A-Z: Cerys Matthews (part 2)

I probably shouldn’t do any of this today as it distracts me from doing anything else, but hey. I guess listening to Never Said Goodbye another 3 times shouldn’t distract me too much from getting on with houseworky things, as I’ve already said quite a bit about it as an album! I’ve gotten to that stage with my unpacking though where I just seem to be moving boxes around and not actually getting much unpacked. And how do things manage to take up so much more space in boxes?? I seem to have an endless supply of videos – I’m sure they’re breeding!! Thankfully I should have a new bookcase arriving next weekend, but how do I make space to put it together, as all the things that need to go on it are in the way!! *lol* Ah, it’s all fun. I’m quite relieved now that people couldn’t make it to mine next weekend, as I’m still not prepared for visitors. I’ll have to get prepared pretty soon though, as although the last few weekends I’ve just spent on my own, it looks like November’s going to be a much more social month!! I’ve got Argos bringing me things next weekend, so I’ll need to use those days for getting things as sorted as possible, as then the socialness begins! πŸ˜€ The following weekend I’m off to Worcester (which reminds me I need to book train tickets!) to stay with my Dad, see my sister at some point and also meet up with my old work friends for lunch πŸ™‚ The weekend after that I’m actually free at the moment, though it preceeds the week of Cerys gigs! Looking forward to that. That following weekend sees the Newtown and Swansea gigs and then I’m also going to see The Bluetones on the following Monday πŸ˜€ The weekend after that I’m most likely going to London for Phil and Kat’s hen night, which is apparently going to be an ‘all-day extravaganza’ (exciting!), then the weekend after that I’ve invited people to mine for a boozy night out in Cardiff, then the following weekend we’re into December (OMG) and I’ll quite likely be going to Hemel for the weekend as it’s my Mum’s birthday. So yes, it’s good to have things lined up – it’ll be nice to be asked what I’m doing for the weekend and to not have to say ‘nothing inparticular’! The people at work must think I’m a right Billy No-Mates! Anyway, while I still do have a day of being a recluse, I might as well get on with this…

Cerys Matthews – Never Said Goodbye (album promo)
I know I said I still had lots to say about this album, but I’m not sure what those things were now! I think I was going to talk a bit about the gigs last year, but if you were there you already know how great they were and how fun that whole time was, and if you weren’t there then you missed out! πŸ˜› The ones in the summer inparticular were great – Llangollen, Cardiff, London, Edinburgh and then Cardiff again for me. The raging heat probably helped the happy atmosphere (despite profuse sweating at The Point), but yeah there was just something about those gigs inparticular – maybe just because they were the first, I don’t know. Not that I didn’t enjoy the later gigs – I’ve got fond memories of them all in different ways – Birmingham and Brecon inparticular of the later gigs. And of course I’m looking forward to the ones in November – as much as I enjoy being able to dance about and having that atmosphere that comes from standing gigs, there’s something really nice about seated gigs too as you can really appreciate the performance and don’t have to worry about how much crap you’ve got to carry in your bag and what footwear you’ve got on!! ;-D

The other thing I wanted to say about the album was that I got really excited by it and totally fell in love with it on first listen, which isn’t something that seems to happen very often with new albums I get these days. There are lots I enjoy on first listen, but I don’t get that overwhelming urge to play them over and over again in an almost obsessive way. Some times I worry that I’ve lost the ability to fall for albums in that way, but then the occasional one will crop up that will remind me that it is still possible. Over the past few years the only ones that come to mind as having done this are ‘Never Said Goodbye’ and before that ‘Here Come The Tears’. I remember chatting to Gareth on MSN when he’d been listening to the album (NSG not HCTT) for the first time and he had exactly the same reaction to it – also saying how he thought he’d lost that ability to really fall in love with an album like that. So yes, it baffles me that it wasn’t more widely praised within the music industry – hello Mercury Music Prize? No? Are you deaf? Does no-one else find the Arctic Monkeys samey and boring? Whatever. I was just as baffled when ‘Here Come The Tears’ wasn’t more widely praised too – the majority of the general public just obviously have no taste!! Although that’s hardly news right? I’d much rather be part of a select group of people than part of the masses anyway. As much as I love sheep, I don’t want to be one. Ha ha ha – I should so get that printed on a t-shirt!!

