A-Z: Jarvis Cocker – Crosbi

Jarvis Cocker – Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time (single)
Why doesn’t this CD want to play? Winamp won’t open it for some reason. Meh. I’ll have to play the MP3s instead… ah, much better.
‘The Mouse, The Bird And The Sausage’ – This story’s so sad! But beautifully told! 🙂

The Concretes – You Can’t Hurry Love (single promo)

The Concretes – Seems Fine (single)
‘Just Locals’ – As you can tell, I don’t actually have that many Concretes songs, which I should probably change, but of the ones I do have this is my fave! “We’re shit, we’re just locals. Motherfuckers for the rest of the year”. Yeah I shouldn’t be so easily amused by swearing in songs, yet I am! So immature!!! ;-P I think they’re the lyrics anyway – that’s what it sounds like. Although is one of the other lyrics really “part deliverance, part 9/11”?? I can’t quite make it out. Good song anyway!

The Crimea – Lottery Winners On Acid (single)
This single’s actually signed by the band 🙂 Not in person or anything sadly; it’s part of a bundle of 3 Crimea singles that I bought on Ebay a little while ago. 2 of them are signed and the 3 of them together were only £1.99, or something ridiculous like that. Bargaintastic!

The Crimea – White Russian Galaxy (single)
This is the other signed single. White Russian Galaxy’s a brilliant song! “Who knows what goes on in her pretty little head”.

The Crimea – Baby Boom (single)
One of many great singles released on the Boobytrap label. RIP! 🙁

Crosbi – Sonny (single)
I think I discovered Crosbi on a compilation CD of Welsh bands. This single I bought in Crash Records in Leeds on one of my trips there last year 🙂

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