A-Z: Death Cab For Cutie – Derrero

Death Cab For Cutie – The New Year (single)
I think both the Death Cab For Cutie singles I have were released in 2004. I dread to think how much I spent on singles that year! I wish I could afford to buy that many singles now, but to be honest I couldn’t really afford it back then!

Death Cab For Cutie – The Sound Of Settling (single)

The Decemberists – Picaresque (album)
I need to get some more Decemberists albums. I’ve got quite a few downloaded songs, but this is the only CD I actually have. I can’t remember how I discovered The Decemberists now – it was either through a LiveJournal community or by reading a good album review in a magazine I think. I discovered them at a similar time to The Unicorns and Of Montreal anyway, who also have that fun quirkyness about them, and who I still haven’t actually bought any albums by – should fix that too. Unfortunately I didn’t get any numbers on the lottery yesterday, despite having a dream that I was going to win £10,000. Yes yes I know dreams tend not to come true! That should be pretty evident from the one I had last night about going to a Suede gig and having Brett Anderson instruct me to swap t-shirts with someone else in the crowd and then watching him run round with my socks (highly delighted by them he was too). He also produced a sock of mine that had been missing for ages – apparently I’d left it at a previous Suede gig! So yes, if your socks disappear and you think they must have been eaten by the washing machine gods, think again!! There’s a possibility you left them at a gig and they’ve been captured by a sock-hoarding front-man. Unlikely maybe, but possible!!! 😉 Anyway, what the hell was I saying? Oh yes, despite 1 or 2 slightly freaky occurences last year (which I probably read more into than was there anyway), dreams generally aren’t obviously prophetic. So the lottery celebration and CD buying binges are out at the moment. Sadly. Soooo…er…I think I’ll just shut-up now and enjoy the rest of this album! And maybe lay off the drink. I said maybe!!

Delays – Long Time Coming (single)

Delays – Nearer Than Heaven (single)
This is such a jolly sunny song. At the time it was released (2004 of course), the ‘in’ thing to do seemed to be droney dull kinda indie (*ahem* Coldplay *ahem* Keane *ahem* Embrace *ahem* you-get-the-idea), so this song was so refreshing. As was Long Time Coming, though this one’s even jollier. The Delays’ albums are on my incredibly long list of albums to get (*consults Amazon music wishlist*… 482 at current count!) but I’m sure I’ll manage it at some point!

Delays – Lost In A Melody (single)
I haven’t listened to this song in ages. It’s great! Mmmm synth-pop. Rough Trade have very good taste in artists, it has to be said.

Denise And Johnny – Especially For You (single)
What? What?! Yes it’s Denise Van Outen and Johnny Vaughan’s charity single for Children In Need. What can I say? I love the song – I’ve still got the Kylie & Jason original on vinyl (I think so anyway…OMG I don’t! It must have been one of the ones I sold in my teens when it was ‘uncool’ and before it become kitsch and retro! Damn it! I’m so gonna have to buy it again, he he), plus I really liked Denise & Johnny on The Big Breakfast (I miss the days of decent breakfast TV!), so I bought this single. And hey it was for charity! Bonus. Although listening to it again now, even though it was released in ’98, how did they manage to make it sound cheesier and more naff than the original from the 80s?!! Skill.

Derrero – Fixation With Long Journeys (album)
I haven’t listened to this as an actual album for ages – am enjoying it – not that I doubted I would! Think I’ll have to make it my last CD for now though – am getting hungry!

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