A-Z: Freddie Mercury – Mika

I could totally get used to 3-day weekends. Or 4-day weekends. Or…well, you get the idea. Lottery ticket grasped as always (albeit virtually as I play online). Anyway, it’s nice to enjoy my 2nd day of being incredibly lazy and know that I still have another day to come where I can be a bit more productive should I choose to! For now though, listening to and waffling on about music is about as far as my mental capacity can cope with.

Freddie Mercury – Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs: The Very Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo
Does what it says in the title! And the inlay tells me that ‘Lover of Life, Singer of Songs’ is Brian May’s inscription for the Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux 🙂 I’d love to go to Montreux some time – it’s been on the list of places I want to go to before I die, ever since I first saw the Queen documentary that I’ve now forgotten the name of!! I’ve got it on video somewhere – that documentary makes me cry. Anyway, this CD – it’s the special edition double-CD ‘featuring rarities and previously unreleased remixes’. Oh yes. The remixes I’m not so fussed about, but there were a whole load of songs on here I hadn’t heard before, so just had to buy it when I happened upon it in Virgin in Liverpool. It must have just been released. I bought quite a few things that day I seem to remember. Having time to kill on my own in a big city before my train’s due is a dangerous thing!! 😉 This CD was released in 2006, so it must have been the day after the Cerys gig. That was the last time I was in Liverpool actually – must change that when I actually have some money! It’s been too long since I’ve been to Leeds too. Anyway, getting off-topic…
‘Time’ – Ooh I didn’t actually realise this was a different version to the one on The Freddie Mercury album! I haven’t ripped it as just assumed it was the same. It’s a bit slower and much more stripped back, emotional and a lot less cheesy!!! As much as I like the cheesy one anyway, this version’s brilliant! Must rip it.
‘Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow’ – I haven’t listened to a lot of these songs that much so it’s really nice getting to listen to this album now. Maybe I’m just in a mushy mood today, but this is making me feel kinda blubbery, but in a good way. Oh god and it’s followed by ‘I Was Born To Love You’! Slightly different to the one that appears on Made In Heaven, but still, love that song too! 🙂
‘Goin’ Back’ – A b-side from a 1973 single when Freddie went by ‘Larry Lurex’, he he. I got really excited when I first heard this song as recognised the clip of it from the end of ‘Mother Love’. I always wondered if that clip was taken from another song, so it was nice to finally get to hear it! I really like this song generally too. Written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King I see.
Onto CD2 now, which is mostly remixes. Some I quite like, but some are way too long. And it’s not even like they’re all of different songs – you get 4 remixes of ‘Love Kills’! Plus there was already a remix of that on CD1, plus the original song! Yes, out of the total 35 tracks, 6 are ‘Love Kills’ – that’s about 17%! What? I like maths.
‘Mr Bad Guy (Bad Circulation Version)’ – This version has different lyrics, which confuses me when I try to sing along! Ha ha. Infact I think I took it off my playlist as it would just make me want to listen to the original instead.
‘Let’s Turn It On (A Cappella)’ – I do really like this, though out of all the songs there could be acappella versions of, ‘Let’s Turn It On’ isn’t exactly the obvious one! *lol* Pretty cool though.

Mew – Am I Wry? No (single)
I caught the video for this song randomly on TV round about the time it was released and just thought it was a great song! So of course I bought the single. Shocking I still don’t have any Mew albums though. But yeah, I remember buying this in Sanity in Kidderminster and the bloke at the till asking me what it was like as he’d heard it was really ‘heavy’ :-/ I definitely wouldn’t describe it like that. I told him it was good anyway (like duh, why else would I be buying it?) and not especially heavy!

Mew – She Came Home For Christmas (single)
I don’t really think of this as a Christmas song – it’s more just a song that happens to have the word ‘Christmas’ in the title!! Good though.

Mew – The Zookeeper’s Boy (single promo)
The sticker on this tells me I got it for £1 from Crash records in Leeds. Score!

Mika – Grace Kelly (single)
You know I love me a bit of camp fun. 😀

That’ll do for today I think. Hee hee, Freddie Mercury – Mika! How camp can you get? Stay tuned for Kylie Minogue next! No, really!

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