A-Z: Joy Zipper – Kenickie

As I’ll be needing to pack my CDs soon, I thought I’d try and fit in a bit of A-Zing while I have the chance.

Joy Zipper – Out Of The Sun (single)
My fave Joy Zipper song 🙂

Joy Zipper – 1 (promo single)
Unrelated to this song, but I’d forgotten how satisfying it is to package boxes up with parcel tape! I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon, but still – box number 1 (hey, it does relate to the song!) packed and ready to go.

Joy Zipper – 1 (single)

Kaiser Chiefs – Employment (album)
The limited edition version that comes in a box with play money and a bonus CD and stuff 🙂
‘Born To Be A Dancer’ – It took me a while to realise why a lyric about being born to be a dancer sounded so familiar. It’s in a song in Bugsy Malone isn’t it? Wow, I haven’t seen that film in years. I’ve got it on video somewhere. It reminds me of when we did it as a school play in year 6 (though it wasn’t called ‘year 6’ back in those days). I’ve got that on video somewhere too!! Ha ha. Might have to dig that out and copy it to DVD. Acting wise I’m only in it very briefly, as a magician in the audition scene. I seem to remember my voice being really high and squeaky. I was in the orchestra too though and remember being proud that I was playing on every single song. My favourite was playing the big bass xylophone on the Down & Out song 🙂 Strange the things that stick in your head isn’t it? That was one of the most coveted instruments to play, along with the keyboards, which I’d play quite often too. Did other primary schools have orchestras, or was this something fairly unique at mine?? It was mostly just keyboards, glocks, xylophones and random percussion, playing along with Mrs Bowman on piano, but it was great fun! Aw I’m getting strangely nostalgic for when I was about 10!! How odd. I’m so gonna dig out the Bugsy Malone video, that’ll be hilarious. Anyway, back to talking about the Kaiser Chiefs album, which er I haven’t really have I? Tis a great album – full of really catchy songs. Practically every song could be a single really!

Kaiser Chiefs – Oh My God (single)
The song that got me into the Kaiser Chiefs. I caught the video on TV and went ‘ooooh, me like’. I think it was quite likely my most listened to song from 2005.

Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I Love You Less And Less (single) CD1

Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I Love You Less And Less (single) CD2

Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I Love You Less And Less (single) (Dutch release)
A present from Joop 🙂

Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot / Sink That Ship (single)

Kaylan – Nights On The Round Table (album)
Another of my Dad’s previous band names. The one that preceded us forming Subaphotic infact.
‘Angel Fires’ – A song that William will mention now and again. Was it just the name-sharing with the web-hosting site that made it memorable?! I haven’t listened to this song in ages actually. It still sounds good, but I think the improvement in Dad’s production since then is more obvious than I thought it would be. It’s really interesting.
‘Life’s A Breeze’ – The original version. Less ‘polished’ than the John Ratcliffe produced version, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think I might prefer this version actually. It feels more…real, if you know what I mean. Plus hey, isn’t that me playing the maracas?? I’d forgotten about that. I definitely prefer this version then! Ha ha. Just looking in the sleeve notes now and I see the album was recorded between June 2003 and March 2004. I do indeed play maracas, plus I play flute at some point and am also credited with ‘additional chat’, hee hee – I’ll talk about that when I get to that song.
‘Cold Village’ – This has some great bits in it! I should rip these songs, I don’t think they’re on my playlist.
‘Peppermint Ragamuffin’ – Hee hee, one of my favourite titles. Inspired by a woman we drove past in Stourport. I think she was wearing a stripey jumper or something and looked a bit scruffy, but a bit of a character. Dad described her as a ‘peppermint ragamuffin’, then decided that needed to be a song! “The peppermint ragamuffin is on my street. She dances in cool oblivion and tantalises freedom”.
‘Full Phil’ – Ah, the song with the ‘additional chat’! Really like this song. It ends with Dad and I chatting about random nonsense and laughing and stuff in the background. Specifically I seem to remember us talking about the ‘Live Forever’ documentary we’d recently watched and about Damon Albarn and his ukulele. Is this the track with the flute on too? I think it is, though it’s pretty brief.
‘Out Of The Mirror’ – Really like this track too. It’s really catchy. 🙂
‘King Arthur’s Caught’ – This is really good too. So yeah, overall a few songs sound a little dated now, but tis still a good album 🙂

Kaylan – Mood’s Wings (promo album)
I’m calling it a promo as I’m assuming it preceded the album and just has some of the tracks on. I shall stick it in and find out… aha, correct! Just 6 tracks. Including one that seemingly didn’t make it onto the album in the end – ‘Playing Fields’.
‘Playing Fields’ – I don’t remember this at all. Really nice though! Don’t know why it didn’t make it onto the album – maybe it just didn’t fit in right. It’s about 6 minutes long and there are already a few other fairly long songs on the album, including the 8-minute original version of ‘Ice In The Waterfall’.

