A-Z: Joan Osborne – Kendall Payne

Joan Osborne – Relish (album)
I got this album at the same time as Alanis Morissette’s ‘Jagged Little Pill’ as I’d heard Alanis’ ‘Ironic’ and Joan’s ‘One Of Us’ on the radio and loved them both. My favourite at the time actually was ‘One Of Us’, so I was actually looking forward to Joan’s album the most. However, I wasn’t actually that impressed and have either only listened to this album once, or at the most, twice! Jagged Little Pill on the other hand I loved and listened to endlessly and I’d now definitely rank ‘Ironic’ far higher than ‘One Of Us’. However, I’ve since heard that Joan’s album’s actually pretty good, so maybe I was unfair to it at the time, or maybe I’ll appreciate it more now that my tastes have changed a bit. Like I said, I haven’t listened to it since I first got it, which was about 12 years ago!! So looking forward to listening to it now…
‘St. Teresa’ – Hmm, I can kinda see why this album wasn’t what I was expecting – it’s quite a different style to the more radio-friendly ‘One Of Us’. I do quite like it now though.
‘Pensacola’ – Yeah ok I definitely get why I didn’t take to this album when I was about 16. I was into more pop-rock type stuff whereas it’s quite difficult to describe the style of these songs – there’s a folky almost-country edge to them, but they’re quite different too. I quite like them now, though they still don’t blow me away or anything.
‘Spider Web’ – I think the album’s getting more into its stride now.
‘Let’s Just Get Naked’ – He he, yeah I like this one too. Infact I think this might have been the only one I took to when I first got the album! Ha ha.
‘Help Me’ – Ok, now the album’s starting to drag a little. I just noticed it’s over an hour long!
‘Crazy Baby’ – ooh dear the CD’s having issues – it’s stopping and starting. Is that what happens if you don’t play one for 12 years? Oh, it’s totally stopped now. And the last track won’t play at all! That’s a bit annoying. Oh well, onto the next…

Mark Owen – Makin’ Out (single)
Yes I own a Mark Owen CD – feel free to mock me I don’t care! 😛 I liked Take That back in the day and Mark was always my favourite. I think this was released just after he’d done Celeb BB. It’s another of my 2004 singles collection!! I should really count all my 2004 singles some time, just to scare myself! I don’t listen to these songs that often, but I do quite like them.

