A-Z: Catatonia (part 11)

Where’s today gone? Have spent quite a while updating my MySpace profile with random photos and stuff, but that can’t have taken me all day surely, that would be pretty sad! I have been listening to all my newly-purchased CDs too, which has been fun. Anyway, onto some not-so-recently-purchased ones…

Catatonia – Storm The Palace EP
This is a pretty random selection of tracks. Storm The Palace (obviously), live versions of Road Rage and Painful, Branding A Mountain, a live version of Do You Believe In Me?, That’s All Folks and Apathy Revolution. Great songs, just random. I’d actually forgotten That’s All Folks made it onto a CD other than the Strange Glue single. Although why isn’t it last? It’s an obvious closer, surely.

Catatonia – Karaoke Queen (Special Sampler)
Yes this is the CD that eil.com were selling for over £100. I wonder if they still are…ah, they’ve sold out. But yeah, I didn’t pay that much for it, I found it slightly cheaper on Ebay, though I did still pay quite a bit. *ahem*

Catatonia – DIFA Sessions etc. (bootleg)
Onto the bootlegs! I’m nearing the end of my Catatonia nostalgia-trip (though it’ll take me a while yet to get through the bootlegs). Tasha kindly copied this for me not that long ago. First off is the DIFA sessions – the Welsh version of Fall Beside Her’s great – I wonder if there’s a studio version of it floating around anywhere. There are also live session versions of Gwe, Difrycheulyd, Gyda Gwen and For Tinkerbell.
After that there’s a Red Dragon FM interview with Cerys and Clancy. I’d never heard Clancy talk before I heard this I have to say. I didn’t even realise she was English, I always just assumed she was Welsh.
More session tracks next – Snail Ambition, Fall Beside Her and Hooked. Tis a Revolution session with Adam Walton infact. Adam Walton’s fab! The session’s followed by a Revolution interview with Cerys and Clancy. The CD’s then randomly finished off with Gwe, Iago M and acoustic versions of Mickey and Whale.

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