A-Z: It’s Jo And Danny – Joy Zipper

It’s Jo And Danny – Let It Happen (promo single)
Another one of my 50p bargain purchases from MVE Camden. Probably shameful that it’s the only ‘It’s Jo & Danny’ CD that I have though.

Richard James – The Seven Sleepers Den (album)
Being a big Gorky’s fan I naturally bought this album as soon as it was released. Before that though I remember reading about it on Richard James’ MySpace and seeing that he’d named it after a line from a John Donne poem – namely ‘The Good Morrow’. Now, I studied John Donne’s poetry as part of my English Lit A-level. Often things that you have to study you don’t enjoy as much as if you’d chosen to read them yourself, but John Donne was definitely an exception to this. I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy his poetry, so was very pleasantly surprised when I did. The Good Morrow was one of my favourites – infact I think I once incorporated it into a fanfic I wrote, but er yeah, lets not get into that! Anyway, I was most impressed by Richard James’ choice of album title – it just made me want to buy it more.

Unsurprisingly it’s reminiscent of a lot of Gorky’s stuff in style and sound – but I’d have been disappointed if it wasn’t! Great album. I was really pleased when I found out Richard was supporting Cerys on the first leg of her tour last year. Listening to the album now it evokes a lot of memories of that part of the tour – which definitely isn’t a bad thing. Infact those first few shows were probably my favourites.

Just reading through the sleeve notes – are Cate Timothy and Cate Le Bon the same person?! Cate Timothy’s credited in here as backing vocals, plus I read somewhere that she was playing in Richard James’ band. I saw her support Sherbet Antlers at their first gig at Clwb Ifor Bach and just remember Rea running into her in the toilet and asking for her plectrum! Ha ha. But then Tasha said it was Cate Le Bon playing in Richard’s band and I also read that somewhere else too, so was confused! I wonder if I can find out…hmm, this page suggests that they are indeed the same person!! Things make much more sense now!!!

Jan & Dean – Surfin’ Safari (album)
*giggles* I went through a period when I was about 13 of getting into the surfing type songs of The Beach Boys and Jan & Dean – which is when I got this CD obviously. I’ve got another one which has both Beach Boys and Jan & Dean songs on it, but that’s under ‘various artists’ so not in my A-Z. I haven’t listened to this CD in years!!!! Shame it’s not actually sunny outside – these songs don’t work so well in the rain. Still rather enjoying it though – you can’t help but smile listening to these songs.
‘I Get Around’ – Damn, this just reminded me that I forgot to buy Flight Of The Navigator on DVD from HMV for £3! I think it was £3 anyway. My Dad and Sister both bought a copy a couple of weeks ago and said there was 1 left so I was gonna try and nab it. Wonder if it’s still there or if they’ve even gotten more in stock. Might have to pop to HMV after work tomorrow 😀 Want to buy Brett and Jarvis singles anyway.

JJ72 – Always And Forever (single)
This is the only JJ72 CD I have. I have to confess that I wasn’t that fussed about them when I first became aware of them. I found Mark Greaney’s voice a little whiny and annoying at times, plus wasn’t blown away by any of their songs. It was at a similar time to when I discovered Ooberman and they’d get some similar magazine coverage, with both Hilary and Sophia making it into the Melody Maker sexiest female in music type polls. However I found Ooberman far faaaar superior musically. I just never really got into JJ72. I still haven’t infact, but when I first heard this song on the radio I really rather liked it. So when I then saw it in the shops and saw that one of the b-sides was a cover of ‘Wicked Game’, I couldn’t resist buying it! Wicked Game’s probably my favourite track on this CD actually.

Patrick Jones – Commemoration And Amnesia (album)
Patrick Jones is a Welsh poet and also brother of Nicky Wire from the Manics. On this album he recites some of his poems over music specifically created for this album by various Welsh bands. When was it released? I remember it quite well but it must have been quite a while ago now. Ah, 1999. The Welsh bands/artists playing music on it include Manchild, James Dean Bradfield (unsurprisingly!), Super Furry Animals (well, Gruff and Cian on separate tracks), John Lawrence, Catatonia, Topper, Derrero and Pink Assassin. Unsurprisingly the track I’ve listened to the most is the Catatonia one – ‘Hiraeth’. Paul put it together, sampling bits of Mantra For The Lost. Really haunting. The other tracks are all great too of course. I haven’t listened to it in years – I’m really enjoying it.

Tom Jones – Reload (album)
No surprises that I have this album. Duets with a lot of my favourite bands and artists – The Cardigans, The Divine Comedy, Space, James Dean Bradfield, Barenaked Ladies, Cerys Matthews…
I haven’t listened to it as an album in years though. There are some songs on it I’ve probably only heard once or twice before.

Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (promo single)
Ah, love this song. It shouldn’t really be fitting in July, yet it sadly kinda is!

Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (single) CD1
The CD with the fat people on the front. I’d completely forgotten there was an instrumental version on here! Brilliant! I remember buying both versions of this single on the day it was released and then also buying another copy of CD1 the following week so that it would count towards the Christmas chart. Sadly I don’t think it was even close to being Christmas number 1, but hey, I did my bit! I then gave that spare CD to my sister, as although I’d put her off Catatonia by my incessant playing of them, for some reason she really liked Baby, It’s Cold Outside and The Ballad Of Tom Jones. I think she secretly likes Catatonia too 😉 Well, maybe more so now that we don’t live together anyway!

Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews – Baby, It’s Cold Outside (single) CD2
The CD with the thin people on the front!
‘Yush Mix’ – Man, this is rubbish isn’t it? The singing isn’t even in time with the music a lot of the time. Why didn’t they put on some live versions of the song instead? The live performances were always great. Hefner’s remix is better and has some good bits, but still isn’t brilliant.

Joy Zipper – Baby You Should Know (promo single)
I really need to get some Joy Zipper albums. They’re a fun and quirky kinda band.

Joy Zipper – Baby You Should Know (single)

Think I’ll stop this for today now. I need to do some ironing! Oh yeah, the excitement never ends round here 😉 Need to decide on what to wear to the Brett gig on Thursday too. Found out from Fiona yesterday that it’s being recorded for a DVD! Mega cool. We’re gonna get there really early to try and get the front pew (hee hee), so need to be looking moderately funky at least. Am hoping to get some good photos too. I’ve been playing around with the manual settings on my camera, so I can see if that leads to better photos or if I should just leave it on ‘auto’ and not try to be clever!! ;-P

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