A-Z: Ash – Athlete

Ash – Starcrossed (single)
I haven’t listened to this song for ages. I don’t think it’s on my playlist actually. I should change that as it’s actually rather good. About the only thing I remembered about this song was that the video was all Baz Luhrman-ish, if I remember correctly. Romeo & Juliet obviously, not Moulin Rouge or summat!

Ash – Renegade Cavalcade (single)
The last Ash CD in my collection. I really like the fact the lyrics are included on the inlay – even the b-side lyrics! Little things like that please me. Good song as well.

Astrid – Strange Weather Lately (album)
I can’t remember how on earth I discovered Astrid – I probably just read a good review of this album somewhere. Anyway, am pleased I did as it is indeed a fab album. Fun, bouncy, hooks-aplenty, indie-pop. Am looking at the cover now and had completely forgotten it was produced by Edwyn Collins! Cool 😀 I remember getting this album at a similar time to Semisonic’s Feeling Strangely Fine, as I kept getting the 2 titles mixed up!! And my final bit of random Astrid info for you all – they did the theme tune to Pop Upstairs Downstairs! Did anyone else used to watch that? The music quiz that Mark and Lard did on UKPlay (I think). I looooooved that – a large proportion of the questions were on ’90s pop and indie. 🙂 I really wanted to go on it – I could have kicked some ass! He he 😉
I forgot how quickly this album flies by! Nearly all the songs are under 3 minutes long.

Athlete – Vehicles & Animals (album)
Athlete are one of those bands I could never get especially excited about, but they’re enjoyable enough. I saw them support Mansun, so have a soft spot for them because of that. Well, I say I ‘saw’ them, but actually I just heard them! For some reason they were set up to play in a completely different room of the Cockpit to where Mansun were then playing! Most most odd. There was no way I was giving up my position in front of Mansun’s stage, so I had to make do with just hearing Athlete’s set! And no it wasn’t so that Mansun could come on really soon after Athlete, as the gap between the 2 bands was one of the longest I’ve witnessed! Still a great gig though, of course.

Athlete – You Got The Style (single promo)
One-track promo. I think I’ll make this my last A-Z CD of the night and listen to some other music before having a shower 🙂

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