A-Z: More Bluetones

Today’s been a bit pointless and lame really, but music makes everything better…

The Bluetones – A Rough Outline: The Singles & B-sides 95-03
I think the title explains what this collection of 3 CDs is!
‘Nifkin’s Bridge’ – I haven’t listened to this song much before, but wow it’s really beautiful. Must listen to it more!
I don’t really want to comment on most of these songs as have already heard a lot of them and quite a few of the others will come up again when I get to the actual singles!
‘Woman In Love’ – Love this cover! 😀
‘Move Closer’ – This is just bizarre. Is it Mark singing but just slowed down, so he sounds like Barry White?! I find it quite odd to listen to.

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  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    Great to see the A-Z migrate over here! Ah, the Bluetones are fabulous, aren’t they? It always annoys me that they’re often seen as the punchline to some sort of Britpop joke, along with the likes of Menswear and Shed Seven (who, if I’m honest I also have a certain fondness for) when I genuinely think they’re so much more than that. They wrote some of the finest pop songs of the 90s and 00s, Tracks like Bluetonic, After Hours, Slight Return, Cut Some Rug and Solomon Bites The Worm, are just great. There’s something really instant about their tracks, but at the same time you can be rewarded for repeated listens too. I’m lucky enough to have a ticket for Mark Morriss’ pledgers only gig next month and I can’t wait!

    • Chantal says:

      Oh wow, awesome! I’m one of the pledgers for his new album, but couldn’t buy into any of the gig/music quiz things due to not being in the country. I hope you have an ace time.

      And yeah, there are lots of Britpop-era bands that are really underrated and have been forgotten about far too easily. Not by me though! 🙂

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