A-Z: Catatonia (part 5)

Catatonia – Equally Cursed And Blessed (USA Album Promo)
This is a pretty interesting CD…I have to confess I can’t remember where or when I bought it, but it looks like it might have been at a record fair. Anyway, it’s an acetate promo from Vapor Records and I have to confess that it’s something I just bought quite cheaply and stuck on the shelf as part of my ever-expanding collection! You can tell I’ve never looked at it that closely as I just stuck it in the computer and was confused when Storm The Palace started playing! Naturally I was expecting DFTWD, which is actually on there 2nd and playing now. It’s dated March 1st and is obviously the original ordering of the album, which I’m guessing is the one lots of magazines etc got to review as they’d often refer to ‘Valerian’ as ‘Valerian Unwanted’, which is what it’s down as on here (well, actually it’s down as ‘Valarian Unwanted’, but I’m assuming that’s a typo!). So yeah, it’s quite interesting hearing the album in a totally different way…ooh, infact She’s A Millionaire just started and the intro’s different – there are baby sounds before the song kicks in! He he, cool. I’m actually rather liking the album in this order – it’s not hugely different really I suppose, but it does create quite a different feel. I’m not sure whether it’s better or worse though – it sounds fresher, but that’s just because I’m used to hearing the songs in a particular order. The ordering here is:
1. Storm The Palace
2. Dead From The Waist Down
3. She’s A Millionaire
4. Post Script
5. Karaoke Queen
6. Bulimic Beats
7. Shoot The Messenger
8. Londinium
9. Valerian
10. Nothing Hurts
11. Dazed, Beautiful And Bruised
It’s definitely my cool discovery of the day! I always assumed that because it’s a US promo, it directly preceded the actual US release and was the same as it (Which is why I put it in this place on my shelf! Although I had noted it didn’t have the additional tracks of Mulder And Scully and Road Rage on it). But no, it preceded that by quite a bit – plus it’s on a different label!! It’s on Vapor, whereas ECAB ended up being released on Atlantic. I feel a bit unobservant for not having noticed that sooner!! Ha ha. I knew this A-Z nonsense would be good for something. Anyway, back to the listening…

‘She’s A Millionaire’ – I think the outro for this song’s longer too. It doesn’t sound quite the same anyway, but the difference is very slight (or just in my head!).
‘Karaoke Queen’ – the outro of this one’s very slightly different too. Nothing really obvious that I can explain, but I’ve listened to these songs lots, so even a slight change kinda sticks out. I’m v enjoying listening to this I must say 🙂
‘Shoot The Messenger’ – Ooh, this actually works really well after Bulimic Beats. I wonder why they changed that. I suppose having Valerian, Nothing Hurts and DB&B all one after the other are a bit too similarly paced? I also really liked having She’s A Millionaire following DFTWD I have to say – I think it works better than Londinium. In a mo I’ll see how Londinium works later on in the album.
‘Londinium’ – Not sure this really works right after Shoot The Messenger really. I wonder how I’d have ordered these songs…I’m tempted to try, as I love deciding on running orders, but it’s difficult not to be influenced by how I’m used to hearing the songs. I wouldn’t actually change the ordering for the world, as I fell in love with the way it jumps about all over the place (he he), but when this has finished playing I might give it a go. I think other fans at the time also came up with their own visions of how it should have been ordered (I know Suede fans did for A New Morning! But I’ll get to that another time). Anyone reading this have one they’d like to share? It’s interesting how some albums just lend themselves to that, whereas others you wouldn’t dream of touching.
‘Dazed, Beautiful & Bruised’ – Holy crap, there’s a bit at the end of this that just scared the life out of me. Cerys asks if she came in too early and a distorted voice replies, saying something like ‘no, you rather left too soon’. Ha ha ha. Random. Just when you think you’re a guru of all things Catatonia you discover things you had no idea about!

Ok, here’s my attempt…
1. Storm The Palace
2. She’s A Millionaire
3. Dead From The Waist Down
4. Londinium
5. Karaoke Queen
6. Shoot The Messenger
7. Nothing Hurts
8. Valerian
9. Post Script
10. Bulimic Beats
11. Dazed, Beautiful And Bruised

But like I said, I love it for not playing safe and being a bit nuts! 😉 Wouldn’t change it.

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