A-Z: Bernard Butler – The Cardigans

Bernard Butler – Friends And Lovers (album)
I think I generally prefer this album to ‘People Move On’. Even if ‘People Move On’ does have ‘Stay’ on it. But yeah, most of these songs are great actually.
‘What Happened To Me’ – especially love this one.
‘You’ll Feel It When You’re Mine’ – and this one!

Bernard Butler – Stay (single)

Bernard Butler – Not Alone (single promo)

Byrne – Slowly And Gloriously (Mini Album/EP)
I think I’ve only listened to this CD once before, so it’s good to hear it again. I bought it originally because I read a review on a website that mistakenly led me to believe that the version of ‘Drink All Day’ on this CD is the one featuring Cerys. I already had that version on vinyl and ripped it to MP3, but fancied a better-quality CD version. Tis not that version, but the CD’s still enjoyable in its own right. Good for a winters evening like this. I’m feeling like I want to sit around a log fire or something. Ooh wouldn’t that be nice?

The Cardigans – Gran Turismo (album)
I should really be listening to First Band On The Moon here, but I lent it to my sister a few years ago and it was in her car when it got broken into and the CDs were stolen 🙁 She did say she’d replace it for me, but I think she forgot!! I keep meaning to look for a cheap copy on Ebay or something but I keep forgetting too. We’re both as bad as each other! I do still have all the songs on my MP3 playlist though, so that’s alright, but it’s a shame not to get to listen to it on CD as part of this erm strange mission of mine. It’s good to listen to Gran Turismo though as I haven’t listened to a lot of these songs for ages. Brilliant album.

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