A-Z: Catatonia (part 8)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the length of this post! It’s a go-to-the-toilet-and-sit-down-with-a-drink-before-you-even-start kinda post.

Catatonia – Greatest Hits (Limited Edition Version)
CD2 – I don’t understand the choice of songs on this bonus CD at all, I must say. 3 tracks from Way Beyond Blue, 3 from Paper Scissors Stone and 4 b-sides. Why no album tracks from IV or ECAB, the 2 best-selling albums?! And why those specific tracks? I understand ‘Do You Believe In Me?’, it was always a fan favourite and a live favourite, plus I understand ‘Whale’ as it was technically a single, but the others seem pretty random. Not that the other songs are bad, but I could choose 10 songs completely at random and quite possibly come up with a better selection – especially as the ordering’s really odd – wouldn’t ‘Godspeed’ work better first? And ‘Way Beyond Blue’ last?! And why no ‘For Tinkerbell’?? Surely that’s an obvious song to include. And ‘International Velvet’ for that matter – probably their best known song outside of the singles. It really is bizarre. Actually I’m gonna try picking 10 songs at random (excluding ones on CD1) and seeing if it creates a better CD2…
1. Do You Believe In Me? (Freaky! That was totally random, I promise!)
2. No Stone Unturned
3. Johnny Come Lately
4. To And Fro
5. Blues Song
6. Blow The Millennium Pt. 2
7. For Tinkerbell
8. Intercontinental Sigh
9. She’s A Millionaire
10. Fall Beside Her
Ok so they still aren’t 10 songs I’d choose myself, but I do think that’s better!! Ha ha. It’s freakishly more evenly spread out – 1 track from WBB, 1 from IV, 1 from ECAB, 1 from PSS and 6 b-sides. How funny. Although why are there only 10 tracks anyway?? A bonus CD should be packed with stuff!! It’s madness.

Catatonia – The Platinum Collection
I agree with Ben that this is a better collection of songs. You get quite a few of the singles (despite odd ommissions like DFTWD and I Am The Mob), they’re allCatatonia songs, and the other tracks are more evenly spread out (including For Tinkerbell and Internatinoal Velvet!). It is still pretty random, especially in the ordering (Dazed, Beautiful And Bruised in the middle and All Girls Are Fly at the end?!?), but hey! It’s easier to forgive this CD for being a bit random as it’s only about a fiver!! Bargainous for 18 songs really, even if you have to put up with the cheap looking cover and the notion that it’s just intended for Warners to rake in some extra money.
‘I’m Cured’ – I haven’t listened to this song for ages! How come when you put MP3 players on ‘random’ they have a tendency to play the same songs most of the time?? This one never seems to come up on Winamp. And it’s great – it makes me smile!

Right, it’s onto the singles now!! Can I get through them all in 1 weekend?! I think I’m gonna have to give it a try 😉

Catatonia – For Tinkerbell (single)

Catatonia – For Tinkerbell (single)
Yes I’ve got 2 copies of this single, but only because this one’s signed! I bought it on Ebay a while ago as liked the novelty of the fact Cerys has signed it as ‘Anazapela’, plus it’s signed by Clancy, who has a little flower at the end of her signature! Aw 🙂 Paul’s signature’s easy to read, but I’m not sure about the 4th signature! I assumed it was Mark signing as ‘M.E.Zaun’, though it’s not exactly the most legible of things. Squinting at it, it could possibly say ‘Daf’, so maybe Mark didn’t sign it at all, but I’m not really sure. Tis cool anyway.

Catatonia – Hooked (single)
‘Difrycheulyd [Snail Ambition]’ – Love this song. I remember when I first heard it, on a cassette of early b-sides that someone from Adam’s digest kindly made for me, way back before I started collecting the whole back catalogue. It was one of the most bizarre songs I’d ever heard! I really wasn’t that keen on it for quite a while, but it sneakily crept up on me and somehow became one of my favourites!

Catatonia – 1993/1994
I’m never sure where to put this CD on my shelves. I’ve put it here because it just replicates what’s on the For Tinkerbell and Hooked singles, but maybe I should put it chronologically when it was actually released? It would seem kinda odd in the middle of later singles though. Unless I put it at the end with the Japanese EPs and stuff…? Hmm, I think I’ll just leave it here! I remember buying it in Virgin in Norwich. You know how it used to have that sticker on which said something like ‘not to be sold for more than £5.99’ (though it probably wasn’t £5.99 – I can’t remember how much it was. Pretend it was £5.99!)? Anyway, it had that sticker on, but over the top of it Virgin has stuck a price sticker for £6.99 or something!!! Obviously I didn’t realise that until after I’d bought it, but yeah, how rude!
‘Sweet Catatonia’ – I found it really difficult to listen to this version of ‘Sweet Catatonia’ for ages, as I was so used to the album version. I kept wanting to speed it up! Like I’d put a vinyl on at the wrong speed!! He he. I used to skip it most of the time actually. I do really like it now though, it’s an interesting alternative, though obviously the album version’s a million times better.

