A-Z: Catatonia (part 10)

Catatonia – Londinium (single promo)

Catatonia – Londinium (single)

Catatonia – Karaoke Queen (acetate single promo)
This is from the originally planned release, when it was going to be the 2nd single from ECAB. It has the release date down as 21st June. It’s a radio edit, so is shorter than the album version, but it’s not the remixed one that ended up being released.

Catatonia – Karaoke Queen (acetate single promo)
This is the one that was actually released! I like that I’ve got CD-R promos from both, but again it wasn’t intentional, just a happy coincidence! I think this is the one I bought at some point, then my sister randomly bought me the other one, possibly at Reading or something, hoping I didn’t already have it. Initially I thought I’d have to tell her that I already had that promo, but when I compared the 2 I noticed the different release dates on them, so was rather pleased 😀

Catatonia – Karaoke Queen (single promo)

Catatonia – Karaoke Queen (single) CD1
‘Don’t Wanna Talk About It’ – Love this song. Always evokes memories of blasting it from my bedroom in halls in the 1st year of Uni as was released not long after I started there.

Catatonia – Karaoke Queen (single) CD1
Yes I’ve got 2 copies of this. This was kinda intentional though – well, to an extent! Basically I found this one for sale in Poundland. Yes, Poundland!! Ok so it was probably only £1.99 when it was first released, so £1’s not a huge reduction, it’s not like it’s an album or something, but still, there were lots of them all sitting in this rack with a load of lame CDs (the likes of which you’d expect to find in a pound shop!). I was shocked and slightly offended that Karaoke Queen had presumably sold so badly they were having to get rid of the singles in this way! I felt compelled to buy one. I hope the others went to good homes too :-/

Catatonia – Karaoke Queen (single) CD2
Yup the cute little 3″ single! I haven’t listened to this for ages.

Catatonia – Stone By Stone (single promo)

Catatonia – Stone By Stone (single)
Both of the b-sides on here are brilliant. I particularly love the full-length version of Apple Core.

Ooh I’ve reached the end of the singles. Onto the EPs and stuff…

Catatonia – The Sublime Magic Of…
A great collection of early tracks. Cariadon Ffol at the beginning’s a particularly nice treat.

Catatonia – Tourist

Catatonia – Mulder And Scully EP

Catatonia – A’s & B’s of Catatonia
The different sample at the beginning of I Am The Mob on here makes me laugh! Is it the original one actually taken from whichever TV show it was (Jerry Springer? Ricky Lake? Something like that)? I assumed it was but could well be wrong.

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