A-Z: McAlmont & Butler – Tom McRae

It’s 2008 and I’m still A-Zing! When did I start actually?? *checks* Woah, 16th October 2006! Has it really been that long? And I’m only up to ‘M’?!!!! Man. I better get a move on if I ever want to finish it!!

McAlmont & Butler – The Sound Of… (album)
There’s something really uplifting about the sound of David McAlmont’s almost-gospel-like voice over the top of Bernard’s unmistakeable guitar sounds.
‘Yes’ – Probably the best known McAlmont & Butler song? It definitely was before they split up for the first time anyway! ‘Falling’ might be better known now, I’m not sure.
I’m not going to say too much about this album as I really need to do other things at the same time, but I’m really enjoying listening to it. Naturally I got into McAlmont & Butler due to being a Suede fan and therefore a Bernard Butler fan! I saw them live once, though it was as part of a charity gig thing so they just played 2 or 3 songs – they were great though, of course. I really need to get ‘Bring It Back’.

McAlmont & Butler – Falling (single promo)
My favourite M&B song! Love it! I found a performance of it from Graham Norton’s show on YouTube a little while ago – I might put that on my MySpace profile for a while. I remember watching it and getting all excited to see that Mako had played drums with M&B as well as The Tears. Yes, that’s all it takes to excite me. I’ve seen Mako in the crowd at Brett’s solo gigs too 🙂

McAlmont & Butler – Falling (single)

McAlmont & Butler – Bring It Back (single) CD1

Sarah McLachlan – Surfacing (album)
I haven’t listened to this album in ages! I got into Sarah when I heard ‘Angel’ on the film ‘City Of Angels’. That’s still my favourite song of hers actually. She’s also surely the queen of writing songs that get used on shippy fanvids! I became aware of it within X-Files fandom, but I’m sure it happens in others too. Infact I just tried searching for ‘x-files sarah mclachlan’ on YouTube and up popped 13 vids. Hee.

Mclusky – Who You Know / Love Song For A Mexican (single)
I got this single free with another one from Boobytrap when I bought a few singles on Sebon some time last year. I listened to it the once to see if I liked it, but it’s not really my kinda thing to be honest – too shouty. It’s alright, I kinda enjoy it, but like I said it’s just a bit *too* shouty. A bit of shouting can work, but there’s a line beyond which I kinda lose interest and this just goes over the line sadly.

Tom McRae – All Maps Welcome (album)
I actually pre-ordered this album before it was released (which was in 2005). I’d been meaning to buy one of Tom’s albums for ages, but would always get tempted by other things instead. So when I got an e-mail telling me that all pre-ordered copies would be autographed, I figured I’d finally get myself a Tom McRae album 🙂 So yes, tis signed – for some reason this means you get 2 copies of the inlay – 1 which is signed and 1 that isn’t. I think I’ve only listened to the full album once before, though I have the songs on my playlist. For anyone unfamiliar with Tom, he’s quite an introspective singer/songwriter – most of his songs have quite a melancholic tinge to them! There’s a nice richness to the sound though and a good atmosphere.

Tom McRae – Karaoke Soul (single) CD1
My favourite Tom McRae song! Just as well as I bought all 3 of the singles due to getting a slipcase to put them in! CD3’s just got the video on though, so I won’t be playing that as part of my A-Z.

Tom McRae – Karaoke Soul (single) CD2

That’ll do for today I think. Melys are coming up next though, so I’m looking forward to that 🙂

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