A-Z: Phantom 309 – Pink Assassin

Phantom 309 – The Different Places EP
Phantom 309 was/were the first Ooberman spin-off project as far as I know. Steve’s specifically. I’m not really sure how to describe the style of music to be honest, it’s quite varied. I think of it as being more electro/techno but it’s not entirely. I’m looking forward to listening to the whole EP, as I’ve only actually got 4 of the 7 tracks on my MP3 playlist – I wasn’t that keen on the other 3, they weren’t my kinda music at the time, so I never bothered ripping them. It’ll be interesting to see what I make of them now…
‘The Phantom 309’ – one of the ones I didn’t rip. Quite clubby and dancey I suppose, with samples and stuff. Still not one I’d choose to listen to very often, but I do quite like it, it’s catchy.
‘Fly Around The World’ – One of the ones I did rip. Probably because it’s more Ooberman like, especially with the bits of Sophie vocals. Like it a lot. It’s Ooberman-like, but manages to have a different vibe too. It’s a shame it’s not a bit longer infact, it’s quite short.
‘Different Places’ – Another I ripped. It’s back to being a bit more techno, but I really took to this track – I suppose because it’s not *just* a dancey beat with some samples, but it’s also a good song with a good melody. I also just picked up on the “We will survive, come what may” link with the Ooberman song ‘Come What May’!
‘Pool’ – The first of 2 consecutive tracks I didn’t rip. It opens up with the sound of someone playing pool, he he. Then you get a robotic kinda voice singing and a beat. Ooh the song’s only a minute and a half. Bit of an odd one I guess, but I kinda like it.
‘I’m OK’ – Ha ha ha, this opening sample’s brilliant! Is it Big Gay Al?! Ooh, the song itself takes a little while to get going, but I really like it! I wonder why I didn’t rip it :-/ I think I’ll definitely have to rip the 3 I haven’t got on my playlist. I wonder if I can still find the 2nd EP for download too, as I never got round to downloading it when it was on the Ooberman site. If it’s going to be anywhere it’ll be on The Magic Treehouse…aw, nope, tis purely Ooberman focussed, which is fair enough.
‘Life Is Hard (Kill The Rabbit)’ – love this! The evil twin to the heartbreaking ‘Honeydew’. “Catch it, kill it, skin it and eat it!”
‘Heavy Duty (Club Mix)’ – Love this too, as I think I’ve mentioned before infact.

Phoenix – Everything Is Everything (single promo)
I was about to say it was Rand that introduced me to Phoenix, as I was sure he put a song of theirs on a CD he made me, but I just checked that CD and there isn’t a Phoenix song on it. Shows how good my memory is! There are a lot of fab songs on it though, ditto a CD that Russo made me which I also just checked (and also doesn’t contain a Phoenix song). Hmm. I’m still sure it was Rand that introduced me to them though – he must have just mentioned them and I downloaded a few tracks. I still don’t have many songs by them, though did buy this promo CD somewhere at some point!! Good, catchy song. Has me bopping in my seat.

Piefinger – Here Inside The Night EP
I saw Piefinger support Amy Wadge at a gig in… Gloucester I think it was. I thought they were brilliant, as did Rea, Clive and Paul (who I was at the gig with), so I think we all bought a copy of their EP off them and got them to sign them. And then I saw Jana in the toilet and she liked my geeky X-Files top! Ha ha. That just sticks in my head. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to buy their 2nd EP for *ages* and still haven’t. They’ve probably/hopefully released other stuff since then too. But yeah, really like them. Quite folky and mellow, but not dull. I like the mix of male and female vocals. Ah, just checked out their website, where you can download a few free tracks if anyone’s interested. Am pleased their 2nd EP’s still available for sale, plus they have an album too. Not that I can afford either at the mo, but good to know they’re there!

Piney Gir – Peakahokahoo (album)
Another of those CDs that causes me a dilemma. ‘Piney Gir’ is supposed to be a person’s name, so this CD should possibly belong under ‘G’, which is actually where I found it in the shop where I bought it. However, it’s not her *real* name (not that that should necessarily matter), plus it’s always sounded more like a band name to me, so I keep it under ‘P’ as that’s where I’d think of looking for it. Just to clarify before anyone points it out to me!! Anyway, tis a great and pretty varied album. It was Leeree who made me aware of Piney Gir, so much thanks for that! 🙂 I really like the way ‘Que Cera Cera’ goes straight into ‘Girl’.
Ooh the album’s finished. Sorry I haven’t said much about it – I’ve gotten distracted by planning my Board Games Weekend. Hee hee 😀

Pink – Don’t Let Me Get Me (single)
I’m not especially into Pink generally, but I quite like this song and the single was on sale for something ridiculous like 50p, so I bought it.

Pink Assassin – Small World (single)
I bought this not long ago from a charity shop. Me and my love of Welsh bands!

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