A-Z: Catch – Cherry Falls

Catch – Dive In CD1 (single)

Catch – Dive In CD2 (single)
The free poster’s still inside! 🙂 I’m surprised I never put that up.

Catch – Catch (& b-sides)
This is the copy of the album that William made for me before I got an actual copy. It has the single b-sides on it too. All of Catch’s songs on one handy CD 🙂

Chef – Chocolate Salty Balls (single)
What can I say? I love South Park!

Cherry Falls – Standing Watching (single)
I saw Cherry Falls support Ooberman at their Cardiff Barfly gig back in…2003? Yeah, 2003. To be honest I wasn’t blown away by their music or anything – infact I remember describing them as a Scottish Stereophonics! Stereophonics being one of those bands whose music’s nice enough, but I’m generally not that excited by it. So yeah, why did I then go and buy 2 of Cherry Falls’ singles? Well, basically they seemed like nice guys and I wanted to give them a bit of support! The songs are pretty good and it’s nice to be reminded of that gig, especially as it was the last proper Ooberman gig I went to. I can’t really count the Brum gig on that tour as Ooberman’s set was delayed by so much that I only got to see about 4 songs before I had to go get the last train! And then they split up! At least they’re back together now, though some gigs at some point would be nice 🙂

Cherry Falls – In Your Arms Again (single)

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