pleasure:

There are two artists with the name Pleasure.

1) A funk/electro-funk/soul band with jazz influence, best known for 1979’s single “Glide”.

2) A Norwegian funky pop band, led by Fred Ball. One hit single was released, ‘Don’t Look The Other Way’, which featured Justine Frischmann (former lead singer for Elastica) on vocals. The song in particular stood out amongst other releases of 2003 for having a dubious 1980s sound to it, which extended to its video. A new album was released in 2007, called Pleasure 2, featuring vocals by Brett Anderson from Suede/The Tears.

This is the 2nd band incase you hadn’t guessed. It’s funny, from Fred Ball’s name I’d assumed he’d be much older than he is. Name prejudice!! It was a pleasant surprise when I saw him play keyboard with Brett and discovered he was about my age and rather cute! Anyway, my buying of this album pre-dates Suede even splitting up, never mind seeing Brett solo. It was of course Cerys’ appearance on it that made me aware of it and also made me buy it! I remember buying it in St Albans on the week of release. Random fact for you there. I wasn’t sure what I’d make of the album as a whole, but I like it a lot. I’d use ‘electro’ as the general category for the overall feel of the album, but it’s quite varied really. The collaboration tracks aren’t so electro and it’s probably no surprise that the Cerys track, ‘Stories’, is my favourite. I also really really love the Ed Harcourt track ‘From The Country To The City’. Ooh, ‘Stories’ has come on now. I love the whole feel of it, plus it’s great having Cerys’ Mum and Grandma singing on it too. The album was released in 2003, the same as Cockahoop (though Cockahoop was first), and I felt a little bad for actually preferring this song to most/all of the songs on Cockahoop! It’s brilliant though and quite possibly my favourite of all her collaborations.
‘I’m Confused’ – All the songs on this album are great. Tis fabness! It flies by too as it’s only 37 minutes long. I’m just looking in the sleeve notes – I love “Lots of computers were involved in the making of this recording”. I hope none were harmed.

Pleasure – Pleasure 2 (album)
In the same way that I bought the first album mostly for the Cerys collaboration, I mostly bought this one for the Brett collaboration! I haven’t actually listened to it that much as an album, though I’ve got the songs on my playlist. On first listen I didn’t take to it as much as the first album, though I love ‘Back To You’ (the Brett collaboration) rather a lot!! I’m not sure if this album has even been released in the UK – I know it hadn’t been when I bought it. I ordered it from a website called CDON.COM, which is a Scandinavian site. My Dad was actually round mine in Worcester when the CD arrived. He saw ‘CDON.COM’ on it and said “What’s that? Condoms? Are you ordering condoms online?”. My reply “No – it’s a CD! One by… er… Pleasure!!” Ha ha.
‘Back To You’ – Hell yes! Hey, I just realised this has another similarity to ‘Stories’ – it was released the same year as Brett’s first solo album and again I actually prefer it to most/all of the songs on that!! Freaky. Cerys and Brett need to do something together – how fab would that be? There are actually quite a few similarities between them, especially with Brett getting into the whole stripped-back sound at the moment. But yeah I think my head would explode if that happened. In a good way of course. Chantal musical heaven.
‘Nightvision’ – I’ve rather enjoyed this album. I think I still prefer the first one overall, but maybe just because I’ve listened to it more.

Pleasure – Don’t Look The Other Way (CDR single promo)
I like ‘Don’t Look The Other Way’ though it’s not a song I listen to a lot or anything, yet I’ve got 2 promos of it, plus the single itself! It’s not that I specifically went looking for them though, I just happened to find them all cheaply at record fairs and stuff. Oh dear, this CD’s just gotten stuck! Have skipped onto track 2. Argh, now that one’s stuck! Oh no, it’s going again. Weird. Am just reading the promo sticker on this CD. Fred Ball was only 20 in 2003! Wow. He’s younger than me! Didn’t realise that. Oh crap it’s sticking again. Stupid CD. Oh great now Winamp’s frozen. I think I might be skipping on to the next CD…

Pleasure – Don’t Look The Other Way (single promo)
I assumed this was just a 1-track promo as it only mentions the single title on the case, but no it has the 2 b-sides too.

