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As I’ve gotten so lax with this recently I thought I’d try to squeeze in one more blog before Christmas. I probably shouldn’t start this now as I really need to go finish off my Christmas shopping, but hey, I can fit a CD in while I’m getting dressed and organised and stuff right? I guess I’m trying to delay the going into town as I’m still knackered from yesterday’s shopping trip! I hadn’t been on a proper shopping trip for ages as I generally buy most things online these days, but I’ve left the Christmas shopping a bit late so had to brave the crowds. I really enjoyed it actually but it got to a point where I was too laden down and exhausted to be able to shop any more. Most shops are open on Sundays these days though, so I’m hoping I’ll get the rest of the things I need today. Is it bad that the first shop I went in yesterday I only bought things for myself?! He he. All hail Primark! Jeans for £6 and shoes for £10? Can’t go wrong.

Anyway, I should put the music on so I can go get ready right? Chantal: step away from the computer!

Cerys Matthews – Union Chapel, London, 19 June 2003 (bootleg)
I’m pretty sure I’ve not actually listened to this before. Well, aside from when I was actually at the gig! I mostly wanted it so that I could have a recording of Cerys singing Jessica with Adam Green. The sound quality’s pretty good though – probably because of the venue – good acoustics and people generally don’t make too much noise in a church! I’m not gonna say much more about it as I need to go get ready, but I’ve already rambled on about the Union Chapel gig in the past!

Ok, off into town…

*about 3 and a half hours pass*

…I have returned! And I think I’m all sorted Christmas present wise now, so hoorah! I’m also pretty much sorted outfit-wise for my friends’ wedding at the beginning of January, so phew to that too. As far as I remember I haven’t been to an actual wedding ceremony since my Mum and Nick’s when I was about 9, so trying to choose a suitable outfit has been quite tricky. Hopefully I’ve done alright… I guess I’ll find out on the day! There’s always that worry of being either overdressed or underdressed. Anyway…

Cerys Matthews – Live In North Wales (bootleg)
From the Bethesda gig supporting SFAs. Would really like to have gone to this gig but it was just far too awkward. I must have bought this bootleg before the previous one as I remember wanting it just to have a version of Annie. Only 7 tracks here but the sound’s really good.
‘Arglwydd Dyma Fi’ – I love it when Cerys plays this in Wales, especially North Wales, as you get everyone singing along and there’s always a great atmosphere. Although one person in the crowd seems to be singing along to this particular performance very loudly and out of tune! Ha ha.

Ooh, why’s shopping so tiring? I’m seriously exhausted now and it’s only quarter to 4. I have very nice smelling hands though as one of the things I was holding in Lush started leaking a bit. I love Lush. They were giving out free hot mince pies to people coming and going from the shop! Not that I had one, as I hate mince pies, but I liked the gesture! The fact they were being purveyed by a rather attractive bloke didn’t hurt either!

Question for today: why do some clothes shops use such harsh and unflattering lights in their changing rooms? If you want people to be more likely to buy your clothes, they need to look in the mirror and actually like what they see. On the rare occasions I try clothes on in New Look I tend to end up not buying anything as I just look like the walking dead under the harsh lights. Granted the clothes just didn’t seem to sit right either, but with a bit of moody lighting I could have been tricked into thinking I looked fabulous! Ha ha.

Cerys Matthews – Live At Sesiwn Fawr 2004 (bootleg)
Bootlegged by Jamie I seem to remember. He sent me a free copy for letting him use my photos for the artwork 🙂 Really good sound quality again.
‘Gyda Gwen’ – The first time I’d ever heard this live. I couldn’t believe it when she started playing it – she hadn’t played any Catatonia songs at her solo gigs before this point. ‘Godspeed’ and ‘Johnny Come Lately’ were equally pleasant surprises – all 3 of them being amongst my favourite Catatonia songs.
‘Caught In The Middle’ – really like this version

Brian May – Back To The Light (album)
I got this album a few years ago after I realised it was slightly nuts that Queen used to be my favourite band, and still are amongst my favourites, but for some reason I’d never bought any of Brian or Rogers’ solo albums. When I became a Queen fan I remember noting that Brian wrote quite a large proportion of my favourite tracks, so I was v excited to get this album after putting it on my Christmas list. It’s pretty much what you’d expect a Brian May album to be – which I of course mean as a compliment.
‘The Dark’ – This first track kicks off with an intro that’s a mix of a lullaby and ‘We Will Rock You’. The trademark guitar then kicks in, followed by some strings. Great mostly-instrumental track that helps you know it’s a Brian May album you’re listening to. ‘Back To The Light’ (the 2nd track) then cements this! And of course continues the Queen tradition of having 2 songs on the same album that mark the light and the dark (the obvious ones being ‘White Queen (As It Began)’ and ‘March Of The Black Queen’ on ‘Queen II’).
‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ – This album was released in 1992 so this version obviously pre-dates the one from Made In Heaven, though as I got it 2nd, I see the Made In Heaven one as the definitive one. Plus there’s just something about Freddie singing it, especially when he must have been so close to death himself, which just makes it so so moving. It was my favourite song for a long time. I really like this version too though I have to say.
‘Driven By You’ – This was on a car advert wasn’t it? I find it quite difficult to listen to without just thinking of cars!! Ha ha. Plus the ‘Everything I Do…’ bit just makes me think of Bryan Adams, which isn’t really the greatest selling point is it? So yeah I don’t listen to this song much.
‘Rollin’ Over’ – Ooh the last track! How did that happen? This album flew by!

I think I’ll stop now though, especially as my stomach doesn’t seem to be feeling entirely happy with me for some reason – don’t know why. I might go lie on my bed for a bit and finish reading Graham Norton’s autobiography. Yes, sounds like a plan 🙂

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