Catatonia – Bleed (promo single)
Bleed’s a brilliant song isn’t it? It just kinda punches you in the face! 😀 I bought this CD at a record fair in Leeds in my first year of Uni. Giving me a student loan was basically like saying ‘hey Chantal, get building up that Catatonia back-catalogue!’. He he. It wasn’t just Catatonia mind – I had less than 100 CDs when I started Uni and by the time I left I think I was round about the 600 mark!! And as of this moment I’ve got exactly 1160 CDs, hee hee. My vinyl collection’s not quite as impressive, it’s just approaching the 200 mark, but still! Anyway, back to Bleed – I found this at a record fair and was most excited! It was more than I really wanted to pay (the typed label still on there tells me it’s ‘Catatonia Bleed V. Rare Orig Issue £25.00’), so I did leave it to start with, while I looked around the rest of the fair, buying a few other cheaper things, but then I got to the end and just had enough cash to scrape together, so went back and bought it. I knew I’d regret it otherwise – what if I never had the chance again?? Yes this was before Ebay was huge and you could find stuff like this much more cheaply, but hey, it made me very happy at the time.

Catatonia – Bleed (single)
Proving my own point – I bought this on Ebay not long ago when I realised I didn’t have the actual release, I only had the promo (even though the promo’s exactly the same as the actual release, it just has a couple of stickers on the back!). I only paid about £2.50 for it though, as opposed to £25!! Kinda sad in a way, though much better on my bank balance.
I really like these early versions of ‘This Boy Can’t Swim’ and ‘Painful’ by the way – especially the little laugh at the end of ‘Painful’, that always makes me smile 🙂

Catatonia – Lost Cat (single promo)
One track promo.

Catatonia – Lost Cat (single) CD1

Catatonia – Lost Cat (single) CD2
The live sessions on here are fab – especially the acoustic version of Whale, that’s gorgeous.

Catatonia – Sweet Catatonia (single promo)
Four track promo, including Tourist 🙂
‘Acapulco Gold’ – For some reason this song always evokes memories of sitting in my old bedroom in Norwich (yes I’ve lived all over the country!). I obviously played it a lot round about that time. I don’t listen to it much these days really, but I’m re-appreciating it now – it really is a great song.
‘Cut You Inside’ – I always forget that this song is down as a ‘demo’. I’ve never seen it as a demo, it sounds brilliant the way it is.

Catatonia – Sweet Catatonia (single)
Ah, I’m easily gonna get through all the singles in a weekend! I’ll probably get through them all today. The EPs and bootlegs will take a bit longer though I reckon!

Catatonia – Sweet Catatonia (free CD)
I’m never sure where to put this CD either – it’s the one that was free with The Sun to promote the release of the Greatest Hits. I’ve just noticed that on the back it says ‘Drums: Dafydd Leuan’. Leuan?! Some English person was obviously scared by the idea of all those vowels together!! 😉

Catatonia – Bleed (single promo)
One track promo. The re-release on Blanco, obviously, as I’ve already done the Nursery ones. And hee, it’s the ‘clean version’! Brilliant.

Catatonia – Bleed (single) CD1

Ok, I’m gonna take a brief break in the A-Z listening here – not that it’ll make any difference to you reading this obviously! 😛 But yes, the postman finally arrived and has brought me the Ooberon album! Hoorah!!! It’s not released until Monday, but Townsend have a tendency to post pre-orders slightly early 🙂 Also from Townsend I’ve just received The Bluetones BBC Radio Sessions CD, which because I pre-ordered has come with a limited edition lyrics sheet for Slight Return, which is signed by Mark 😀 Kick ass! Anyway, will save the Bluetones listening for another time, but I neeeeed to listen to the Ooberon album now…

…ok I’m back. V v enjoyed that!! 😀 You’ll have to wait until I reach ‘O’ for my ramblings on that one though. So, back to Catatonia…

Catatonia – Bleed (single) CD2
‘Bleed (Version 2)’ – I’d completely forgotten there was a different version of Bleed on here. I haven’t heard this in years. It’s kinda cool – all echoey and stuff. You can hear that guitar bit in the 2nd verse more clearly, which I love.

