A-Z: Catatonia (part 14)

Catatonia – Bombin’ Da Forum ’99
The London Forum gig from 5th April ’99 that was broadcast live on Radio 1 as part of ‘Catatonia Day’. Remember that? There was a great interview with Cerys and Owen beforehand which I should have on tape somewhere. But yeah, this is another of my favourite gigs – I very nearly went to it infact. All through the beginning of ’99 I desperately wanted to see the band live but couldn’t really afford it. But then someone on Adam’s digest posted a message saying that they could no longer make the Forum gig and were willing to sell their ticket/s (I can’t remember if it was 1 or 2!) on for some ridiculously low price like a fiver or something (or was it even for free?! I think it might have been!), to whoever e-mailed first. I sent an e-mail as quick as I could, not wanting to pass up that opportunity, but sadly got one back saying I hadn’t quite been quick enough. Oh well, eh? Nothing lost. But then a few days later I got another e-mail from them saying that the other person had dropped out and if I still wanted them they were mine! Woohoo!!! Brilliant right? However, the gig wasn’t exactly at the greatest time – it was the Easter bank holiday weekend (like now, fittingly) and I was supposed to be going to my Dad’s in Norfolk for the weekend. I can’t remember now, but it’s quite possible we’d have been celebrating his birthday then too as was only a week before. So yeah, awkward! I went and spoke to my Mum anyway, who unsurprisingly said “but you’re going to your Dad’s!”. I said “I know…but I’m sure he’d understand!” I’m sure he would too, but it was rather last minute and Mum then also pointed out the fact it was a bank holiday and questioned whether the tubes would be running properly and if I’d even be able to get there and back. I don’t know whether that would have been a problem or not, but it was enough to make me have to reluctantly admit I wasn’t going to get to see my favourite band quite yet. I e-mailed the bloke back and had to make do with listening to it on the radio instead! I did v enjoy that though, plus getting to hear some tracks from ECAB on the radio during the day. Plus the secret Astoria gig was announced very soon after this one and I managed to win tickets to that, so all was good in the world!! 🙂
‘She’s A Millionaire’ – This is possibly my favourite live recording of this song. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time I heard the song, I don’t know. Even after I had ECAB though I still listened to this version a lot – infact I put it on a tape that I took to Corfu with me that summer and which my friend Amanda kept borrowing 🙂 Music soundtracks everything. Other Catatonia-related memories from that holiday include Road Rage being played at a bar (though sped up a bit so Cerys sounded a little chipmunky! He he) while this photo was being taken infact. Notice my restraint at not singing along while the photo was being taken! Hee. There was also another night when we were in our apartments getting changed to go out and someone somewhere was blasting out The Ballad Of Tom Jones and it could be heard all around 😀

Catatonia – Live In Madrid
A gig from some time in 1999 apparently. It’s only got 7 tracks on it and I’ve no idea where on earth I got it from now!! I’m thinking Ebay’s a possibility – if in doubt, assume I bought something from Ebay! Ah yes, just figured it out – I bought a bootleg of Cerys’ Bethesda gig supporting SFAs on Ebay and this was a free gift with it! The inlays are typed in the same colour and font. Haven’t actually listened to this before though, so should be good…
Sounds like it’s session tracks or something, rather than a gig, which would explain why there are just 7 songs! There is an audience though, so maybe a TV thing? Ah I dunno. Recording quality’s not great, but it’s still enjoyable.
‘She’s A Millionaire’ – ooh this song’s preceded by Cerys talking in Spanish. Cool 🙂

Catatonia – Live In Melbourne 24/7/99
The first of 4 bootleg CDs kindly given to me by Mike Roberts when he came over to the UK from Australia a couple of years ago. We met up in Worcester quite briefly, just for a chat and a coffee after I’d finished work and before he needed to head off back towards the airport. Well, we eventually managed to meet up after a bit of confusion – there are 2 shopping centres in Worcester with the same name, which are next to each other, so I went to 1 and he was in the other! Eventually we figured this out and I went to the right one, waiting outside Mothercare, which is where he said he was, but unbeknownst to both of us, there are 2 entrances to Mothercare!! And I had no easy way of contacting him as he had no mobile with him, so I had to wait until he phoned me from phoneboxes. Ah, it was a laugh! Was good to meet him when we finally managed it though and naturally we spent the whole time talking about Catatonia!

Catatonia – Live In Sydney 29/7/99
2nd CD from Mike.

Catatonia – Live In Osaka 4/11/99
CD number 3 from Mike. Brilliant set-list it has to be said – including some songs I’d have loved to have gotten to have seen live – ‘Don’t Wanna Talk About It’, ‘Shoot The Messenger’, ‘Dazed, Beautiful And Bruised’ and ‘That’s All Folks’. ‘That’s All Folks’!!!!! Ah man.

Catatonia – Osaka 1999
Yep this is the same gig as the previous one! Tasha kindly made me this copy, not realising I already had it. I’m v v pleased she did though as the sound quality on this one is loads better than the previous one! And the previous one wasn’t bad. Plus this one also includes the sound of the band coming out to ‘Just A Gigolo’ at the beginning. He he.

Catatonia – Live In Tokyo 7/11/99
4th and final CD from Mike.

Wow, there are only 3 more bootlegs to go and then it’s the end of my Catatonia CDs 😮 Been quite a journey. I think I’ll save the last 3 for tomorrow.

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