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Kylie Minogue – Kylie Minogue (album)
Ah, Kylie. My first real musical love! I grew up at the time when it was all about Kylie & Jason – whether musically or in Neighbours! Generally both! Checking a discography on Wikipedia I see that her debut album was released when I was 7 or 8. I remember having it on vinyl (along with most of her singles) and having my bedroom walls covered in Kylie and Jason posters. I also got her 2nd and 3rd albums on vinyl, though remember getting her 4th album (Let’s Get To It) on cassette (ooh the technological non-advances!). That was released when I was about 11 and I remember that most of my friends had lost interest in her by this point really. I’ve always been quite loyal to artists/bands though and I really liked Let’s Get To It. There was then a 3 year gap between albums though and this one was released in 1994. The difference between being 11 and 14 though is quite big and I was no longer really into Kylie at that point – I’d moved on to Queen! So yeah, I didn’t buy this album at the time. Infact at some point I actually sold most of my Kylie stuff. I kept a few random vinyl singles, though sold the albums. Ditto my Jason Donovan ones! I wish I’d known at the time that nostalgia’s a strange thing and that I’d regret selling them. I’d still really like to get those old albums again actually. I’m not fussed about her more recent stuff, but the old stuff has sentimental value. I’ve got a few songs downloaded, but the only album I’ve bought on Ebay thus far has been this one! Yep, one that I didn’t even own at the time. I was just intrigued to hear it really. I haven’t actually listened to it much. It’s alright, but not as good as I was kinda hoping for. ‘Confide In Me’ is a brilliant song though! Quite possibly her best infact. I’d like to get ‘Impossible Princess’ too though, as that’s her supposedly ‘indie’ album, with James Dean Bradfield collaborations and such like.
‘Put Yourself In My Place’ – this is a really good song too actually.
‘Dangerous Game’ – ooh, I really like this too.

Minuteman – Resigned To Life (album promo)
Full-length album promo. I can’t remember how I got into Minuteman now. I know I saw them support Suede, but I was already a fan before that. Jim Dare has since played guitar for some of Brett Anderson’s solo gigs too and wow, he’s one amazing guitarist!! This is a great album too 🙂
‘Quality Time’ – Hee hee, I like that this song acknowledges Diagnosis Murder!!

Minuteman – Words Fail Me Now (single promo)

Minuteman – 5000 Minutes Of Pain (single)

Minuteman – Big Boy / Mother Fixation (single)
As you can tell, I can’t really think of much to say about these songs! They’re all good, though I don’t have any particular memories or anything associated with them. Plus I’m a bit distracted by my dribbling nose at the minute. I’ve had this cold on and off since about September! I never used to be so prone to colds. I think I need to build up immunity to the Welsh bugs and germs!

Modest Mouse – Good News For People Who Love Bad News (album)
This is only the 2nd time I’ve listened to this album actually. I bought it some time last year from Fopp in Cardiff when I was here for a job interview with the Welsh Refugee Council! I didn’t get the job but bought lots of cheap CDs, so I’d still count that a successful trip! 😉 It’s a shame Fopp’s shut down now though.
‘Ocean Breathes Salty’ – I think this is probably my fave Modest Mouse song 🙂
‘Bukowski’ – really like this one too
I’m not really sure what to say about this album overall. All the songs are good, but it’s not an album that especially stands out or anything – not to me at least. I prefer hearing the songs pop up randomly on my playlist, mingled in among other things, rather than all together as an album.
‘This Devil’s Workday’ – hee hee, this is a pretty cool and unusual song actually. The style of songs on this album’s quite interesting – there’s a good use of brass instruments.

Modest Mouse – Float On (single)
Another member of Chantal’s 2004 Singles Collection!!
‘I’ve Got It All (Most)’ – I’d forgotten this was a b-side actually. Like it a lot.

Modest Mouse – Ocean Breathes Salty (single)
And another from 2004!

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