A-Z: Athlete – Atlas

Athlete – Beautiful (single)
This is definitely my favourite Athlete song, by far.
The third track on this CD isn’t actually by Athlete – it’s a cover of Beautiful by Fonda 500. It’s really different but kinda cool.

Athlete – El Salvador (single) CD1
I definitely wouldn’t own so many Athlete singles if I hadn’t signed up to the mailing list. They kept sending me slipcases!! If I get sent a slipcase I just have to buy all the CDs to put in it! It’s a cunning marketing ploy indeed. Everyone seemed to be sending them out at one point, though they don’t seem to be the cool thing anymore – maybe because they require *gasp* posting! I very rarely get band postcards anymore now either. I know online marketing’s cheaper and hey I love the internet, I’m almost permanently on it, but there’s still something special about something you can physically touch. Anyway, I think I’ve gotten somewhat off the point…

Athlete – El Salvador (single) CD2

Athlete – Westside (single)

Athlete – You Got The Style (single promo)
Yeah I did listen to a promo of You Got The Style earlier. This one’s the re-released single!

Athlete – You Got The Style (single)
I just had to wrestle with the slipcase in order to get this CD out! The DVD that’s in there with it is really too bulky. But woohoo, this is my last Athlete CD! Nothing against them, I’m just looking forward to listening to something different. I do rather like this acoustic version of Beautiful though 🙂

Atlas – Standing On Shoulders (single)
This is the only Atlas CD I have. I should change that really – the songs on here are really good. I wonder if they’re on MySpace…I should look!

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