A-Z: Catatonia (part 6)

Catatonia – Equally Cursed And Blessed (album) – USA release

Catatonia – Paper, Scissors, Stone (acetate promo album)
The last Catatonia album I get to ramble on about. I’m not actually feeling that eloquent today, so the rambling will be limited. I’m wanting to blame my sore throat for this, but how that extends to my not being able to type much I’m not sure!

PSS is definitely one of their best albums (in my opinion of course!). It took me quite a while to be able to appreciate it as an actual album though – just because I was already familiar with about half of the songs before the album was released! Mostly they were ones I’d heard live and then on bootleg, though there were also 1 or 2 I’d been sent MP3s of by people who had promos.
‘Godspeed’ – I can’t actually remember whether I’d heard this one before the album had been released or not. I don’t think I did. I’m pleased I can’t remember now, as there was quite a while when I saw the album in 2 very distinct separate groups of songs. Beautiful opening track. Plus the lyric ‘I log on for company. My ISP comforts me’ is always going to be a winning one in my book!!
‘Fuel’ – This was the only track on the album I was disappointed by and is still my least favourite. It’s not that it’s not a good track, it’s just that the live version totally spoiled it for me! Live it was stripped back and acoustic and just so so beautiful. It was definitely one of my favourites of the new tracks and I couldn’t wait to hear the recorded version – expecting it to have a similar feel – which it, er, didn’t really. Shame.
‘What It Is’ – This song was the opposite to ‘Fuel’! With ‘Fuel’ I had high expectations and was kinda let down, whereas with ‘What It Is’ I was expecting to find it a grower and to not take to it instantly (as lots of people who’d heard promos were saying they weren’t keen on it), but I just thought it was fab!! Loved it straight away. It’s unlike any other Catatonia song and yeah it’s a little bit nuts with the chanting about sculpture and vultures, but if there’s something I like it’s a bit of random crazyness!! 😉
‘Arabian Derby’ – Ah no, this song has a tendency to make me cry! It’s positive and inspiring really, but there’s just something bittersweet and sad about it too – maybe just because it’s the last track on the last album, but I think there’s something inherent in the song too – I really really love it, despite the tears.

Catatonia – Paper, Scissors, Stone (acetate promo album)
Yeah I have 2 acetate promos – though that wasn’t actually intentional I must point out!! I bought one at a record fair some time and then some time later I was at another record fair and found another promo – I thought to myself ‘I don’t think I’ve got PSS on acetate promo’ so bought it! Obviously I got home and discovered how wrong I was, though they are slightly different – one’s just a typed tracklist whereas the other’s kinda trying to emulate the style of the final CD, so I don’t feeltoo dumb!! I do try and take lists of what I’ve already got with me to record fairs (on the rare occasions I go these days), so as not to make slip-ups like that again, but as you can imagine it’s a pretty long list!

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