Parallel – Universe (album)
Ah, one of my Dad’s previous band names. This album was apparently recorded 1994-5, though the ‘CD release’ came in 1998. I haven’t listened to most of these songs for years, so should be fun. Apparently I play the piano on something – probably just the one song, though I doubt I’ll be able to remember which!
‘Cooking On Gas’ – Ooh, this is really interesting. Although in some ways it’s quite obvious straight away that both his playing and definitely his production have improved a lot since these days, the song still stands up pretty well to be honest. And ha ha it mentions “gasoline” and “kerosene” and “electricity” – it’s like he was channelling Brett Anderson! It was in the days before either of us were aware of Suede though. Funny.
‘ECT’ – This was re-recorded a little while ago as a Subaphotic song, so it’s quite weird listening to this version now. The song itself isn’t much different, but the newer version’s much beefier.
Hmm, I’m thinking this might be more a compilation of songs rather than an album, as I remember some of them much better than others and think they might have been released on other things first. Plus there are 16 tracks, which is quite long for an album, though the total running time’s less than the Joan Osborne one! Ha ha. Ah, yep, just looked at a couple of old cassettes that have some of these songs on so it must have been more of a compilation to get the songs on CD rather than just cassette. Cool.
‘Over’ – Ooh, I really like the intro to this.
It’s a shame I haven’t got the Parallel album ‘Lines’ on CD -I might have to get Dad to do that for me some time. Or I could do it myself from the cassette, but he’s probably got the artwork saved and stuff.
‘A New Set Of Clothes’ – Ooh really like this one too. All the songs could do with re-recording and making a bit beefier and slicker (if that’s the right word), but in terms of the actual melodies etc I think they all still sound really good. Not that I’m saying he *should* go back and re-record them, just that he could as they’ve stood the test of time quite well. My reaction to all of the intros has been ‘ooh, I like that!’
‘Pin Prick’ – this reminds me a bit of something, but I can’t put my finger on what. The chorus specifically. It’s a little bit Kaiser Chiefs actually, though they were presumably still at school when it was written.
‘Bags Under Their Eyes’ – I remember this one pretty well – I used to listen to it quite a bit. I still really like it – again it’s a little Kaiser Chiefs.
Ha ha ha last.fm is picking ‘Parallel’ up as some French Hip-Hop/Rock band. Although they’ve picked up the compilation ‘Incandescent Rock’ which had one of my Dad’s songs on. Woah! I wonder who uploaded that – I don’t think the record label’s still going! You can buy ‘Something Worth Saying’ though – wow – though god knows who that money’s going to – not my Dad anyway. Oh no, wait, if you try and buy it you discover it’s not actually there, but ooh, still interesting. I do really like that song – infact it might be the only Parallel one I’ve ripped and put on my playlist.
‘Astral Plain’ – I know this is still one of my Dad’s favourites. Tis a good song.
‘Vagabond’ – And this used to be one of my favourites! Haven’t listened to it in years though… hey, the intro reminds me a bit of Queen! That would probably explain why I liked it so much. The verses randomly remind me a bit of Toni Basil! *lol*
I should really get dressed and do some tidying up. And eat some cheesecake! He he.
‘The ONE’ – Ooh, this one’s good – the chorus particularly. Maybe not so much the instrumental bit with the cheesy keyboard sound!
‘In My Soul’ – This is *very* familiar – I know I’ll obviously have heard it before, so maybe that sounds like a weird thing to say, but from the title I wasn’t aware of being that familiar with it, but I think I must actually have listened to it a lot and I’m vaguely aware of having re-listened to it not long ago. It’s a brilliant song actually – possibly my favourite on this CD. And I don’t even feel like it needs re-recording – I really like it as it is. It could go on another album now and still sound good. Mmmm yeah, I must add that one to my playlist! Might do that now actually as tis the last song on the CD. I might upload it even, I’m sure my Dad won’t mind – should you be curious you can download it here 😀

The Pastels – The Last Great Wilderness (album)
I don’t know if ‘album’ is the right word or not really – it’s a soundtrack CD to the film ‘The Last Great Wilderness’. I bought the film mostly/purely for Alastair MacKenzie to be honest, but it is a really good film. I’ve just watched it the once but should really watch it again some time. Anyway, as part of the film, Alastair’s character’s girlfriend/wife has run off with a pop star and you hear the song he wrote about her on the radio etc. The song came on and I was like ‘wait a minute, I recognise that voice! That’s Jarvis Cocker!!!’. Ha ha ha. So yeah I mostly bought this CD so I could have the song ‘I Picked A Flower’ featuring Jarvis, though I do want to get some proper Pastels albums at some point too. These tracks are all really good, but aside from ‘I Picked A Flower’ are instrumental, unsurprisingly for soundtrack music. Nothing against instrumental music, but I wouldn’t generally have an overwhelming hankering to listen to it. So yeah I should get some regular Pastels albums.
‘Everybody Is A Star’ – Ooh, I lied! This song has singing on it!! Cool.
Ha ha, I just read the little blurb from David MacKenzie (Alastair’s brother and director of the film) on the inlay. “In Wilderness the musicians have an extra dimension in that they are actually characters; most of The Pastels performing as Highland villagers in drag, at a pagan wake”. I didn’t realise it was actually The Pastels in that scene. Genius!
‘Dark Vincente’ – ooh this music’s really creepy!! It is quite a dark film actually – it starts off quite light but gets increasingly weird and disturbing!! I like films like that! 😉
‘I Picked A Flower’ – “Oh maybe you just didn’t dare plant your seed inside her flower bed”. Oh Jarvis!