Pleasure – Don’t Look The Other Way (single)

The Polyphonic Spree – Soldier Girl (single)
One of those many bands that I really like but have never gotten round to actually getting albums by. When I win the lottery I’m so buying the entirety of my Amazon wishlist! Maybe not all in one go mind – I don’t want to piss off the postman! Anyway, love this song. I think I first heard it when I caught the video on TV. I was already aware of The Polyphonic Spree though wasn’t overly familiar with their music. This song reminded me quite a bit of Gorky’s, which can only be a good thing.

The Polyphonic Spree – Hold Me Now (single)
Another great song.

Pony Club – Home Truths (album)
I think I heard of Pony Club through some kind of Setanta sampler CD that had The Divine Comedy on it. I then found this album cheaply at Music & Video Exchange in Camden so bought it (just realised I haven’t been there in ages!! How sad). I’ve only listened to it as an album once before but I must have heard the individual songs a few times now. They’re one of those bands I know by name, but if you asked me to describe their music or to talk about a particular song of theirs I love, I’d struggle. They’re kind of on the periphery of my interest I suppose. Although ‘CCTV’ has just come on and I do really love this song actually! I wouldn’t have been able to tell you who it was by from memory though. That might well change after listening to this album now.
‘Stop’ – Ah, I really like this song too! “My panic attacks are coming back. They change from day to day.” I feel bad for saying Pony Club are just on the periphery of my interest now – their songs have obviously sneakily infultrated me through my MP3 playlist.
‘Single’ – I’ve definitely listened to these songs more than I’d realised. I thought this was going to be quite a mediochre album with lots of songs I was unfamiliar with, but I’m really enjoying it! Every song that comes on I go “oh, it’s *this* song! I like this song!”
‘Afternoon Drinking’ – My favourite songs on the album were definitely the first few, but I’ve still really enjoyed listening to this overall. And speaking of afternoon drinking… ha ha, I’m just going to get some juice really. I’m doing pretty well for alcohol at the minute though. I’ve usually got a pretty good supply, but it’s overflowing right now! I made sure I had plenty for last weekend, but then people bought their own anyway – plus bought more than they could actually drink themselves, so I inherited lots of extra booze! Score! I got 4 bottles of pear cider from Rachel, which is tasty tasty. Chris bought a bottle of vodka, which he made quite a good dent in, but there’s still plenty left. Plus I’d just bought a new bottle of vodka, as wasn’t sure if he’d bring his own, and I’ve still got a bit in the bottle I already had, so I’ve got loads of it at the moment. And Joop bought me a huge bottle of banana liqueur, which is a rather funky green colour. I’ve just had the one glass of it so far, plus he had one too, but that should last me a while! Plus I’ve got my usual kinda stash – I think my gin’s getting low, but there’s still a bit. My Jack Daniels and Glenfiddich are starting to get a little low too, but should still last a little while. I think I’ve got a dribble of Tia Maria left (must get more), but I just bought a new bottle of cheap-imitation-Baileys stuff, so woo. I’ve got some Limoncello, some peach schnapps, some Bacardi (which I rarely drink to be honest – I need to find new mixers/cocktails to have it with as don’t like drinking coke much any more), some tequila (which was a random purchase a while ago – I need to find more mixers for that too!), quite a few bottles of Stella… anything else? Oh yeah, 2 bottles of sweet sherry. One I bought myself and the other’s one that Dad/Delyse won on a tombola and gave to me. That one’s QC though, which I remember drinking when I was about 5, or maybe slightly older (should I admit to that?), but which I haven’t had for years and years. Drinking it I discovered why. It’s rank! I’ll still drink it though. I’ll have it with ice or something – that might help. Oh and I’ve got a bottle and a half of red wine at the mo too. The one I’ve drunk half of is v v nice – a Cabernet Sauvignon from Tescos Finest range. I’ll usually buy one or two bottles of red wine when I do my monthly shop online. My criteria is that they only cost about £3.99 but that they’re ones that have been reduced from about £7.99 🙂 Anyway, I could seemingly open my own branch of Threshers at the moment! And now I’ve made myself sound like a total alcoholic I shall move on…

