A-Z: Catatonia (part 9)

Have had a sunny St David’s Day in Cardiff so I’m in the mood for some Catatonia listenage! Now where was I up to?…

Catatonia – Strange Glue (single)
Ah, this is one of my favourite CDs. It’s the first Catatonia CD I ever bought 🙂 As already mentioned, it took me a while to get my hands on International Velvet, plus I managed to miss the window of the Mulder And Scully and Road Rage singles being cheap to buy – but, I managed to nab me Strange Glue the week it was released! 🙂 And woo it had a live version of Road Rage on it, which made up for not having that single. Plus just before we went to America my Mum bought my sister and I a compilation CD each, so I made sure I found one that had Mulder And Scully on it! Score. What was it actually? I must still have it…ah ‘Fresh Hits 98’ and blimey it was £15.99 (!!!), from Virgin in Watford, not that that’s of interest I’m sure, I just remember random crap. Hang on, it doesn’t have Mulder And Scully on it at all, it’s got Road Rage on!! I had 2 versions of Road Rage and none of Mulder And Scully? I’d forgotten that! My alzheimers is setting in. Anyway, getting back to something remotely approaching a point – I have a particular love for this CD. Partly because it was my first Catatonia purchase, partly because I just love the artwork, partly because it has a ‘parental advisory’ sticker (hey, stuff like that’s novel when you’re 17!) and quite largely because it contains my most favouritest song ever!
‘That’s All Folks’ – I’m not gonna go on about That’s All Folks, I’ve probably done that enough in the past! Not that I said that much actually…I find it quite difficult to talk about – it’s surely up there with talking about love and is therefore like dancing about architecture.

Catatonia – Game On (single promo)

Catatonia – Game On (single)
‘Strange Glue (Live Acoustic Version)’ – Wow, I haven’t listened to this in a long long time – I’d forgotten how beautiful it is. No those aren’t tears, my contact lenses are just bothering me! *ahem*

Catatonia – Dead From The Waist Down (single promo)

Catatonia – Dead From The Waist Down (single promo)
This one’s got the finished artwork, whereas the previous one had a different chicken picture on it! It’s the little differences…

Catatonia – Dead From The Waist Down (single)
I was very excited about this single – new Catatonia songs!! Ok so I’d already taped DFTWD off the radio and played it somewhat endlessly, but I couldn’t wait to hear the b-sides. I have to confess that on first listen I was quite disappointed – I wasn’t keen on ‘Branding A Mountain’ at all and although I liked ‘Bad Bad Boy’, it wasn’t up there with other b-sides. However, the day after I got this single I went to a University Visit Day at the University of Staffordshire. No offence to anyone who went there, but I wasn’t particularly keen – maybe it wasn’t great timing as most of the students were away for Easter or something, but it felt so unfriendly and kinda like a prison! Miles away from any sign of life. I ended up putting it down as my insurance place but thank god I got into Leeds as I’d rather have re-sat my A-Levels than gone there! I wanted me the city life. Anyway, deviating from the point again…it’s worrying that my mind’s all over the place today, considering I had an interview this morning. Anyway, all during that slightly dull day in Stafford, what was stuck in my head, despite the fact I’d only listened to it a couple of times? Yup, ‘Bad Bad Boy’. That’s one damn catchy song!!! So yeah I did grow to be fond of that one pretty quickly. ‘Branding A Mountain’ took a lot longer but it got there eventually too!! I think the live version Cerys did on Radio 2 helped a lot.

Catatonia – Londinium (acetate single promo)
This has all 3 tracks on, which is groovy. After being initially disappointed by the DFTWD b-sides, these ones didn’t let me down at all 🙂 I remember listening to them for the first time with my Dad in the dining room in the house in Norwich, after we’d just been to the city to buy it (the CD, not the house!).
‘Apathy Revolution’ – Just fab. Even if it did take me ages to figure out what half of the lyrics were! I remember getting my sister to listen to it and give me her opinion on whether or not one of the lyrics was really ‘I think of diarrhea…’ (the lyric being ‘I think a diary would help don’t you?’)! Plus who can’t relate to feeling apathetic? I remember Russo and I were gonna start our own society of apathy and procrastination, but we couldn’t be bothered! ;-P
‘Intercontinental Sigh’ – Beautiful. And I love the S.O.S morse code at the beginning 🙂

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