A-Z: Easyworld – The Fiery Furnaces

I feel like this post has a lot to live up to with the sheer bizareness of the last one. Can I incorporate more cookery? Is there something else I could randomly combine with music listening? Hmm. I’ll start off with the music and then see where it takes me…

Easyworld – Try Not To Think (single)
I think this must have been the first Easyworld CD I bought. Partly because Kate kept singing the praises of ‘Everyone Knows’, which is indeed a fab b-side.

Easyworld – Bleach (single)

Easyworld – You & Me (acetate single promo)
The ‘New Recording’. I prefer the album version, but do quite like this one too.

Easyworld – You & Me (single) CD1
I love the artwork on the front, with the martini glass πŸ™‚
‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ – Ah, one of the greatest covers ever! Love this song.

Easyworld – You & Me (single) CD2
‘Better Ways To Self Destruct’ – Love this too. Even though you might have noticed I don’t actually own the mini-album. Slap my wrists!

Easyworld – Junkies (single) CD1
It bugs me slightly that ‘Junkies & Whores’ was shortened to just ‘Junkies’ for the single release, but hey! Is this the only Easyworld release that could be slotted into a free cardboard slipcase? It’s the only one I’ve got one for, so I’m hoping so!
‘Me’ – This is a beautiful song. Originally a ‘Beachy Head’ track πŸ™‚

Easyworld – Junkies (Live At The Underground) (single) CD2
Live acoustic versions of ‘Junkies & Whores’, ‘Demons’ and ‘People Who Don’t Climb Ladders (Aren’t Particularly Likely To Fall Off Ladders Now, Are They?)’. All great!
Shame I’m not listening to the vinyl singles too, as the one for Junkies includes their cover of ‘Enjoy The Silence’, which I love!!

Easyworld – 2nd Amendment (single) CD1

Easyworld – 2nd Amendment (single) CD2
‘Other Man’ – Rocking!

Easyworld – ‘Til The Day (promo)
This promo includes all the songs from the ‘Til The Day singles. Although it also includes ‘Lying On A Single Bed With The Metaphysical Blues Again’. Was that released on anything? Oh, wasn’t it on the HMV Playlist CD or something? It’s not on any of my ‘Til The Day singles anyway.

Easyworld – ‘Til The Day (single) CD1

Easyworld – ‘Til The Day (single) CD2

Easyworld – How Did It Ever Come To This? (single)
Ah, the single that’s part Easyworld, part solo-projects! Unsurprising it ended up being the last Easyworld single. It’s a shame that Glenn’s song only made it onto the vinyl, so I don’t get to listen to it now, but I do love Dav singing ‘Young Hearts Run Free’, plus I love Jo’s song ‘You Can’t Tear Polaroids’ πŸ™‚

Elastica – Connection (single)
I really like ‘Connection’ anyway, but I mostly bought this single for the b-side ‘See That Animal’, which was co-written by Justine Frischmann and Brett Anderson. πŸ™‚

Electric Six – Radio Ga Ga (single)
As most people probably know, I’m a big Queen fan. Plus I really like Electric Six, so the idea of them covering a Queen song was very intriguing! I find it quite odd to listen to I have to say, as I’m so used to the original. It’s enjoyable enough though.

At this point I randomly feel the need to explain that I started this post on Friday night, wrote quite a bit on Saturday and that it’s now Sunday morning. I’ve cut out a bit of the stuff I wrote yesterday as it was just me having a bit of a negative rant, which I’ve been feeling inclined to do too often lately. I really don’t want to be getting into that mindset.

I’ve now cut out a bit of the stuff I just typed here too! It was more detail than I really needed to go into. Basically I’m gonna spend the day doing some cleaning and tidying (no, really!) whilst also typing this nonsense! I should probably start in the kitchen as I’m feeling the urge for a big breakfast – maybe American style, with bacon, eggs, pancakes, maple syrup and lots of butter!! Mmmmmm artery clogging πŸ™‚

The Electric Soft Parade – Holes In The Wall (album)
Brilliant album! Don’t want to say more than that though as my stomach’s seriously rumbling!

Mmmmmm tasty breakfast.

The Electric Soft Parade – The American Adventure (promo album)
I’d been meaning to get this album for ages and then finally bought it last year, for just Β£3.99 in Jumbo Records in Leeds πŸ™‚ It’s a promo copy, but only because it’s got a sticker on the back! The actual CD and inlay etc are no different to the actual release. Another great album from the White brothers.

