A-Z: Bree Sharp – The Shins

Bree Sharp – A Cheap And Evil Girl (album)
Another artist I got into through my love of The X-Files. Yes, she has a song called ‘David Duchovny’ – how could I not love that? As I often do, I then felt inclined to check out more of her music and was decidedly impressed. ‘The Cheap And Evil Girl’ and ‘Guttermouth’ I particularly liked. I then got hold of this album and it’s full of great songs like the tongue-in-cheek ‘America’ and the heartbreaking ‘Fool’s Gold’. I must have only discovered Bree round about 2001, so it was rather exciting when her second album was then released in 2002. I think I must have bought that as soon as it was out. I’m hoping her new album, which is being recorded under the band name ‘Beautiful Small Machines’ (with Don DiLego) will be released in the not too distant future as it seems aaaaages since there was any new material from Bree and the songs on MySpace sound ace.

Bree Sharp – More B.S. (album)
Gotta love the title! Overall I’ve definitely listened to the first album more than this one, but some of my favourite songs of hers are on this one. Specifically ‘The Ballad Of Grim And Lily’, ‘Dirty Magazine’ and ‘Morning In A Bar’. I really like her cover of ‘The Boys Of Summer’ too.

Bree Sharp – Live At Fez
I think it must have been just last Christmas I got this. It was just as well I took the plastic off and opened it up when I was still down in Hemel as I discovered there wasn’t actually a CD in it! He he. My Mum had to send it back and get another one, but I have it now and although it’s a bit short at just 9 songs, it’s a great CD.
‘David Duchovny’ – I love the way this starts off all slow and then kicks into it.
‘Faster, Faster’ – all the songs on here are acoustic versions and the guitar on this one’s great – despite being acoustic it still manages to sound quite rocky.

Ok, I’m gonna take a little break from the A-Z now and listen to some songs I’ve downloaded but not added to my playlist yet – mostly ones I’ve gotten from free MP3 blogs. If there’s anything particularly great I’ll give it a shout-out!
‘Gregory And The Hawk – Grey Weather’ – The 2nd song of theirs I’ve downloaded (the other being ‘Oats We Sow’). I’ve really enjoyed both so definitely want to get their album some time.
‘Hazel Winter – Midwich Sleep On’ – This is an interesting one. A little odd, but I like that!
‘Muddy Suzuki – Chorus Tortoise’ – Kinda like a nursery rhyme on drugs
‘Thomas White – The Emerald Tree’ – I tend not to be hugely fussed on instrumental music generally, but I really like this.
‘The Dandy Warhols – You Were The Last High’ – Cary sent me this as it reminds him of ‘Arlington Way’. Well, vice-versa really. I see what you mean actually Cary!
‘The Welcome Wagon – Half A Person’ – Ooh really like this.

I downloaded lots of others too, most of which were pretty enjoyable, though those were the stand-out ones. I got most from Fresh Deer Meat or Stereogumshould you be curious.

Sherbet Antlers – Hikikomorai (single)
Fairly short-lived band from Mark Roberts and Paul Jones (of Catatonia and Y Cyrff fame) and Kevs Ford and John Griffiths (of Llwybr Llaethog). It’s a shame they only released the one single and never released an album as they must have had enough material for one, though possibly not recorded I guess. I got to go to 3 of their 4 live gigs anyway, which were great! Plus they did 2 Radio Wales sessions, so at least I’ve got those tracks (though have never gotten round to ripping the 2nd set to MP3 as just have them on VHS!), though I don’t think they included my fave track sadly – SuperSexy. The 2 tracks on here are great though – especially ‘Let Yourself Go’, which I definitely listen to more often than ‘Hikikomorai’ these days, although I did just really enjoy listening to ‘Hikikomorai’. It’s a real shame that more Catatonia fans haven’t been interested in the post-Cat releases of Mark and Paul. During the Catatonia days there were plenty of people quick to point out that Catatonia as a band were more than just Cerys and that Mark’s songwriting was a great strength to the band, but as soon as they split everyone was desperate for solo material from Cerys, but hardly anyone paid attention when Mark and Paul started releasing stuff. Not that I ever expected them to get as much interest as Cerys, that was never going to happen, but I was expecting just a little more interest than they’ve gotten. I know some people aren’t keen on Mark’s voice, which personally I don’t get, but yeah ok it’s hardly up there with Cerys’ if you’re gonna attempt that comparison!! *lol* I don’t even know whether a 2nd Y Ffyrc album is likely at all, though I hope it is. It would be a great shame if we didn’t get to hear more from Mark and Paul.

The Shins – Fighting In A Sack (single)
The 2004 singles collection continues!
‘Baby Boomerang’ – Great cover

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