A-Z: Nic Armstrong – Ash

Nic Armstrong – Natural Flair (single)
This is the only Nic Armstrong CD I have. Where did I hear of Nic Armstrong? When did I buy this CD? I really can’t remember. Er…it came out in 2004, so presumably then! Hang on, is that the year where I seemed to buy a ridiculous number of singles? I think it was. Anyway, I can’t have listened to this one much as it’s not that familiar. It’s alright, but am not particularly fussed about it – which is obviously why I haven’t bought any other CDs of his!

Ash – Intergalactic Sonic 7″s
Ah, Ash. As you can probably tell from the fact my collection starts with the Greatest Hits type album, I don’t actually own any of their proper albums. They’re one of those bands I kinda wanted to get into and wanted to really like, but they’ve just stayed on the edge of my interests. I like having this CD but am not fussed about getting any of the albums really. Infact I’ve only listened to this CD all the way through about twice as find 19 Ash tracks in a row a bit too many. I’m sure a lot of people would disagree with me there, but I like being weird! I do have the copy of this though that comes with the bonus CD containing 22 b-sides, so will be listening to that too! Will I suffer Ash overload? There are some of their songs I really love, like Envy, which is playing now. Looooove that song! But there are also lots I’m just not that fussed about.
*reaches end of first CD*
Hmm, enjoyed that more than I thought I was going to. Bring on the b-sides…

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