A-Z: Catatonia (part 13)

Catatonia – Fair Play Mind
On here we have 7 tracks from Glastonbury ’98 (recorded from Radio 1 as you get Steve Lamacq talking too – means it’s good quality though), Strange Glue from the National Lottery, some of the BBC sessions again and then Cariadon Ffol and Beautiful Sailor. I like the effort that’s gone into the artwork on this bootleg. Lots of bootleg artwork’s pretty slap-dash, but this is a nice looking CD 🙂

Catatonia – Live At V98 Leeds
Pretty self-explanatory!

Catatonia – Live 1998
CIA gig from December ’98, plus Glasto ’98 again and some tracks from Later With Jools Holland. Isn’t it annoying though when you get bootlegs made by people who don’t actually know what the songs are called? I mean, ‘I Am The Law’?!?

Catatonia – Dead From The Neck Up
Mostly duplicated stuff, although this is one of the first bootlegs I bought so it probably wasn’t duplicated at the time! It contains the Jools Holland tracks from ’99 and Dec ’98, Bulimic Beats on TFI Friday and the CIA gig from Dec ’98 again.

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