A-Z: Mansun – Marcy Playground

Mansun – Take It Easy Chicken (single) aka ‘Two EP’
Mansun numbering their singles makes it easy to tell which ones I’m still missing! ‘One EP’ obviously being one of those. I’m sure I’ll get it at some point. I look on Ebay now and again and can often find it, but haven’t actually managed to buy one yet, basically because I don’t want to pay much for it! Anyway, enough about the CDs I don’t have! All the songs on this EP are great. My particular favourite though has to be ‘Drastic Sturgeon’!! Love love love that song. I had it set as the ringtone on my phone when I moved to Cardiff, so I heard it quite a few times that day as the removal people kept phoning me and stuff. So yes, it will now forever be associated with my moving here, which isn’t a bad thing at all.
‘The Greatest Pain’ – I haven’t actually listened to this song that much, but it’s great isn’t it?! I should listen to it more, definitely.

Mansun – Stripper Vicar (single) aka ‘Three EP’ CD2
I’d forgotten I was still missing CD1 actually. Anyway, some more brilliant b-sides here! Although that should go without saying really. Mansun are definitely one of those bands whose b-sides are just as good (if not better in some cases) as their other songs. One of the b-sides on this CD is the brilliant ‘An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter’. “The lyrics aren’t supposed to mean that much. They’re just a vehicle for a lovely voice”.
‘No One Knows Us’ – I can’t listen to this song without thinking of Heather and Charlotte’s dog!! It’s all about ‘Scruffy’! Hee hee.

Mansun – She Makes My Nose Bleed (single) aka ‘Five EP’ CD1
Hmm, I don’t have either of the Wide Open Space singles! I’m missing more than I thought. Damn. I think my collection’s complete from this point onwards though…ah yes, well, except I’m randomly missing CD2 of Electric Man!

Off-topic now – I must try not to end up *only* doing this today! There are quite a few things I need/want to do, if I can remember what they are…
– order things from Argos
– write a letter and cheque for my annual e-mail subscription. Usually I can pay for this online, but they’ve been upgrading things for almost a year now and the online payment’s unavailable!! Personally I think it’s taking the piss to ask people to still pay a subscription when the e-mail service has been ‘temporary’ for most of the past year!! But hey, I need to keep that e-mail address, so what can I do? I might mention something in my letter though.
– Dye my hair (nothing drastic, I’m just a bit bored with it and fancy a nicer, richer, slightly redder brown colour. I’ve dyed it that kinda colour before and people generally don’t even notice! I was tempted to dye it ‘plum’ again, but thought maybe that wasn’t best when I haven’t been in my new job that long! It is a bit more drastic and unconventional. I did like having it that colour though)
– Wash some clothes and maybe even do some ironing (*yawn*)
– Keep an eye on all the Ebay auctions I’m watching that end today. They’re all articles of clothing. I shall keep you updated on my winnings/losings!
– Reply to people about my housewarming weekend. I’ve heard back from a few people now, which is cool. Mostly people who can’t make it sadly, but at least I know it’s nothing personal!!

I think they’re the main things. I should really get some brunch right about now – my stomach’s rumbling.

Mansun – She Makes My Nose Bleed (single) aka ‘Five EP’ CD2
‘The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail’ – How many Mansun songs mention Jesus? It must be quite a few. It’s interesting as I don’t think of them as a particularly religious band, but it’s definitely a recurring theme. Infact Jesus makes an appearance in the video for ‘Fool’!! Ha ha. I’m not quite sure how they got away with that – it could definitely be seen as blasphemous. Granted I’ve never actually seen it on TV – I first saw it when I bought ‘Legacy’.

Mansun – Taxlo$$ (single) CD1

Mansun – Taxlo$$ (single) CD2
‘Ski Jump Nose (Live)’ – This is cool as it also merges in bits of ‘The Chad Who Loved Me’ and ‘An Open Letter…’ 🙂
‘Wide Open Space (Acoustic)’ – I love Mansun’s acoustic versions of songs, they’re brilliant.

Mansun – Closed For Business (single) aka ‘Seven EP’ CD1
‘K.I.Double.S.I.N.G’ – Such a simple and silly song, but I really like it.

End of Ebay Auction #1 – Tis mine! Groovy.

Mansun – Closed For Business (single) aka ‘Seven EP’ CD2
‘Dark Mavis (Acoustic)’ – Ah, this is one of my favourites of the acoustic versions!! “His tights are nylon, his nails by Revlon…”

Ok, I’m going to take a little break now and dye my hair. First I need to find my towel that’s already covered in hair dye… ok, here goes…

Right, it’s currently ‘developing’ on my head. I might as well listen to another single while I’m waiting.