The Electric Soft Parade – There’s A Silence (promo single)

The Fallout Trust – EP2 (promo EP)
I think I’d read something good about The Fallout Trust not long before I found this promo. I think it must have been one of my 50p purchases from MVE in Camden. I haven’t been there in quite a while actually… or to a record fair infact. Hmm… maybe I’ll see when the next big one is in Brum and see if I can save up a bit of cash πŸ™‚ *looks at the VIP-24 website* How strange, there’s one in Brum today! The next one’s September 1st – that’s a possibility! Will put it on my calendar. Although when did they move from the NEC to the NIA? Shows I haven’t been to one for a while.

The Feeling – Twelve Stops And Home (album)
The first I knew of The Feeling was when I came across the video for ‘Sewn’ on one of the music channels. I really liked it and wrote down the title of it so that I could track it down. As I don’t listen to the radio much these days, I was kinda oblivious to the fact that single did so well and made it into the top 10. The next I was aware of them was when they performed ‘Never Be Lonely’ on the Charlotte Church Show! I totally fell in love with that song – it’s the whole ‘b-b-b-b-b-baby…’ bit that does it – brilliant. They then suddenly seemed to be everywhere and the album was always getting advertised. It was good though – it became one of my most anticipated albums of 2006. It wasn’t up there with albums by my favourite artists that I had to buy as soon as they were released, so instead it ended up making it onto my Birthday list and then my Christmas list. It’s probably the album I most wanted to get for Christmas, so thankfully I did! Strangely though, I haven’t actually listened to it that much. The singles I know well and have listened to lots, plus I’ve listened to ‘Helicopter’ quite a bit, but not the others so much. Not that any of the songs are bad, they’re all really good infact, but I guess I had pretty high expectations and it didn’t blow me away to the extent I was hoping. Looking forward to listening to it again now though…
‘Never Be Lonely’ – When I first listened to this song I was torn between loving it and being slightly annoyed at the lyrical content. I liked the whole idea of seeing people in love as being ‘fast and foolish’ and getting ‘everything wrong’ (as sappy love songs get boring don’t they?), but then adding ‘at least they’re not lonely’ on the end irritated me. Because you’re single you have to be lonely? No, no, no. I appreciate that this is a personal grievance, but far too many people seem to have that attitude; that being single is somehow inferior and you must be desperate to find someone else. Maybe I’m strange in liking time to myself and enjoying my own company, but I really don’t see myself as a lonely person. Not that I’m anti-relationships or anti-love or anything like that, I can be as sappy and romantic as the next person, if not more so, but if I happen to end up ‘alone’ I won’t see it as some kind of failure! I hope I’ll always have good friends around me and will ‘never be lonely’ *ba dum tish* (that was a drum noise by the way! See my imaginary cymbal). So yeah, despite this song hitting a bit of a nerve it seems, I still really love it!

The Feeling – Fill My Little World (single)

The Feeling – Love It When You Call (single)
I love The Feeling’s choice of cover songs. This single’s got ‘Don’t Give Up’ (the Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush song) on it and the next single’s got ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ (by The Buggles) on it. Both songs that remind me of childhood, as my parents would often listen to them πŸ™‚

The Feeling – RosΓ© (single)
This CD marks me reaching the end of my 5th shelf of CDs! πŸ™‚ That’s shelf 5 out of 15 (not including the compilation CDs). So hey, I’m about a third of my way through! Not bad.

On the tidying and sorting front, I’m having a fine old time shredding things at the moment. There’s loads of junk mail I’ve never even opened before – including ones with pre-paid envelopes in. Now, you know what you have to do with those right? Yep, post them back, either empty or filled with other peoples’ junk mail! So far I’ve got a collection of 6 to stick in the post. Most are 2nd class, but one’s actually pre-paid 1st class! That one being from ‘Capital One Homeowner Loans’. What a waste of trees and money – sending an application for a homeowner loan to someone who rents! You can see they did their research there. So in return I’m sending them some info about Vanquis Credit Cards – as much interest to them as Homeowner Loans are to me! πŸ™‚ 2 can play at the junk mail game.