Poppies – Dau Bys (single)
I really need to find out what else the Poppies have released, if anything. I got into the Poppies after I heard Mozz were no more and their lead singer was now in a band called Poppies. I think Mozz were quite a short-lived band but I saw them support Sherbet Antlers (well, technically Sherbet Antlers vs Llwybr Llaethog that night) at the Maes B gig in TJs in Newport in 2004 and thought they were fab. I seem to remember describing them as a ‘Welsh Suede’. And they covered Patio Song by Gorky’s. Mentioning TJs though, I just got a vague memory of having a dream about it recently. Something to do with trying to re-create the Mulder And Scully video I think. Weird. Anyway, this is a great single. I think it was released when Owen was managing them. The songs are in Welsh, though ‘Dau Bys’ does have the English line “etch-a-sketch end of the world”, which is something that Eddie Izzard says in one of his stand-ups (Glorious? Definite Article? I really need to get them on DVD as I never watch the VHSs any more). But yeah I love that line! ‘Cam’ and ‘Sex Sells’ are both great songs too. I’m now wanting to find my blog about that gig in TJs – I must have written one! *looks* Hee hee, I won’t post all of it, but here we go:
At about quarter to 8 I decided to head off to TJs. Doors were set to open at 8 and it looked like it should only take about 5 or 10 mins to get there judging by my map. To be fair my map wasn’t that great and didn’t have most of the street names on it but it looked pretty easy to find. The easiest way to find it and make sure I was on the right road was to go back to the train station and then just follow the main road across the bridge. However, that wasn’t the shortest way and the shorter way looked pretty straightforward, despite the lack of street names so I decided to give that a go. Ha ha ha, this was not a good plan!! I ended up walking in completely the wrong direction. I figured it must be vaguely the right direction (though it wasn’t) so kept walking for quite a while. I walked through a housing estate that had an ever-present odour of marijuana hanging in the air (as did quite a bit of Newport to be honest) and past a graveyard which was fun. After about 20 mins I decided I was going the wrong way but thought maybe the road I wanted was running parallel to the one I was on so I walked a different way back into town. It became apparent I was in totally the wrong place so I headed towards the train station (thank god for signs!) and decided to go for the more fool proof way of just following the main road. It seemed to take ages to get back to the train station, I hadn’t realised I’d walked quite so far! Anyway, when I got there I followed the main road, realised that yes it did go in a completely different direction, and found TJs no probs. He he. Was kinda cool though as killed some time and meant that Christine and family were already there when I arrived in my slightly exhausted and out-of-breath state. I think it was about quarter to 9 when I actually arrived – an hour after leaving the hotel!

TJs itself was quite a cool venue, nice and intimate, though the toilets were fairly mingfesting, ha ha. There were 3 bands on before the Antlers. The first band were Winnabego who I also saw last week at the Cardiff gig. They were ok, nothing particularly exciting but enjoyable enough. The 2nd band were Mozz who I really liked. They reminded me a bit of Suede at times and one of their intros was quite similar to The Drowners. They also did a cover of Patio Song which made me happy 🙂 That’s the 2nd band I’ve seen cover a Gorky’s song in the past few weeks. So yes, they were cool, I’ll have to find out some more info on them. The 3rd band were Jakokoyak and they were ok but again nothing particularly exciting.

There were quite a few people with cameras at the gig. Not sure what they were filming for. Also amongst the audience members I spotted the lead singer of Anweledig and the lead singer of Tystion. I recognised a couple of other people too but couldn’t place them.

