A-Z: Fleming & John – Fountains Of Wayne

Fleming & John – Delusions Of Grandeur (album)
I discovered ‘Fleming & John’ very very randomly. When I first got into Jill Sobule I downloaded a song, through a file sharing program, that claimed to be by Jill Sobule. It was a song called ‘Ugly Girl’ and it was fab and quite similar in style to Jill’s songs (the same kinda sense of humour definitely), but it didn’t actually sound like Jill. I did a bit of googling (as I’ve been known to do. It’s ok though, I can control it!) and discovered it was actually by ‘Fleming & John’. Of course I was then interested in hearing more by them. I listened to a few song clips on Amazon and thought their albums sounded great. I bought this album at some point, though I can’t remember where from – I’m thinking maybe Ebay! It’s not the album with ‘Ugly Girl’ on, though I do want to get that at some point! ‘Ugly Girl’ isn’t representative of their other songs at all, but I was aware of that from listening to the clips on Amazon – they’re generally less Jill Sobule and much more…hmm…well they personally remind me quite a bit of ‘Fur Patrol’. If you’re not familiar with ‘Fur Patrol’ that doesn’t really help you though!! I’m not sure what other comparison I can make – hmm, imagine a mix of ‘Garbage’, ‘Kate Bush’ and ‘Frente!’ with a bit of something else thrown in too. Kinda. Or just do what I did and listen to their sound clips on Amazon!! ;-P

David Ford – I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I’ve Caused (album)
He that used to be in Easyworld. Unsurprisingly this album’s quite reminiscent of the more introspective songs from ‘Kill The Last Romantic’. I haven’t listened to this album that much actually, though they’re all beautiful songs. Maybe too beautiful – there’s not enough variety really. Not that they’re samey, but I do get a little bored if I listen to them all in one go. Sorry Dav! Er, David. There are a few songs I’ve listened to quite a bit though and really like. And I’ve found them all to be growers, in the same way that ‘Kill The Last Romantic’ was infact. So maybe like ‘Kill The Last Romantic’ it’s an album I’ll appreciate more in a few years time!

David Ford – State Of The Union (single)

David Ford – I Don’t Care What You Call Me (promo single)

Fountains Of Wayne – I Want An Alien For Christmas (single)
Ah one of the greatest Christmas songs ever! Even if it’s a not very well known one. I first heard it when Chris Moyles played it, either when he was on Capital or when he’d just moved to Radio 1. Anyway I thought it was hilarious and just generally fabulous, so managed to track down a copy of the single. However, this CD I’m playing now isn’t the same CD I bought back then! In my 2nd year of Uni when I was living in Halls, there was a scavenger hunt for all the 1st years. One of the items on the list was a ‘Christmas CD’. Some people came and knocked at my bedroom door and asked if I had a Christmas CD they could borrow – promising they’d return it. This was the only one I could think of that I had with me, so I passed it on. They were most bemused by it and disappeared off down the corridor to find their next item. Alas that was the last I ever saw of that CD!! I like to think that they were so curious they had to play it and that they then enjoyed it so much they had to keep it! Thankfully I found this replacement copy on Ebay pretty cheaply, so I wasn’t too hard done by.
The b-side’s great too – ‘The Man In The Santa Suit’.

Fountains Of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom (promo single)
‘Fountains Of Wayne’ make me smile. I’ve been meaning to buy ‘Utopia Parkway’ for years as lots of people have recommended it to me. I should really get it at some point.

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