Y Ffyrc – Oes (album)
I’d forgotten this CD had forks on it. He he, love that. For anyone who doesn’t know who Y Ffyrc are, shame on you! They are of course Mark Roberts and Paul Jones of Y Cyrff, Catatonia and Sherbet Antlers fame. Y Ffyrc actually being an anagram of Y Cyrff. This album was released last year and I was looking forward to it so much, especially as Sherbet Antlers never actually released an album (which I’m still disappointed about – they had some great songs). I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed with this album! The songs are all great, pretty diverse, plus Mark’s voice has never sounded better in my opinion.
‘Gwisgo Fyny’ – One of my faves on the album. I put it on a compilation CD that I gave my Dad last Christmas, which we then listened to on our car journey back to Worcester. It was quite a way into the compilation and there’d been a few songs he’d asked about, plus some he knew already, but this was the only one he got really excited by. A little way into it he asked me who it was. I thought he was joking to start with as thought the Welsh lyrics would narrow the scope down quite a bit, plus thought Mark’s voice was recognisable. I said it was ‘Y Ffyrc’ to which he said “Oh! Who’s singing then?!!”. I said “Mark!” and he replied “Oh! Wow, I didn’t recognise him. Great song! Interesting that I picked it out over all the other songs, even though I didn’t realise who it was!”. I had to agree with that. Definitely a testament to the song-writing.
‘Hen Dro’ – Bits of this song still remind me of ‘The Mother Of Misogyny’, but that’s not a bad thing!
‘Nia Be Wna’i?’ – The first time I listened to this album I put it in my computer and it started playing. However I’d forgotten to turn ‘random’ play off, so instead of playing track 1 it started playing this song. Instantly I was captivated and quite surprised – this song is pretty different to the other songs on the album as it’s just over a minute long and is basically just Mark’s voice over an acoustic guitar (well ok, I think there’s some melodica there too, plus a bit of vocal layering, but still). Now, Mark hasn’t got the strongest voice in the world (as much as I personally like it), but it works very well in punky/rocky type songs. Does it, however, work on a song like this, where there isn’t a lot other than his voice to carry the song? I have to say ‘yes’! Definitely. This is probably my favourite track on the album actually – it’s just really beautiful!

