A-Z: Ooberon – The Ordinary Boys

Don’t worry, I’m not planning for this to be as long as last week’s epic Ooberman entry, although I did rather enjoy that. I’ll just get straight on with it…

Ooberon – Waiting For The Sonic Boom (album)
I love the artwork for this album. I love the songs too, don’t get me wrong, but it also just looks great! See, this is why CDs aren’t allowed to die out damn it! And no, downloaded artwork isn’t the same.
I’m not actually sure what to say about this album – in some ways it still feels quite new, even though it’s been out, what, a couple of years now?! Not that I haven’t listened to it lots, as I have – although some songs more than others – but it still feels really fresh, if that makes any sense.
For those wondering who Ooberon are – shame on you! Ha ha. They be Andy and Steve from Ooberman and they also be rather fabulous. You should really check out their MySpace as you can hear some of the songs, plus actually download some for free at the moment – including Andy’s recent dating site ode (‘Was It Something I Said?’) which was actually stuck in my head when I woke up this morning. Anyway, to get a feel for the album you should really read through the track rundown on their MySpace, as that describes the songs better than I can! It’s a great album though, I’d definitely recommend it. ‘I Feel Like The Water’ is playing right now and I’m really really enjoying it as it’s one that I haven’t actually listened to that much for some reason – I’ve had the tendency to play the same few songs over and over – those being ‘National Insurance’ (my instant favourite), ‘Thunder Before Friday’ (the one that’s become my favourite), ‘Ooh (All I Wanted)’ and ‘Monsoon Song’. ‘Eye Of The Storm’ has had quite a bit of play too, though initially through the Ooberman album ‘Carried Away’. ‘Twilight Again’ and ‘Some People’ I’ve listened to quite a bit too. So er, yeah, most of the album actually!!! What was I talking about? Ooh ‘Spiders Inside Butterflies’ is on now – I’ve listened to that quite a bit, though I have to be in the right mood generally as it’s really moving and not the kinda song to just have on casually in the background – it deserves proper emotional engagement. I’m pleased ‘Monsoon Song’ comes on after it as it picks you back up again and stops you from becoming too introspective.
‘1,000 Miles’ – Ooh I’d forgotten how great this song is too. I’m not sure why I haven’t listened to it that much – it musn’t come up on Winamp very often or something. I know that thing’s supposed to be ‘random’ but it definitely favours some songs over others.
‘Fox & Crow’ – The other one I haven’t listened to much. I think because it takes a little while to get into its stride. Once the chorus kicks in it’s brilliant. Yep I should definitely listen to this more!
‘Twilight Again’ – This is probably the most Ooberman-like song, if that makes any sense. I can almost imagine it on Hey Petrunko actually.
‘Some People’ – oh no, the last song already!!! This album flew by! Don’t want it to end. Even though The Magic Treehouse will quite possibly always be my favourite, I can also see why some people have said this is the best album to come out of the Ooberman camp. Andy can write a damn catchy tune! His lyrics have a tendency to resonate with me too. Oh no the song’s ending. Noooooo! Aw, v v enjoyed that.

Orchid – Promo EP
I’m now desperately trying to remember where in the name of hell I got this from! I’m pretty sure it was another I asked to be sent free as one of the members was a member of a forum I posted on or something. In this case I’m thinking it was *possibly* the Suede forum, but I’m really not sure about that at all. It’s really good though actually, I’m really enjoying it. I thought that anything following the Ooberon album, particularly a random free promo CD, would be a bit disappointing, but this actually stands up well. The singer’s voice is a little Morrissey at times and a little Brett Anderson at other times, so I’m definitely thinking the Suede forum is a fair bet for where I discovered them!! I wonder if they’re still making music – I shall have a search of MySpace, but it’s not exactly a rare name…
‘Broken Glass’ – I’m just reading the lyrics to this in the inlay (I like that they include the lyrics) – “The voice’s singing ‘she’ll come to her end locked in a car somewhere'” – ha ha ha, that just answered that question – *definitely* a Suede fan!!!!! For those that aren’t, that’s a lyric from ‘She’s Not Dead’. Love it. I’ll get back to my MySpace searching now as I’m actually really loving this EP!… oh hang on, just realised from the inlay that they’re from The Netherlands and I’m foolishly searching for UK bands – ok will amend that… no matches. Damn it! Ooh, I can try searching for band members… no match either. Aw. It really is a good EP. Ooh hang on, a bit of googling tells me that Carel Brouwers (the lead singer and main songwriter) formed a new band called ‘Lovepoison’! If that’s not a sign of a Suede fan, I don’t know what is. Can I find Lovepoison on MySpace?… yes!! They only have 3 friends though – that’s a bit sad – I shall send them a friends request. The song ‘Loved Ones’ is one of the ones on the Orchid EP. I haven’t heard the live track before though – shall give that a listen. Hmm, it takes a while to get going, but like it. Ooh I like where the piano bit suddenly comes in. I love some of the discoveries I’ve made by doing this whole A-Z thing.

