A-Z: Bright Eyes – Bernard Butler

Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life (single)

British Sea Power – Open Season (album)
I won this album on 6music 😀 I’d been thinking of buying it anyway, so was rather pleased. It’s strange though, British Sea Power are one of those bands I really want to like – lots of people with similar music taste to me seem to really love them, but I just don’t really get it. Their songs are enjoyable enough, I don’t dislike them, but I think I’m missing something in terms of thinking they’re great. I find them a little dull if truth be told. Is it because I haven’t seen them live? I know their live shows are supposed to be impressive. But yeah I’ve actually got this playing in the background while I try and fill in job applications. ‘Try’ being the operative word, as I’m typing on here in order to procrastinate a bit more! It’s just so dull writing personal statements to fit the person specs – you can re-use some things you’ve written before, but it still seems to take forever!! And then if you don’t even get an interview it gets a bit dispiriting. Anyway, I wasn’t meaning to moan about that, I should get back to it really…

British Sea Power – Remember Me (single) CD1
‘Good Good Boys’ – This is one of the only BSP songs that really appeals to me! I’m not sure what it is but I really like it.

British Sea Power – It Ended On An Oily Stage (single)

Bernard Butler – People Move On (album promo)
I got this CD from Joop 🙂 I can’t remember what on earth the occasion was now, but hey! I haven’t listened to it as an album in a loooong time – I mostly just listen to the songs separately on winamp, though even then I don’t listen to them that much actually. It should be good to listen to them now. Especially as I just finished filling in my job application forms so I can chill out 😀
‘Woman I Know’ – Mmmm good first song 🙂 It makes me smile that the opening song’s 7 mins 51 secs long though. Bernard really is a fan of long songs isn’t he?! Most of the songs on here are either nearing the 5 minute mark or they’re over it. Not that that’s bad necessarily, it’s just they tend not to be so instant and I haven’t allowed most of them the time to really grow on me.
‘Not Alone’ – I see why this one was a single. Definitely one of the catchiest. I can hear David McAlmont singing it actually – it’s very McAlmont & Butler!
‘Stay’ – My favourite BB song. Gorgeous.

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