Mansun – Legacy (single) aka ‘Eight EP’ CD1
The video for Legacy is my other favourite of Mansun’s 😀

Ok, hair done. I can’t quite tell what the colour’s like yet, as it’s still wet, but I’ll probably take a photo later when it’s dry!

Mansun – Legacy (single) aka ‘Eight EP’ CD2

Mansun – Being A Girl (Part One) (single) aka ‘Nine EP’ CD1

My hair’s pretty much dry now and it’s a bit darker and more red than I was expecting, but not in a bad way. It’s not hugely different from when I died it plum! Although it’s not quite *that* dark and it’s hopefully a bit more natural looking!! Plus it’ll fade as I wash it as it’s only a temporary colour anyway. Photo to follow.

Mansun – Being A Girl (Part One) (single) aka ‘Nine EP’ CD2

Mansun – Negative (single) aka ‘Ten EP’ CD1
‘King Of Beauty’ – I don’t even recognise this song! I’ll have to check it’s on my playlist. I think it is, I just obviously haven’t listened to it much. I do have a tendency to just listen to the same songs a lot of the time, as I like to be able to sing along! Unfamiliar songs have to fight their way into my repetoir!!

Mansun – Negative (single) aka ‘Ten EP’ CD2

Mansun – Six (single) aka ‘Eleven EP’ CD1
‘Church Of The Drive Thru Elvis’ – Definitely one of my favourite Mansun songs! Quite possibly the one I listen to most often infact (yep, last.fm confirms this!). It’s just really beautiful and moving, despite the comedic sounding name!

Mansun – Six (single) aka ‘Eleven EP’ CD2

End of Ebay auctions #2 and #3 – 2 new bras are now mine! Huzzah.

Mansun – I Can Only Disappoint U (single promo)

I interrupt this A-Z to bring you a gratuitous photo of me and my newly coloured hair!

Fittingly I’m wearing my Mansun top today. And I only ever seem to wear those trousers when they match the colour of my hair!! Don’t know why. But yeah, I feel very rock chick when my hair’s darker – it’s interesting. I feel more rebellious and naughty too! Hee hee. You’ve got to watch us quiet ones.

Mansun – I Can Only Disappoint U (single) CD1
Fab b-sides! Infact all 4 of the ‘I Can Only Disappoint U’ b-sides are great.

Mansun – I Can Only Disappoint U (single) CD2

Mansun – Electric Man (single) CD1
The first Mansun CD I bought. The fact that I loved the b-sides too definitely helped my general interest in Mansun and increased my desire to buy ‘Little Kix’.

Mansun – Fool (single) CD1
‘I’ve Seen The Top Of The Mountain’ – Brilliant song. I’d forgotten it was on this single though – I’d have guessed it was on an earlier one. Some of my favourite Mansun b-sides are actually on their last few singles!
‘Promises’ – I haven’t listened to this in ages actually – maybe partly because I associate it with my Dad and Step-Mum’s divorce, though I’d also just forgotten how great it is.

Mansun – Fool (single) CD2
Ah, 2 brilliant b-sides again!! Infact I possibly prefer the b-sides from Little Kix to quite a few of the album tracks!

The Rockview Interviews: An Interview With Mansun
An interview with Paul, recorded in 1997. I’d forgotten it had a random free plectrum inside!! It’s a good interview – quite interesting. I like the bit about the British press and how they’re more interested in your haircut than your music. Aw and he praises Suede! I’d forgotten that. And he slags off Kula Shaker! Ah, even more kudos! Hee hee. When’s he finally going to release some solo material? All seems to have gone quiet there lately.

Stomach’s rumbling again – time for dinner I guess! Seeing as I forgot to get anything out to defrost yesterday, I think I have the choice of chicken kiev, chicken kiev or chicken kiev. I think I’ll have the chicken! Mmmm, tastes of humans sir. I need to watch Back To The Future with dinner, just so I can see what on earth Ben’s talking about re Statue Of A Fool. It’s just as well I have the trilogy on DVD!

*a couple of hours later*

Ebay auction #4 – I got outbid on this one sadly.

Marcy Playground – Marcy Playground (album)
I discovered Marcy Playground really randomly when I came across a Smallville / Sorority Boys music video to ‘Sex And Candy’. It was sleazy and fun and rather catchy (the song that is. Though the video was too! If not more so…). I downloaded it on MP3 and it was my most listened to track on last.fm for ages. Infact it’s still at number 6! I bought this album on Ebay not too long after. It’s a good fun enjoyable album. The whole thing’s only about 35 minutes long, yet it manages to fit in 12 songs, so the tracks tend to fly by.
‘Poppies’ – I probably like this even more than ‘Sex And Candy’ now. Great song!
‘The Vampires Of New York’ – Wow, the last track already! It really does fly by. Much better than dragging on though!!

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