A-Z: Alanis Morissette (part 2)

Yeah I am still doing this. Whether people still want to read it or not! There are still quite a few of my favourite bands I haven’t gotten up to and am looking forward to listening to in my alphabetical chronological chantalogical order. Suede, Pulp, Ooberman, Queen… For now though, back to Alanis…

Alanis Morissette – MTV Unplugged
Not technically an album I guess, but I’ve always positioned it amongst the albums, so here it is. I haven’t listened to it in a looooong time. I’ve never even gotten round to ripping the songs that don’t appear on albums.

Going off-topic for a second (because I never usually do that!), I should really get dressed at some point today! Particularly considering I’m going to a gig tonight! Ha ha. I’m feeling so lazy though – usually a give-away when I’m doing some A-Z listening – it tends to be an indication that I can’t motivate myself to move away from the computer.

Back to the music – I really like this version of ‘Joining You’.
‘No Pressure Over Cappuccino’ – I really need to rip this.
‘That I Would Be Good’ – It’s always nice to hear a bit of flute in a song. I’ve never quite been able to decide whether or not I like the flute in this song though! Presumably the breathy and raw playing style is intentional, though as a flute player myself it does bother me slightly.
‘I Was Hoping’ – Love this version of this too! The guitar and the cello work brilliantly and Alanis’ voice sounds amazing too.
‘Uninvited’ – My favourite Alanis song. I’d forgotten there was a version of it on this CD actually.

Alanis Morissette – Under Rug Swept (album)
There was quite a big gap between SFIJ and this album – 4 years infact – so there was quite a bit of anticipation. Even though there aren’t any songs I dislike, there aren’t many that I really love either – it’s a bit too much of a ‘nice’ album.
’21 Things I Want In A Lover’ – this is the only song that really stands out to me and makes it amongst my favourite Alanis songs. Maybe partly as it’s possibly the rockiest song on the album, but I think it’s largely the lyrics to be honest – I like the whole idea of listing things you want in your ideal lover and in saying that you’re happy being single until you find someone who matches those ideals. Yeah I guess I kinda identify with it!
‘Utopia’ – The last song. I’ve actually quite enjoyed listening to this album – like I said, all the songs are good, they just don’t blow you away. I’ve played it a lot more than I’ve played her next album though. I’ll get to that another time though – I really need to get some food now so I can then get ready to go out. Am seeing I Am Kloot tonight. And last night I saw Dean Haglund! Out and about 2 nights in a row? Good lord, it’s almost like I have a life! ;-P I’m going to be busy next weekend too! Plus I have the possibility of fitting in a kinda-date some time too. Whatever is the world coming to…

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