A-Z: Melys – Freddie Mercury

A-Zing on a Tuesday? Oh my!

Melys – Chinese Whispers (single)
Probably Melys’ best known song? I already mentioned the Festive 50 topping! 😀

Melys – So Good (single)

Melys – Eyeliner (single)
You know I said that the album version’s different to the single? I’m not sure that it is now, as this version also sounds slightly different to the one I’m used to listening to! :-/ I did originally download the version I’ve got on MP3 so I guess that must be why! I can’t remember where I downloaded it from though. Very odd. I’m sure this version’s slightly slower… Ah, whatever! The few of you reading this don’t really care do you? Nooo didn’t think so! ;-P
‘I Can’t Stop This (Even If I Wanted To)’ – Love this. I’m not sure how well I can describe it for those of you who haven’t heard it though. Basically it starts off with 1 lyric which is then sung over and over again. After the first time it’s joined by a 2nd lyric over the top though, which also then goes over and over again. A 3rd one then comes in too and then a fourth and the music builds and builds. Quite a simple idea I guess but done really well.

Melys – Suikerspin (Dutch import)
See Joop, I do have it!! ;-P As described on the case ‘a collection of old and new tracks’. And a damn good collection it is too! If you’re not familiar with Melys and you want a CD that’s going to be a good introduction to the band then I’d definitely recommend this one. Great mix of older and newer singles, album tracks and b-sides. Hey it’s worth it even just for the fabness that is ‘I Don’t Believe In You’ which aside from this release was only available on a split 7″ single with a song by Dutch band Seedling (which I naturally have too). It’s funny, my favourite 2 Melys singles are probably I Don’t Believe In You and Un Darllenwr Lwcus – both of which were released between albums and therefore didn’t make it onto one. They’re both on here though! Have I sold this to you all yet? 😉

Freddie Mercury – The Freddie Mercury Album (album – duh!)
Wow, I haven’t listened to this as an album in a looooong time!! I don’t want to talk too much about Queen at the moment as I’ll leave that until I get to Q! For now I’ll just say that I’m a big Queen fan, incase anyone reading this is somehow unaware of that! I can’t remember when exactly I got this album but it was some time in my teens in the middle of building up my Queen album collection. Naturally I loved it and listened to it loads! At some point I went off it a bit though and didn’t listen to it for a few years. It’s a mix of original songs and covers and generally it’s not as strong as a typical Queen album I don’t think, but there are some great songs on it. There are some that I’ll listen to a lot again now and others that I rarely listen to! One of my favourite memories of this album is when I was on a bus and I could hear the muffled sound of the music that the person next to me was listening to on headphones – after a couple of tracks it was obvious he was listening to The Freddie Mercury Album! I nearly tapped him on the shoulder and commended him on his fine musical taste but didn’t want to be branded a ‘bus travelling weirdo’! 😉
‘The Great Pretender’ – Great cover and one of the best songs on the album I reckon.
‘Time’ – Originally from Time the Musical, which I’ve never seen but would quite like to if it features songs like this. This was probably my instant favourite on the album actually. I don’t listen to it so often now as I’m slightly more aware of the cheese factor it has, so don’t find it quite as moving as I used to, though it is a great song.
‘In My Defence’ – The other song from Time the Musical and definitely one of my favourites on the album!! Probably joint favourite with ‘Mr Bad Guy’. Yeah it is very musical-y, but I like musicals so that’s all cool. It’s less cheesy than ‘Time’ and I find it really moving actually. “I’m just a singer with a song. How can I try to right the wrong?”
‘Mr Bad Guy’ – A Freddie original. And hoorah tis fab! It’s probably the darkest (if that’s the right word) and definitely the rockiest song on the album. Oh yeah. And I’ve always loved the lyric “can’t you see, I’m Mr Mercury”! Because he is!! What? I was about 15 or 16 – that was pleasing to me. I liked “spread your wings and fly away with me” too as it obviously makes you think of the Queen song ‘Spread Your Wings’. I was easily pleased by stuff like that. Hell, I still am, let’s face it!
‘Let’s Turn It On’ – I haven’t listened to this for ages but am really enjoying it. It definitely makes you want to dance – I’m bopping about in my seat.
‘Living On My Own’ – I remember being quite surprised when I first realised this was a Freddie song. I recognised it from hearing it on the radio and stuff at the time, though it must have been just a bit before I got into Queen.
‘Barcelona’ – I don’t need to say anything about this right? If you’re not familiar with it already then where the hell have you been?? I rarely listen to it these days, but hey it’s always a good excuse to put on your best (or worst) opera voice and have a good warble!! 😀

Ok, I don’t think I’m gonna fit in all of the next CD before the Dave Gorman thing’s on that I want to watch on More4 so I shall stop for tonight 🙂

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