A-Z: Catatonia (part 12)

Catatonia – Black Sessions 1995 & Wolverhampton 1997 (bootleg)
Does what it says on the tin! He he. I wanted a copy of the Black Sessions for years before I finally got this one, although it was quite largely because I’d mixed it up with the DIFA sessions and thought it had on the Welsh version of Fall Beside Her and the English Snail Ambition, which I really wanted to get to hear. Tis still cool to have this bootleg now though. I especially like having the live version of ‘Beautiful Sailor’ – I don’t think I’ve heard that anywhere else. Same with ‘You Can’ actually. Plus the version of ‘Acapulco Gold’ with Spanish bits is fab!! I’m assuming it’s Spanish anyway.
There are just 4 tracks from the Wolverhampton Civic Hall gig, which infact I’m about to listen to again…

Catatonia – Early Daze (bootleg)
Yep this kicks off with the same 4 tracks from Wolverhampton. It’s a bit of a lame bootleg really in lots of ways. It’s called ‘Early Daze’, which would imply it’s full of early material, but 1997 isn’t particularly early really is it? Plus that’s the only live gig on it, the rest are tracks that were actually released on CD – 5 various session tracks and then 10 tracks that are described as ‘ultra rare’ but er aren’t really! They’re not even all early tracks as they include ‘I Am The Mob (Luca Brasi Mix)’, ‘Jump Or Be Sane’ and ‘That’s All Folks’! It’s basically a bootleg containing 4 live tracks and then a load of b-sides! Plus lots of the songs have their beginning and/or end cut off. But hey.

Catatonia – Land Of Our Fathers (bootleg)
One of my favourite bootlegs, no doubt. It’s mostly the Newport Centre gig from March ’98, which is just brilliant. I seem to remember that I bought it in Spillers back in about 1999. 🙂 I think so anyway – it was either Land Of Our Fathers or Fair Play Mind that I bought in Spillers. The other I think I found at a record fair at Uni.

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