Ok, before I move on I really need some food!! I’m gonna attempt to eat the other one of those spicy pizzas! He he.

The Ordinary Boys – Over The Counter Culture (album)
This is one of those albums I’d been wanting to get for ages – since it was released really, so long before Preston went on Celeb Big Brother!!! It was one of those albums always on my list of things I wanted to get, but never quite making it to the top. I ended up buying it not all that long ago, for just £3 from a record fair! He he. It’s even the limited edition that includes a ‘bonus live CD’, which I don’t think I’ve ever listened to. I haven’t actually listened to the album all that much either, but am quite enjoying getting to listen to it now.
Hmm, this pizza doesn’t seem anywhere near as spicy as it did when I had that other one! I must have been having an extra-wussy day or something.
Meh, just got disturbed from my pizza-eating by a knock at the door. Got excited as thought it might be the people next door bringing round the parcel they took in for me, but no it was religious people wanting to talk to me about the bible. *rolls eyes* In the rain too! Crazy people. I’ve got nothing against people choosing to be religious, but why do some feel they have to come preach it on your doorstep??
Mmmmm I’m really enjoying this pizza – maybe the booze I had last night has numbed my taste buds so I’m not noticing the spicyness. I had a good night last night, just drinking and posting on the Cerys forum, mostly about Queen!
I’m not actually talking about this album much am I? It’s one of those albums I enjoy listening to if it’s on, but I wouldn’t get overly excited about or anything. The only song on it I really really love is the one that got me into The Ordinary Boys in the first place – ‘Seaside’. I still think it’s their best song infact.
Ooh my nose is running! This must be spicier than I’m realising. Must be the Jack Daniels I had last night – it’s given me spice-immunity! Cool. I’m still hungry though – think it’s time for a choccie biccy and a cup of tea. Or do I want another coffee? Yeah, actually – not so stereotypically British, but I am more of a coffee drinker.
‘Just A Song’ – “This song is not cathartic because I’ve done nothing wrong – it’s just a song”. He he, like that.
‘Seaside’ – Woo yeah, still love this. And ooh, didn’t realise the album version was slightly longer! Am used to the radio edit.
Ooh, album finished, onto the 4 live tracks… ooh they were recorded at Brum Academy! Been to many a good gig there. Kinda miss it actually, though not the crapness of the trains back to Worcester! Not that there aren’t great venues here, but more would always be welcome – especially of that kinda mid-size. There are Carling Academies all over the country, so it’s a bit surprising and sad that there isn’t one in Cardiff really. I wouldn’t want them to take over some existant venue, but they should have one as part of the St David’s 2 development I reckon.

The Ordinary Boys – Seaside (single) CD1
Is this one of my 2004 singles? Oh yes indeed.

The Ordinary Boys – Boys Will Be Boys (single) CD1
The original release – not the re-release from after Celeb BB. I wasn’t actually sure what I thought of this song when I first heard it – it’s pretty different to ‘Seaside’ so sounded like a big change in direction to me, though it’s not really if you listen to all of Over The Counter Culture. I found it to be a grower anyway and really really like it now. Not as much as ‘Seaside’, but it’s my 2nd favourite of theirs.

I think that might do me for today. It’s Joan Osborne next and although I’m looking forward to listening to that album, I’m not feeling focussed enough to blog about it properly at the minute. I can’t even muster up the creative ability to end this blog post on more of an interesting note! So er, there’s ya lot I guess.

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