Kevin Patton – Manipulated (album)
Yep my Dad did record some songs just under his own name. This CD’s from 1997. ‘Recorded in Royalist Drive, Norwich on an Atari with Cubase and a Fostex R8’. An Atari! Class. And I like the following sleevenote: “Thanks to Glenda for extra vocals, Jade for some electric piano and Chantal… for being Chantal”. Ha ha ha. How random that Jade plays some piano on it and I don’t play anything. Infact the song Jade plays piano on was apparently written by her. It was when she was doing GCSE Music, so I’d guess that would probably explain that! But still, quite funny to think she was more involved with his music making at that point than I was.
‘Please Don’t Say No’ – Love the lyrics to this one! “And if I mug a crippled granny, steal her dog and run away, then will you tell?” It is quite a melancholic song though, as was the previous one. I think a lot of the songs on this album are actually – hell, the next one’s called ‘God Doesn’t Like Me’! Ah, it’s started now actually – it has a bit of a rocky edge, but it’s all minor chords and stuff. I’m finding this album a bit depressing already! I definitely preferred the Parallel stuff, I have to say – this album clearly wasn’t recorded at the happiest time! Not that a lot of the Subaphotic stuff has been, but, I dunno, I’m just finding this difficult to listen to for some reason. ‘Until Tomorrow Come’ is on now and it’s actually a cheerier song, but I still find it quite sad to listen to for some reason. I suppose the lyrics are still a bit depressing! And it was about 5 years before Dad and Glenda got divorced.
‘I’m Never Gonna Speak To You Again’ – Oh god, just the intro of this sounds depressing! Ok, I’m going to go do some tidying up and stuff and will come back when the music makes me less inclined to jump out the window or something!
‘Manipulated’ – Ok I rather like this! Just over a minute long and instrumental, but has a really good energy.
‘Tell Me What To Say’ – And now it’s sounding depressing again. Ok, I’m off…
‘I’ve Been To Corfu’ – I remember Jade really loved this song. It’s weird listening to it now as I remember it being quite a cheery light-hearted song, but it’s not particularly – it’s still quite depressing! Although I do really like “I’ve been everywhere except for Sunderland’s Stadium of Light and I wouldn’t want to go there”. Ha ha. The listing of places he’s been to reminds me of Cerys’ ‘Heron’. Well, vice versa technically I suppose as this pre-dates it by like 11 years.
‘August 31, 1997’ – Recognise the date? Yeah it’s about Princess Diana. Written and recorded on September 1st the inlay tells me. Ironically I actually find it less depressing than most of the other songs!! It’s got a nursery rhyme quality to it.
‘Play The Game Well’ – This was actually sounding quite jolly until the chords came in! Seriously, what’s up with all the minor chords on this album? I know it must have been when he was taking anti-depressants, but hello, anti-depressants!! They clearly weren’t working :-/
‘Let You Go’ – The song my sister wrote. I missed most of it as was washing dishes, but it’s also quite depressing! *lol* I hope I’ve got a cheerier CD next…

Kendall Payne – Jordan’s Sister (album)
Hmm, maybe not the cheeriest album ever, but much more upbeat! I can’t remember how on earth I came across Kendall – I think it was during the period when I discovered a whole load of random female singer-songwriters – I seem to remember it being about the same time I came across Sheila Nicholls, who tragically I still don’t actually own any CDs by. I didn’t actually get this album for a while either. But hey a couple of the songs are produced by Glen
Ballard of ‘Jagged Little Pill’ fame – never realised that before. I can see Kendall quite possibly appealing to Alanis fans though.
‘Supermodels’ – “And Barbie’s body’s melting down, on her face a big fat frown, because ‘Mr Cellulite’ just moved into town”.
‘The Second Day’ – The song that got me into Kendall – tis really moving. It was wrongly called ‘You’re Not Alone’ on the MP3 I downloaded though, so I didn’t realise it was really called ‘The Second Day’ until I bought this album. It’s annoying when people just guess titles and don’t bother to check whether or not they’re right, although I suppose that’s what you get if you download things illegally! He he.
Ooh the album’s finished. Sorry I didn’t say that much about it, I got a bit distracted by things. I’ll think I’ll stop for today actually, will get on with some other stuff. Might go rate a few songs at Slicethepie actually. Any extra bit of cash helps!!

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