A-Z: Euros Childs – Jarvis Cocker

Euros Childs – Chops (album)
I very annoyingly seem to have misplaced this album as can’t find it 🙁 Thankfully I’ve ripped it to MP3, so am listening to those instead, but I still want my CD back – where the hell could it have gone?? I’m very protective and slightly obsessive-compulsive with my CDs, so how I can have lost one I don’t know. I know I took it to my Dad’s one weekend early last year so he could listen to it before we went to see Euros live, but I’m pretty sure I brought it home again. I’ve asked him to keep an eye out anyway. But yes, great album – unsurprisingly reminiscent of Gorky’s at their most quirky!

Anyway, am attempting to do a bit of spring cleaning at the same time as listening to these CDs (or MP3s in this case!), so mightn’t write as much as usual. In the process of cleaning I just found my tap shoes, which I haven’t worn for…er…about 8 years. Was pleased to discover they still fit. I have to say, spring cleaning’s much more fun when combined with tap dancing around your flat! Although I doubt the people living below me would agree, he he. Actually I think that flat’s empty at the mo, so I can tap to my heart’s content 🙂

Euros Childs – Bore Da (album)
Another great album from Euros, released this year. Fittingly I bought it in Virgin in Cardiff when I was there for an interview. I didn’t get the job, but I got a great album, so hey, you can’t have everything right? Actually I seemed to buy about 8 CDs when I was there – so definitely not a wasted journey!!

Ben Christophers – Transatlantic Shooting Stars (single promo)

Charlotte Church – Crazy Chick CD1 (single)
What? I like this song! It’s catchy 🙂

Cinnamon – Cakes And Pies (single)
This was a bit of a random purchase. I was browsing the 50p CDs in MVE in Camden and came across it – the name seemed familiar and I was sure it was a band I’d recently been reading good things about, so I bought it. I later realised the band I’d actually been thinking of were ‘Marshmallow’, not ‘Cinnamon’!! There was a food-stuffs connection, it was close right?! Anyway, I happily enjoyed this CD anyway – it’s very kitsch Japanese indie-pop. Can’t complain!

Jarvis Cocker – Jarvis (album)
This album seems to grow on me more and more all the time. It’s a shame I hadn’t listened to it more before I went to see Jarvis live, as it meant I couldn’t really sing along much – still had a brilliant time though of course, he’s one of the greatest frontmen, no doubt.

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