Anyway, the Antlers! The set was fab, the atmosphere was good and I enjoyed it much more than the Cardiff gig. The set was far too short though, but this was because it was Sherbet Antlers vs Llwybr Llaethog so the first half of the set was the Antlers and then Mark and Paul left and Kevs and John stayed on. Sadly therefore didn’t get to hear Girls Tick, Super Sexy or Indignity of Labour. However, they did do a cover of a Datblygu song, I think. Mark introduced it in Welsh and the only word I picked out was ‘Datblygu’ so I assumed it was a cover! Anyway, I got a few photos, danced away and had a good night 🙂 

I like my use of the word ‘mingfesting’. I think that’s probably the only time I’ve ever used that word, but I think I might have to use it more often.

Ooh, I just realised that in all my talk about alcohol I didn’t actually go and get the drink of juice that I was planning to! Will do that now…

Pulco – Wengen (album)
Continuing the Welsh artists theme. I found this CD on Ebay when I was searching for Derrero. Pulco being Ashley Cooke from Derrero. It was pretty cheap and came direct from Ashley I think, along with a lyrics booklet, some stickers and a booklet of poetry I seem to remember. Pretty cool. Musically it’s very reminiscent of Derrero, weirdly enough!

Pulp – His ‘N’ Hers (album)
Wow I’m up to Pulp! Rather exciting. I have to confess I get confused with Pulp albums and how many of them there actually are! Different Class was the first one I was aware of (like most people I’d imagine), but at some point I became aware of this album, which pre-dates Different Class. But then at some later point I also become aware of there being even earlier albums. There are lots of compilations of the early stuff too, so I tend to forget which are albums and which are compilations. I just checked out the entry on Wikipedia though and am pleased to see that I categorise the CDs I’ve got correctly. And yes this means that I don’t actually own any of the first 3 Pulp albums – It, Freaks and Separations. Tsk tsk, bad Chantal. I’ll get them at some point I’m sure. Anyway – ‘His ‘n’ Hers’! I think this was the 3rd Pulp album I actually got – after Different Class and This Is Hardcore. It took a while to grow on me actually, I didn’t find it as instant as those 2 albums. Infact there are still a few songs on it that I rarely listen to and don’t know that well. In contrast it also has some of my favourites on it, so am looking forward to giving it a listen right now…
I love the inlays for Pulp CDs too. Obviously the statement you get about not reading the lyrics whilst listening to the recordings, but also things like “please deliver us from matching sweatshirts and ‘chicken in the rough’… Do something soon or it’s curtains (just as long as they match with the walls and the sofa)”.
‘Joyriders’ – Hmm, I’m actually wondering if I’ve got all of these songs on my playlist! I don’t remember hearing this in years! And it’s great!!!! Huh, I really need to sort that out. No wonder some of the song titles sound unfamiliar – I’ve never ripped them! Feel free to berate me fellow Pulp fans – I deserve it for that.
‘Lipgloss’ – Now this one I know I’ve ripped. Great song. For some reason I group it with ‘Babies’ and ‘Razzmatazz’ in my head. Infact I thought that ‘Razzmatazz’ was on this album, but it’s not. *visits Wikipedia again* It was a single but it looks like it didn’t make it onto an album – just the ‘Intro’ collection. Interesting. I love that song!
‘Acrylic Afternoons’ – Ok I’m not understanding why I haven’t ripped most of these songs or why I didn’t take to them more instantly – it’s almost like listening to them for the first time now and I’m loving it. Out of the 11 tracks on here, only 5 of them are ones I’m really familiar with.
‘Babies’ – Gotta love this song. Classic Pulp. It’s always reminded me of Blue Velvet – the voyeuristic hiding in a wardrobe thing I mean.
‘Do You Remember The First Time?’ – Ditto!! In terms of it being fab and classic Pulp – not so much the wardrobe hiding.
‘Pink Glove’ – Ha ha, I just picked out the lyric “He doesn’t care what it looks like, so long as it’s pink and it’s tight”. Jarvis, you amuse me no end. Why the hell didn’t I rip this one? I’m mad, obviously.
‘David’s Last Summer’ – Ooh, disco time. Is this the same ‘David’ as in ‘Babies’?

Ooh, I might leave it there for today. As tempting as it is to move on to Different Class, I think I’ll want to write quite a bit about it and am feeling a bit too lazy right now. I might finish off my pringles and salsa 🙂

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