Cerys Matthews – Never Said Goodbye (album)
Aha, the actual CD I bought on the day of release. I had thought about going to Cardiff for the album signing thing but figured I couldn’t really afford it with all the gigs I’d just been to. Just as well I’d decided that as when I went to get some cash out in order to buy the album that monday morning, I discovered that I only just had enough cash left in my overdraft in order to buy the album, so train tickets to Cardiff would have had no chance!! Typically I used my last bit of cash to buy this album, then a few days later got 2 free copies in the post!! So what did I do with those? Gave them away!! One to my Dad and one to my friend Chris – both of whom were going to see Cerys with me on the Autumn tour, so needed to get boned up on the album. But yeah, how mad is it that I gave away 2 free copies and paid for my own!!? But hey, that’s me. I don’t regret it of course – I’d have felt strange not going to buy the album on the day of release. Although saying that, I’m not gonna get the chance to go buy ‘Awyren = Aeroplane’ tomorrow as I don’t work near enough to any music shops. It’ll have to wait until Saturday – although I’ve got most of the songs digitally already due to being Cerys’ web wizard (as she kindly puts it), so I really can’t complain about that, I know!!

Back to the NSG CD though – has anyone managed to take their lyrics booklet out without ripping the nice card cover?? Bit of a design flaw there methinks! Or maybe I was just too keen to get the lyrics booklet out and see how badly I’d interpreted some of the lyrics!!

Cerys Matthews – Never Said Goodbye (Japanese import album)
The Japanese love their bonus tracks, so this version of the album also has Soul Love and Grace Cathedral Hill squeezed in before Elen. This is my first time of listening to it actually as I got it on Ebay not that long ago. I think I might have outbid someone I know for it actually. Rachel – was it you? Apologies if it was. I always feel bad when I do that!! Yet I still do it. Anyway, it comes in a regular plastic CD case, which does mean it’s easier to get the lyrics booklet out!! πŸ˜‰ The English lyrics booklet’s just the same as the UK release, so doesn’t include Grace Cathedral Hill or Soul Love, although you do also get a Japanese lyric insert of course. That seems to have all the lyrics on it except Soul Love, Grace Cathedral Hill and Elen, which just have 1 sentence written under each of them. Presumably they didn’t have the lyrics to Soul Love and Grace Cathedral Hill in order to translate them and the idea of translating lyrics from Welsh into Japanese obviously blew somebody’s mind!! He he. I found out yesterday that some attempts I made at transcribing song lyrics from a few tracks on Ooberman’s The Lost Tapes compilation are going to make their way onto the Japanese release, complete with my minor errors (I do have a knack for mishearing things)! I’m strangely proud.

Cerys Matthews – If I Was With A Woman / Madness – My Old Man (promo)
2-track CD to promote ‘Brand new Boots & Panties’, the Ian Dury tribute album. Maybe this CD should therefore be grouped with that album under ‘various artists’, but hey, I have it under Cerys on my shelves, so I’m going to listen to it.
‘If I Was With A Woman’ – Ha ha, the internet just tried to tell me that this song’s called ‘If IΒ WasΒ A Woman’ – that would be quite a different song methinks, especially with Cerys singing it! I haven’t listened to this song in ages actually, am rather enjoying it πŸ™‚

Cerys Matthews – Only A Fool (single promo)
This didn’t end up getting released as a single in the end, I’m not really sure why, but I’ve already mentioned it’s one of my favourites. I’ve actually got the video for it on myΒ MySpace profileΒ at the moment, as it makes me smile πŸ™‚

Cerys Matthews – Caught In The Middle (single promo)
Woah, I just noticed that Fred Ball co-wrote the music for this song! I don’t remember ever realising that before. Cool! I remember the first time I actually saw what Fred Ball looked like – at one of the Brett Anderson Bush Hall gigs at the beginning of the year – I was really surprised as had expected someone called Fred to be quite old! Ha ha. Is that name-ist? He’s not though – he’s young and cute looking!

I think that will have to do for today. Typing stuff about singles is too time-consuming for the moment. Plus I’ve waffled a sufficient amount for one blog entry. πŸ™‚

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