Kaylan – Mood’s Wings (album)
Ooh, the songs sound much meatier than they did on the sampler. Me like. This album was released in 2004, should you be interested in such info.
‘Chill’ – Fab song.
‘Bygones’ – I’d recently introduced Dad to Ally McBeal 😉
‘The Child’ – Brilliant song. Plus flute! Woo. I’m so easily pleased.
Mmmm, really enjoyed that album!

Kaylan – No Eye Dear (album)
Really been looking forward to this album – tis great! Maybe I’m a little biased, but I don’t care! Technically recorded and released as Kaylan, but then kinda became the first Subaphotic album too.
‘Stript’ – Love this song. So funky. And one of the few we’ve actually worked out a live version of. We really need to do more of that. I really like playing the keyboard part for this.
‘On Another Level’ – Another of my faves. 🙂 The vocals are great and I love the lyrics. “On another level I’m asleep and this is the dream”.
‘Wondrous Kiss’ – Reworking of a fairly old song. Think it was a Sinaptic Gap one – will find out when I get to ‘S’ I guess, though that won’t be for a while! Very ’80s sounding, but hopefully in a good way. Yes, that is actually possible.
‘Life’s A Breeze’ – I know I said that I preferred the original version, but hearing this version now really makes me smile. Final verdict: both are great in different ways. Ever the diplomat. Or just indecisive. You decide – I can’t.

Ok, I’m gonna have some dinner now and watch Bugsy Malone – the Bellgate School version, hee hee hee.

*time passes*

I hadn’t watched that for years!! Hi-la-ri-ous!! Shame I haven’t got the Cavendish school plays on video – I’d love to watch those again. I always meant to get copies of them, but never did. Shame. Although I do still remember the Bored Girls rap from Our Day Out! Ha ha.

Anyway, back to the music…

Kaylan – Life’s A Breeze / Wondrous Kiss (single)

Keane – Somewhere Only We Know (single)
I’m almost ashamed to own this! I blame Oobtubers!! I remember a few people on the Oobtube (Ooberman forum for those uninitiated) saying they liked Keane, at a time when they were still pretty unknown, so I decided I’d check them out by buying one of their singles should I come across one. This was the next one to be released, so I bought it. I quite enjoyed it really – it is quite a good song – nothing amazing like, but enjoyable. However it turned out to be the song that really made them big – they were suddenly everywhere and being hailed as the new best thing. This kinda annoyed me, as there were so many other bands I thought were more deserving of it. I lump them in that same kinda category now as bands like Coldplay – ‘dull’, basically. Not offensive (other than in levels of dullness) but not exciting. I can enjoy bands that are like that, but not when they’re hyped up as being something amazing. So yeah, this was my first and last Keane purchase!!! And yeah it was in 2004.
Although I don’t mind ‘Somewhere Only We Know’, I’m getting a bit bored of the b-sides already. To distract me slightly I think I’ll change the YouTube video on my MySpace profile… it will now by the video for Hawksley Workman – Jealous Of Your Cigarette. Love that song. And you’ve gotta watch the random dancing blokes behind Hawksley in the video! Fab. 😀
Oh good the CD’s finished now. Onto something much more fun…

Kenickie – At The Club (album)
Woo! Punky, glittery, guitary, girly, ’90s fun.