Catatonia – You’ve Got A Lot To Answer For (single) CD1
No I don’t have a promo for YGALTAF. Feel free to die of shock! I hadn’t even realised actually – I tend to forget which promos I have.
‘Do You Believe In Me?’ – I feel the need to mention this song, though don’t know what to say. If you’re a Catatonia fan you’ll already know it’s great.
‘Dimbran’ – I’d completely forgotten this was on here. How random.

Catatonia – You’ve Got A Lot To Answer For (single) CD2
I remember finding this in HMV in Newcastle in the Summer of ’99. I was most excited and somewhat surprised!

Catatonia – I Am The Mob (single promo)
One track promo. I just put this in the computer and the auto-recognition internet thing told me it was Solomon Bites The Worm by The Bluetones. Er…good song, but not the right one! 😛
Where was Luca Brasi mentioned the other day and it made me smile?? Oh it was on Bones! He he. Talking about garottes and stuff. Nice.

Catatonia – I Am The Mob (single)
‘Jump Or Be Sane’ – Brilliant song! I haven’t listened to this for ages either actually.

Catatonia – I Am The Mob (single)
Same single, different packaging. The previous one was just in a cardboard sleeve, whereas this one’s a digipack. I thought that was the only difference, but I just realised that at the bottom of the previous single it says ‘Manufactured and Distributed by Warner Music Australia’. Huh? I bought it in HMV on Oxford Street! At the same time as I bought the Road Rage and Game On singles I seem to remember.

Catatonia – Mulder And Scully (single promo)
One track USA promo.

Catatonia – Mulder And Scully (single)
This CD’s pretty badly battered. Although I’d rather think of it as ‘well loved’! He he.
I seem to remember ‘No Stone Unturned’ being my favourite Catatonia song for quite a while after I bought this single.
I bought this single in Virgin in Hemel Hempstead, a little while after I’d had International Velvet. Before buying it I debated for about 10 minutes on whether or not I really wanted to pay £4.99 for a single (which is why I hadn’t bought it already! I missed the window of it being only £1.99). Yes these were clearly before the days of me paying £25 for singles!!!

Catatonia – Mulder And Scully (single)
Yes I’ve got 2 copies of this too!!! Again not intentionally though – I got this one free when I bought something else on Ebay (I’ve forgotten what). The digipack’s in a much better condition than my original copy though (not having been repeatedly transported about the country no doubt) – plus the CD itself is a lighter coloured blue for some unknown reason :-/ And as if to rub my nose into the fact I paid £4.99 for my original copy – this one still has the £1.99 Virgin sticker on it!! ;-P

Catatonia – Road Rage (single promo)
This apparently cost me £4.50. How come those stickers you get on things at record fairs always look like they’ve been typed on a typewriter?? And why are they impossible to remove? You’d think that the kinda people who sell at record fairs would have a love of CDs and wouldn’t want to stick things on them that might detract from their value. But hey, maybe I’m just nuts.

Catatonia – Road Rage (USA single promo)

Catatonia – Road Rage (single)
Hmm, I’m torn between wanting to reach the end of the singles and wanting to watch a film! Hee. I think I’ve probably had enough Catatonia for today, so I’ll go watch a film in a mo – once I decide what I want to watch anyway. Hmm… I watched House Of D last night, which was great (thanks to my Mum for bringing it back from New York!)! Robin Williams is very un-Robin-Williams-like! In a good way though – he’s great in it. If you haven’t heard of it, there’s info on the website of course. It’s written and directed by David Duchovny, which unsurprisingly is how I know about it – DD’s blog while filming and doing the press tours was great 🙂 He’s not in the film much himself (and when he is he has a damn ropey handlebar moustache!), but the story’s great and it’s a really enjoyable film. It had me crying a few times near the end, though whether that’s a recommendation or not I don’t know. Anyway, have gone somewhat off topic here… must find something to watch tonight… I might as well stick on another CD while I’m thinking…

Catatonia – Strange Glue (single promo)
This is another one I bought for £4.50 – presumably at the same time! Ok, films…hmm, I’m actually quite tempted to watch High Fidelity! Hee, fitting right? But no, scratch that, I’m torn between Serenity and The Shawshank Redemption…hmm…will post this and then see which I’m drawn to…

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