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What an odd week it’s been. Finally feel convinced the mouse is dead and can relax again – no more closing every single door at night and shoving towels along the gaps at the bottom. I’m still keeping the spare room door shut at night, plus always close my bedroom door anyway, but the thought of things scuttling about is no longer plaguing my every thought, which is a nice luxury. Tuesday I went on a date, which is a rare enough occurence in itself and not one likely to occur again in the immediate future, but hey. And then on Thursday night I decided to screw my overdraft and buy myself a new camera, which arrived today and which I’m rather loving already. I’m now wondering if those 2 things are related… fail to feel attracted towards real life person, so substitute it with electronic goods! Erm, I should rephrase that… oh hell, bring on the music…

Muse – Time Is Running Out (single)
The only Muse CD I own. They’re one of those bands I quite like, but not enough to feel compelled to buy the albums. I’ve got a few songs on MP3 and randomly have this single as found it cheap and really like this song.

Leona Naess – I Tried To Rock You But You Only Roll (album)
I haven’t listened to this album in a long long time. I can’t actually remember how I discovered Leona now – it must have been through the internet in some way. I remember it was around a similar time to when I got into Shivaree and Bree Sharp plus a few other female singer-songwriters and female-fronted bands. Round about 2001/2002 I think. The album was released in 2001, so I guess that would make sense. I rarely listen to Leona now, though I’m not sure why – I think I probably over-played some of the songs at the time. I’m really enjoying the album right now though. It’s the only CD of hers I have, but I should really see what else is out there and if she’s still making music… ooh yes, she’s on MySpace but of course. This is her 2nd album (I never got around to buying her first, ‘Comatised’) and it looks like the last one she released was her third in 2003, though the songs on her MySpace suggest a new one this year. Musically it doesn’t sound like she’s changed much, not that that’s bad particularly. Image wise she looks different though – she’s had an Alanis moment and chopped her hair off! He he.
‘I Tried To Rock You But You Only Roll’ – This was the song that got me into Leona. I think I much prefer other songs of hers now, but this is ridiculously catchy.
I suppose she’s not the most edgy artist or anything, but if you’re a bit of a sucker for female-fronted indie-pop (like I am), then you’d probably enjoy Leona.
‘Weak Strong Heart’ – actually, after saying she’s not very edgy, I think this song’s really interesting and a bit more alternative and less poppy than most of her other stuff.
‘Promise To Try’ – definitely a favourite still. It has a nursery rhyme element to the chorus, plus a lullaby feel in places too, but it still manages to feel quite emotionally raw. Great closer to the album.

Nameless – Children (promo)
Just the one track. I remember I got this sent to me free by the band as one of the members (Al? I’m sure I’ve got an ‘Al Nameless’ in my address book) posted on a digest I also posted on and was offering free promo CDs – I think it might have been the Melys Yahoo Group, but I’m really not sure about that. I think I’ve probably only listened to the song once before. It’s alright but a little too shouty for my liking.

No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom (album)
The only No Doubt CD I own. It’s one of the albums I got into in the transition period between listening to not much other than Queen and my getting into all the bands I’m into now. Although Catatonia were the band that were probably the biggest influence and an obvious milestone on my musical taste development, there were a few significant discoveries before that too – Alanis Morissette being an obvious one, but No Doubt deserve a mention too (I already mentioned my weakness for female vocalists right?). ‘Don’t Speak’ was everywhere, you couldn’t really miss it, and I liked it a lot. You can tell I played this album a lot as the case is in quite a state! I rarely listen to it now though and for some reason I lost interest in No Doubt and didn’t buy any more albums after this one. I still think this is a great album though, even if I rarely feel inclined to listen to it. I wasn’t aware of it being quite as ska as it is at the time though! Well, at the time I probably didn’t know what ska was – not that that’s a bad thing – music’s music and if you like it you like it, labels aside – it was just a ‘pop’ album to me, just like any other albums I liked at the time – ‘pop’ or ‘pop/rock’ were the generic labels I’d give to any music I liked. I guess I’m not that different now, except I’ll use ‘indie’ or ‘indie-pop’ as generic labels for anything I like, as ‘pop’ seemed to gain negative connotations during the whole bubblegum-pop period of the late 90s and early noughties. It’s more of a synonym for cheese and manufactured-crap now. Not that I’m adverse to a bit of cheese I have to say, but I’m generally not interested in what’s popular and in the charts. When I was younger I used to think it was sad that a lot of older people weren’t even aware of what was at number one and hoped that I wouldn’t lose that interest in popular music, but seemingly I’ve gotten old as I have no idea what’s at number one most of the time! I like to think this is more down to the state of the music industry than my ‘getting old’, but of course I’m going to say that! Anyway…
‘The Climb’ – I don’t even remember a lot of these songs! Weird considering I listened to the album quite a lot.