I’m trying to pack at the same time as doing this, but I keep getting distracted by things I’m finding. I just found an old school book from year 7, when I was nearly 12. We had to write about what we thought we’d be like in 10 years time. Yes, at that ripe of old ages – nearly-22!! At the age of nearly-12, 22 obviously sounded soooo grown up. Soooo, how much of it is actually true now I’m at the even-riper (rotten?) age of nearly-27?? Lets see…
I will let my hair grow naturally so it is very long. – I’m not sure how you let your hair grow unnaturally, but no it isn’t being-able-to-sit-on-it length. Thank god.
I will not wear any make-up except lipstick. – What was that about? I’m actually the opposite really – I never wear lipstick!!
I will only put on other make-up if it is a special occasion. – I don’t wear much make-up on a day-to-day basis, but that’s still not technically true.
I will be a librarian and in the spare time I have I will write childrens stories. – I’m not a librarian and don’t write childrens stories. I do like to write fiction now and again and would really like to write a novel some day (if I can harness the self-discipline), but alas I can’t classify that statement as being true.
I will not be married. – Hey, that one’s correct!!!
I will not have children either. – I’m on a roll!
I will not smoke. – Random thing to mention, but still true.
I will live in the South of Wales in a biggish house by myself. – Well, I’ll very soon be living in the South of Wales!! Ok so not in a ‘biggish house’, but a reasonably sized flat, which is close enough. And yes, by myself, as I live now.
I will be slightly rich by being a librarian. – I’ve always been rather on the optimistic side!
I will have a car. My car will be a Rolls Royce. – Ha ha ha ha ha, from doing so well it suddenly goes downhill!!
I will try to make friends with people and be friendly. – I hope that’s true!
I will go on a world cruise on a big ferry. – *giggles* I assume I mean a cruise ship or something. Sadly, as I’m not a rich librarian with a Rolls Royce, I haven’t quite managed the world cruise yet!!
I will go to the cinema at least once a month. – No, I don’t manage that either. I’d like to, but it’s so damn expensive! Going to see the Simpsons movie on Wednesday though 🙂
I will visit the rest of my family at least every 2 months. – Bless. I don’t manage to see them all as often as that I have to say.
I will have 2 kittens. – I saw myself being a crazy single cat lady!! I do love cats, but alas I don’t have that ‘biggish house’ to keep them in 😉
I will have a big garden with a greenhouse. – I like that I specify a greenhouse! No mention of actually using it – I think I just wanted to have one. But yeah, this obviously isn’t true.
I will stay in touch with my friends from school – I’m still in touch with quite a few, happily.
I will sell the Beanos I have collected since I was 6 or 7 and they will be worth quite a bit of money. – I’m actually quite sad that I don’t know what happened to all my old Beanos. They were stored somewhere and I never saw them again. I thought they were up in the attic at my Mum’s, but apparently not. Maybe they were in the garage and got ruined and they didn’t want to tell me or something! But yeah I had loads – including the one where my letter got printed 🙂
I will go to pop concerts. – Hmm, I think I might have been right there.
I will try to be healthy, fit and slim. – Hmm. I hope I’m healthy, I reckon I’m slim, but I’m not sure about the fit part!!
I will do exercises every day. – Ha ha ha, no. Although if I can count my walking to and from work, then I guess I almost do!
I will visit museums etc at least once every two months. – No I don’t. Though I like that I wanted to stay cultural. I really should go to places like that more often. They’re more fun with other people though really.
I will go to either my Mum or Dad’s house every Christmas. – That is still true, yes. I’m still alternating from when they got divorced.
I will visit my sister every Easter. – I obviously didn’t want to miss her out! Strangely I don’t go see her every Easter (*lol*) – what a random idea.
After my world cruise I will go abroad once a year on either a ferry or an aeroplane – well, I do generally find those are the best ways of going abroad!! Ha ha. Obviously this was in the days before the Channel Tunnel – which I still haven’t been on actually. And again it’s a very nice thought that I could afford to go abroad every year, but sadly tis not the case.
I will wear high heeled shoes. – What a random final statement. And again way off the mark! Not that I *never* wear high heeled shoes, but it is quite unusual these days. I like to be comfortable and to be able to walk fast, so flat shoes are much more me.

But yes, pretty amusing. And surprisingly insightful in places. I wonder if I can find anything else amusing in this book…hee hee hee there’s a story called ‘when I was a banana’. I’m not typing all that up! It’s funny though, but rather morbid!! My Mum peels my skin off and makes part of me into a sandwich! I manage to avoid getting eaten though and instead am trodden on to the bottom of my Dad’s shoe! Nice! Thankfully I become human again at the end, complete with the oh-so-handy limbs, but yeah, warped. I should really stop reading this nonsense and get back to packing.

Kenickie – Stay In The Sun (single) CD1

Nothing to do with Kenickie – infact it’s to do with Brett Anderson. Fiona just sent me a copy of the photo Zig took before the Union Chapel gig the other week. 🙂 Me, Fiona and Suse:

Great gig.

Ok, packing…enthusiasm…right…

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