A-Z: Bjork – The Bluetones

Bjork – Free Times CD
Yeah, this is a CD that came free with The Times. I can’t remember who gave me it, but I confess I’ve never actually listened to it before. Bjork’s one of those artists I’d quite like to be into, but I’m not especially. I quite enjoy her songs, but not enough to really get into them.

Black Box Recorder – The Facts Of Life (album)
The only BBR album I have at the mo. I should really get more as it’s a great album. I remember buying it in Sanity in Kidderminster, which has sadly closed down now. The sticker on the front tells me it was on sale and was only £5.99! Bargain!
‘Goodnight Kiss’ – Wow, this album goes by really quickly. I think this is probably my fave BBR song, though I can’t explain why really. It reminds me of travelling back from Kidderminster to Stourport, but er, that’s not why I like it!!

Black Box Recorder – The Art Of Driving (single) CD2
This CD is the last one on my first shelf of CDs! Just another 13 shelves to go!!! Ha ha. I bought this CD in Camden the first time I met up with Dave, when we went to see Space at the Dingwalls. He encouraged me to buy this single as he really liked BBR and I wasn’t really familiar with them. So yeah, I’m quite grateful for that really.

Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch (single)
I bought this quite a while after the song was released – I think I found it cheap at a record fair. I already had the song on MP3, but wanted to own a copy of the single, just because it’s a great song! Yeah ok I partly love it because of the X-Files line!!! I’m that predictable.

The Bluetones – Expecting To Fly (album)
This wasn’t actually the first Bluetones album I bought – infact I think it was the third, after Science & Nature and then Return To The Last Chance Saloon. It took me a little while to get into it for some reason – I think it’s because a lot of the songs are growers – at least they were for me. Listening to it now it seems funny that it took me a while to get into it as there are so many brilliant songs on it!! Although it’s not my favourite Bluetones album, it does have some of my fave songs on it – Bluetonic, Cut Some Rug, Carnt Be Trusted and Slight Return! Brilliant.
Oh and I love how it’s split into 2 sides, like on a vinyl! ‘The Fountainhead’ ends with the sound of a needle reaching the end of a record and ‘Carnt Be Trusted’ starts with the sound of a needle being put back on! Genius.

The Bluetones – Return To The Last Chance Saloon (album)
I’d forgotten just how good this album is and how well the songs work together.
‘Solomon Bites The Worm’ – The first time I listened to this album I was really excited when this song started playing. I loved the song but had never realised who it was by or what it was called before!
‘Sleazy Bed Track’ – Probably my fave Bluetones song 😀

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