Back to my tidying (which I’m sure isn’t as interesting as Creme Brulees, although I am going to talk about my underwear again! What this says about my psyche I’m not sure. If you don’t want to know about my entire bra-wearing history, please feel free to just skip onto the next paragraph! I’m mostly typing this for my own memory and prosterity – it’s my blog after all! And it’s not like I’m going to provide accompanying pictures!!). Anyway, I’m sorting through some clothes at the moment and have found myself in a bit of a bra dilemma! Regular readers of my A-Z blogging will know that I recently won a bundle of about 15 bras on Ebay. There actually turned out to be about 18! Bargaintastic. Most were the same size (it would have been pretty dumb otherwise), though there were a few that were slightly bigger in one measurement or the other – I thought they might still fit, but they don’t – but hey, can just sell those on, that’s not exactly a dilemma! My possible problem came when I started trying them all on. It takes a lot longer to try on 18 bras than you might imagine! It actually gets pretty dull. Anyway, most of the ones that were ‘my size’ (or what I thought was my size) fitted ok, though not brilliantly. I also had some existing bras that didn’t fit brilliantly – some seemed too big and some seemed too small, it was a bit odd. The only time I’ve ever been measured for a bra was when I was about 17 and I was told I was a 32C. That was a bit of a revelation at the time as I’d been wearing A-cup bras! That might seem nuts, but between the ages of about 15 and 17 I did suddenly go from being really short and flat-chested to being a more average height and er not-so-flat-chested! The 32C bras did seem to fit ok, plus I foolishly just trusted the bra-measurer woman. I wore that size up until I was about 21 or 22 when they’d obviously gotten a bit too small. So, using logic, I went up to a 32D, which fit much better. Have been wearing that size ever since, but lately I haven’t been convinced it’s the right size. I tried a 32DD but that was definitely too big. The only other measurement I could increase was the width – could I really be a 34? What if I was a 34C rather than a 32D? I didn’t like the thought of that. However one of my new bundle bras was a 34 and was definitely too wide! So, what else could I be?? With this dilemma in mind I turned to the source of all knowledge in the world ever – the internet!! Far less embarrassing and inconvenient than a bra-measurer! I found a few websites that tell you how to work out your bra size – some seem to disagree and 1 tried to tell me I was a 34B, which was a load of old bananas. Anyway, one ‘fact’ I seemed to glean was that the number measurement represents the measurement around your chest, underneath your bust (maybe this is obvious, but I’d never thought to check before!). So out came the tape measure! And am I a 32? Am I hell! I’m 29″ at the most! I rounded it up to 30 though as thought 28 might be a little tight. But still, I haven’t gotten smaller since I was 17 – I’ve gotten wider if anything, so that bra measurer woman was wrong!! For 10 years I’ve been wearing bras that are too wide! What a fool. Anyway, I then found a website that explained how to change bra sizes if you’re wearing the wrong width. Going from a 32 to a 30, you have to go up a cup size to compensate – so I needed to try a 30DD. Kicking. That’s not exactly the easiest size to find in the shops though I have to say. Especially if you don’t want a padded bra. What’s up with the majority of bras being padded these days? Including the ones in the DD-G section. Your breasts are already proportionally large, why the hell do you need extra padding?? In Marks & Spencers on Friday after work I managed to find the grand total of 1 30DD bra that was non-padded! It’s very pretty and embroidered but not the kind of thing I can wear on a daily basis as the embroidery shows through a large proportion of my tops! I still bought it though and it fits fabulously! Such a revelation! I thought it might feel a bit tight after being so used to 32s, but after initially feeling quite constricted, I found it really comfortable and wore it all day yesterday. However the dilemma I now have is what do I do with the large number of bras I own that are the wrong size?! Do I keep them anyway, or sell them? I’ll definitely sell some, but I guess I’ll hang on to some for now too, until I’ve built up a nice stash of new ones. I’ve ordered one from the Debenhams website, so that should come soon, plus I’m watching one on Ebay that ends tonight. I can’t really afford to spend a lot on the luxury of new bras at the moment, but now I’ve had ‘the revelation’ I don’t really want to be wearing the old ones any more. I should seek out that bra measuring woman and charge her for 10 years worth of ill-fitting bras!! No wonder that ‘backless’ one I bought at uni to wear with my fabulous pink dress had a tendency to slip down! Anyway, that’s enough bra talk for now – I’ll go sort through them and choose a few to sell on Ebay. Hopefully they’ll sell and I can use that cash for buying new ones, hoorah!

The Fiery Furnaces – Gallowsbird’s Bark (album)
Great album, though it did take a while to grow on me for some reason. I’ll talk a bit more about that when I get to the ‘Crystal Clear’ promo.

The Fiery Furnaces – Blueberry Boat (album)
I’ll talk a bit more about this when I get to the ‘Crystal Clear’ promo too. However I have to say it’s a pretty amazing album. The overriding memory I have of it now though is from early 2006 when I went to see Euros Childs in Birmingham. He was playing Bar Academy with Alun Tan Lan and there was supposed to be a 10pm curfew. I thought this was great as it meant my Dad and I would easily catch the last train. However the gig ended up not starting until after 9! And that was just Alun’s support set. And we’d been there since about half 6 or something ridiculous. What’s this got to do with this album you ask? Well, at some point during that long period while we were waiting for the gig to start, this album started playing over the speakers. This pleased me to start with, but this isn’t exactly the shortest album in the world! Infact it’s about an hour and a quarter long. So when the entire album played and then they started playing itΒ againΒ it didn’t bode well! Thankfully we didn’t get to the end of the album for a 2nd time, but I think it’s definitely the longest I’ve had to wait at a gig before the support act even came on. The gig was brilliant once it got going, but of course the 10pm curfew was out the window and we had to leave during Euros’ set in order to catch the train. Frustrating, but hey.

Ooh album’s finished. I think I’ll stop this for today then. I don’t want to overload you all with weirdness. I almost feel like I should apologise to my MySpace blog readers – I only ever intended to use that blog for music-related things – anything about my life I was going to keep in my LiveJournal blog. I’d still use LiveJournal for anything private, but lately I’ve been using my A-Z blog posts to also waffle on about day-to-day type nonsense I’d usually have put in separate LiveJournal entries. Mostly to save time to be honest! Perhaps I’ll go back to making these strictly music-related, though I did get good reactions to my previous post! I dunno. I hope my strange tangents make things more amusing, plus I like to share! Maybe it’s an odd side-effect to living alone. Talking of which, I should get back to the housework!

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