A-Z: Cerys Matthews (part 3)

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’ve had some fun nights out, lost my voice (completely unrelated to the fun nights out…I think! :-P) and god knows what else… last weekend involved burlesque dancing, this weekend involved finally making it down to Cardiff Bay, plus I’ve been visiting some internet dating sites, though I’m not entirely sure why as my level of participation in them tends to be limited to setting up my own profile, having a bit of fun looking at other peoples’ profiles, being flattered when I get sent messages but then mostly not bothering to actually reply to them! The problem with using the internet for finding potential dating type people is that it’s so easy to get idealistic and critical. It is for me anyway! I find myself dismissing people over things that aren’t really that important but just don’t fit with the image of some mythical ideal partner I can conjure up in my head. Yet the people I tend to fall for in ‘real-life’ (as it were) are often way off the mark of who would ‘logically’ be good for me anyway. Logic’s got nothing to do with it most of the time right? Yet that’s how these dating sites work – by who logically would be a good match. It’s problematic. Not that I’m suddenly desperate for a boyfriend anyway, I just go through phases of feeling like it would be kinda nice. It’ll pass I’m sure 😛

Anyway, getting back to my long-term life-partner that is… music! Ah, music, you treat me so well, seduce me with your passion and intelligence and don’t care what I look like, what insecurities I may have or if I even get a bit Glenn Close on your ass and play the same songs over and over! He he. Ok, pre-amble over…

Cerys Matthews – Caught In The Middle (single) CD1
‘Chilli Winds’ – Presumably this should read ‘Chilly Winds’?? No? That’s always kinda bugged me. Beautiful song though.

Cerys Matthews – Caught In The Middle (single) CD2
‘Il Est Midi’ – I was quite surprised when this appeared as a b-side as thought it was just gonna be a free download from the website for the animation competition, but hey, tis a cute little song. And obviously I have a particular fondness for it as I won the animation competition!!
‘Four Cotton Dresses’ – Quite possibly my favourite of the Caught In The Middle b-sides.

Cerys Matthews – Open Roads (acetate promo single)

Cerys Matthews – Open Roads (single)
Soul Love and Grace Cathedral Hill both make such great b-sides! Choosing to cover songs by David Bowie and The Decemberists can only lead to kudos really. Initially Grace Cathedral Hill was my favourite by far, though Soul Love grew on me a lot (especially hearing it live) and they’re now on a par really.

Cerys Matthews – Streets Of New York (promo single)
It wasn’t actually released as a single, but here’s the promo anyway! I think this is only the 2nd time I’ve listened to the radio edit. I find it quite odd to listen to as am so used to the album version. It just seems like it’s missing a lot of the beefyness. The vocals are more prominent, but personally I much prefer the production on the ‘proper’ version!

Cerys Matthews – Beech St Recordings
7 acoustic versions of songs, including Whispering Jesus and Bowling Green, which haven’t been released on anything else. Great versions of the songs and probably my favourite signed CD 🙂

Ok, I think that’ll have to do for today – my stomach’s growling at me!!

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