Ooh, changing subject here, but I just remembered I wanted to talk about my previous A-Z blog entry! It’s a shame more people don’t seem to have been inspired to check out Murry The Hump, but I said I’d be happy if just 1 person did and happily it sounds like Rachel’s trying to get hold of the album if infact she hasn’t done so already, so yay! 😀 Ok, back to No Doubt…

‘Don’t Speak’ – still a great song.

Mmm mmm mmm – no not the Crash Test Dummies song – I just opened a bag of honey roast cashews and peanuts! I wasn’t even aware that I’d ordered ‘honey roast’, but ah I’m not complaining – mega nice.

‘World Go ‘Round’ – Hmm, this album’s starting to drag a bit towards the end. I think it’s a couple of songs too long really. Maybe this one and ‘You Can Do It’.
‘Tragic Kingdom’ – probably my favourite song on the album. I remember thinking it was amazing at the time – I loved the changing styles and the way it speeds up at the end and er goes into the Star Wars theme! He he.

North Mississippi Allstars – Hill Country Revue (album promo)
I’ve never listened to this before I have to say. I won it through a radio competition, along with a few other albums – I think it was the competition on 6music where you have to guess the album cover from the kids drawing. Anyway, tis a live album, recorded at Bonnaroo in 2004. You can probably guess the style of the music just from the band and album name to be honest! I’m not adverse to a bit of country I have to say, though I generally prefer more folky/indie stuff with a country tinge than stuff that’s so old-school-country as this – although I don’t overtly dislike it or anything, it’s enjoyable enough, although I just realised this CD’s nearly an hour and 20 minutes long! I think the novelty might wear thin before then, but hey, it might encourage me to do some other stuff while it plays in the background – I’m far too inclined to just sit at the computer all day, especially on Saturdays when I often feel so drained. I was going to walk into town and pay a cheque in, which I do kinda need to do some time soon, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen today.
‘Boomer’s Story’ – Ok I’m definitely gonna go do something else for a bit while this album plays. I think I’ll play with my camera some more…

*a little while later* Ooh, it’s finished – it didn’t drag on as much as I thought it might actually. What’s next?…

Oasis – The Importance Of Being Idle (single)
Ah, the only Oasis CD I own! I’ve never been especially into Oasis, though I quite like the singles really, but this is the only one I’ve just had to buy – I really love this song.

OK Go – OK Go (album promo)
Love this album – the songs are so catchy and fun. I like the description on the promo sticker – “It’s Weezer meets The Cars with Beach Boy harmonies”. Fair description I’d say!
‘Don’t Ask Me’ – love this song particularly – about meeting up with an ex who pisses you off by acting all nice and asking you how you’ve been, he he – “don’t be so damn benign, don’t waste my fucking time”.
‘What To Do’ – I haven’t listened to this album as an actual album for ages, I just listen to the songs individually and I’d forgotten how strong an album it is – it’s pretty much an album of single-worthy songs. Love this one – “mediocre people do exceptional things all the time!”
‘Hello, My Treacherous Friends’ – Another favourite. It means the album’s nearly over though, which is a shame. Happily there’s still more OK Go to go! Hee.

OK Go – Oh No (album)
I haven’t listened to this album as much as the first one, but not because it’s not as good or anything – I’m really enjoying listening to it now. Granted I’m just on the first song (‘Invincible’), but tis fab!
‘Here It Goes Again’ – I liked this song anyway, but the video really made it!! One of the best videos ever. I remember first seeing it when I was staying at Melissa’s a couple of years ago and we were spellbound!
Hmm, I’m up to track 8 now and although I do really like this album, I think I prefer the debut. Maybe just because I’ve listened to it more though so know the songs better… I dunno.

OK Go – Get Over It (single)
‘Ant Music’ – love this cover!!
‘Bruise Grey’ – This is a great song too. I’d forgotten it was only a b-side infact. Not that b-sides are inferior anyway in my opinion – particularly not with most of my favourite bands.

OK Go – Don’t Ask Me (single promo)
Hmm, the ‘clean version’ – I don’t think I’ve actually listened to this before. Presumably they’ve just changed the “don’t waste my fucking time” bit – I’m intrigued as to what they’ve changed it to! Shall see… ah, the sound just dips out – fair enough – I think I prefer that to when they substitute some lame word that just doesn’t have the same effect.

OK I should probably get some food now and stuff before Eurovision! Woo!

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