A-Z: Derrero – The Divine Comedy

Derrero – Aerial Angle / Vine In Mind (single)
Double A-side released on the Boobytrap label. Both great songs.

The Divine Comedy – Liberation (album)
So, onto the first of my Divine Comedy CDs! No, sadly I don’t have ‘Fanfare For The Comic Muse’, as much as I’d love to get hold of a copy some time.
‘Festive Road’ – How can you not love an album that starts with a song about Mr Ben?!?! 😀
Neil Hannon’s just brilliant isn’t he? I love that you can’t obviously compare The Divine Comedy to any other band – the music’s such a brilliant mixture of orchestration (often rather epic), indie-poppyness and often-humourous yet often-affecting lyrics. Plus Neil’s voice and vocal range is just amazing. They’re one of my favourite bands yet ashamedly I don’t own everything they’ve released – not even all the albums nevermind the singles. Anyway, back to this album… I haven’t actually listened to it as an album in a long long time – I’d forgotten how well it all runs together. Just brilliant. It’s a shame it’s currently being accompanied by the sound of the people in the flat below me hammering things! I’m sure they’ve been doing it constantly since I got home nearly 4 hours ago. It’s 9pm on a Friday night! Why can’t they relax and have a drink like sensible people?! 😉 Talking of which, I need a refill…
…much better.
‘Your Daddy’s Car’ – First heard this song on ‘A Secret History’, as I didn’t get ‘Liberation’ until much later. Brilliant lyrics! “We took your Daddy’s car and wrapped it round a tree. We didn’t know what for. We didn’t feel like driving anymore. It was so good we got bored. And we are driving from the day we are born”.

The Divine Comedy – Casanova (album)
No I don’t own Promenade either! That’s really shameful. My Dad has it though, so I ripped all the songs from his copy! He actually got into The Divine Comedy before I did. But yeah I do need to buy that sometime – it keeps going for quite a bit on Ebay though. Back to the albums I do have though – Casanova!! This was my favourite Divine Comedy album for ages. It still kinda is, though it’s now a joint-favourite with ‘Absent Friends’. It’s just got so many brilliant songs on it! It always flies by.
‘Middle-Class Heroes’ – my favourite Divine Comedy song. I particularly love the line from Hamlet! I got this album not that long after doing A-levels and studying Hamlet, so it pleased me greatly.
Ooh I think the hammering might have stopped! Just before 10pm. Hoorah!
‘In & Out Of Paris & London’ – I haven’t listened to this song in ages. It must be missing from my MP3 playlist!! How the hell did that happen? It’s brilliant! Shall remedy that.
‘Charge’ – This album’s so consistently good! Liberation’s great but I don’t think the last few songs on it are as good as the beginning of the album. This album though – genius! It might still edge ‘Absent Friends’ infact – shall have to wait until I get up to that album.
‘Songs Of Love’ – Father Ted! Woo!
‘The Frog Princess’ – “I met a girl, she was a frog princess. And yes I do regret it now. But how was I to know that just one kiss could turn my frog into a cow?”
‘Through A Long & Sleepless Night’ – the lyrics to this are fab! That should probably go without saying with Neil, but still. “I can put on the perfume, even wear the dress sometimes, but I’ll always be the bridegroom and never the bride”.
‘The Dogs & The Horses’ – can’t believe it’s the end of the album already. And what a beautiful way to end it 🙂 I should really do a chart of my top albums some time – this would have to rank pretty highly.

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